Ghost Rider Giving Away His 499hp Turbo Hayabusa

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I’m going to date myself here, but I remember when I first got into motorcycles, I watched a video of this guy named “Ghost Rider” storm the streets of Sweden. Weaving through traffic like it was a rolling chicane and evading the cops with reckless abandon, I would find out later that Ghost Rider had made a name for himself by doing something all motorcyclists have wanted to partake in at some time or another, but never had the stones to follow through with.

Releasing a number of DVDs of his street antics, Ghost Rider’s identity has remained somewhat of a secret throughout all this, though locals tell me that everyone knows who the man clad in black is, but because of how Sweden handles its burden of proof, Johan Law has never been able to knock on the Ghost Rider’s door. Whether you think his videos are cool, irresponsible, or both, it look like Ghost Rider’s 499hp turbo-powered Hayabusa streetfighter is going to a new home…and it might be yours.

Setting up a sort of online lottery, Ghost Rider’s official website is offering the tricked out Hayabusa to anyone who enters his or her email and details into the site’s web form. It’s not clear why Ghost Rider is giving up his venerable steed. Maybe he’s getting out of the two-wheeled street menace game, maybe he’s passing the torch onto the next generation, or maybe his wife told him to get rid of the Busa and buy a station wagon. Whatever the case may be, this is one special and storied machine that’s about to part way with its owner. Thanks for the tip Simon!

Source: Ghost Rider via Gizmag