Erik Buell Racing Sells First 1190RR Race Bike

01/18/2010 @ 10:59 am, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS

After just recently setting up shop at their new facility, Erik Buell Racing has made their first sale with a pair of 1190RR Euro-spec race bikes no less. The two 1190RR’s were bought by the Pegasus Race Team who will campaign the Buells in the 2010 European Sound of Thunder Series.

At the helm for Pegasus will be the 2009 Sound of Thunder champ, Harald Kitsch, who rode a Buell 1125R for the team last year at the final round in the Pro Thunder class.

In addition to their newly acquired 1190RR’s, the German-based team will continue to campaign a Buell 1125R and XB12R in the support classes for the Sound of Thunder series.

Talking about his company’s first sale, Erik Buell stated in the company’s press release:

“We are extremely pleased that the Pegasusrace team will be the first team in the world to get the new 1190RR-B. Over the years, I’ve been very impressed with every aspect of their organization and I know they will do well. We’ve been working very hard to develop this bike and get our race shop set up and organized as we begin to showcase the finest race parts and technology we can deliver without restriction.”

Still no official specs or pictures of the EBR 1190RR, more on that as we get it.

  • CarbonBigfoot

    Gonna get interesting~!


  • Fortunate for Erik Buell Racing and Pegasus Racing that the Sound of Thunder Series allows this bike to be raced there.

    With all the rancor and lost teams in AMA, I doubt they’d extend the homologation of the 1125R to cover the 1190s, so our chances of seeing this bike on American shores is ironically slim. It’s simply priced too high for an amateur running WERA or WSMC.

    Then again, Buell fans are really more like cult members, and I don’t doubt we WILL see a “stealth” 1190RR or two on the road- modified 1125Rs, registered as 1125Rs but with all the 1190RR goodies added one enthusiastic piece at a time.

  • Buellがレーシングサービスとしてスタートを切った模様。ヨーロッパのチームに車両を販売したようです。ガンバレ、Erik!!

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  • Erik Buell Racing Sells First 1190RR Race Bike

  • RT @ducatiparts: Erik Buell Racing Sells First 1190RR Race Bike

  • Robert

    Someone just shoot the Buell cat and put it out of its misery.

    They have has to use up at least nine lives to huge design, business and marketing mistakes.

    Before the 1125 series they were cool. Now they are the walking dead.

  • Erik Buell Racing sells 1st pair of 1190RR race bikes

  • 1190RR?? huh??

  • always bet on black

    its amazing that a bike with such potential was killed by Harley Davidson. On thing is for sure is that even though they may look like idiots they did not sell the brand. I would not be surprised if after the economy gets better and EBR has success at the track if HD would not start production again.
    Buell motorcycles are like riding a mean ducati for anyone that has had the pleasure of riding these to great brands.
    Buell is not Ducati for sure at the competing level but then again Ducati can not touch Buells in reliability.
    Black is Buells color.
    always bet on Black, it always wins at the end