Gas Gas Acquires Husqvarna Engine Designs

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It was nearly a month ago that we heard that Spanish firms Gas Gas and Ossa had merged their operations in order to take on the difficult economic climate in Spain. The firms’ business position should be even stronger now, as Gas Gas has acquired the IP from Moto Italia, the holding company of Husqvarna’s remains.

When KTM’s Stefan Pierer acquired Husqvarna through his Pierer Industrie AG company, he did not buy all of the once Swedish motorcycle brand from BMW Motorrad. What wasn’t transferred into the Austrian company’s control was left behind as a new company, Moto Italia, which now will find a new home in Spain with Gas Gas.

The main target of the acquisition is that Gas Gas will get access to Husqvarna’s pre-2013 two-stroke and four-stroke engines, as the brand is now using exclusively KTM and Husaberg lumps for its bikes.

It’s not clear if this means Gas Gas will have use of BMW’s designed engines, namely the 450cc single-cylinder thumper found in the BMW G450X (which was later repurposed for the Husqvarna TE/TC/TXC 450 line), or the 900cc parallel-twin engine found in the BMW F800GS (later used for the Husqvarna Nuda 900), though we doubt that would be the case.

Still, even the older Husqvarna engines will provide a strong engineering base for Gas Gas to build off of for its models, and we assume the Spanish company got an excellent deal on Husky’s leftovers. We look forward to seeing what comes out of the Catalan factory, as it begins producing motorcycles with these engines.

Source: Moto-Station