Energica Looks to Go Public on the London Stock Market

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While most consumers will say that the company’s big news at EICMA was the finalized version of the Energica Eva electric streetfighter, it is really Energica’s aim to be on the London Stock Market that should be dominating the conversations in Milan, Italy.

The news is an extension to our earlier report that Energica hired UBS to help the Italian electric motorcycle company navigate the financial waters of investment.

At EICMA, Energica provided more details on its plan, saying that it would look for private investment to raise the necessary free capital in order to be listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM Italia sub-market, a special market that caters to small and medium-sized businesses, usually in the technology sector.

Once on the AIM Italia stock market, Energica hopes to raise more capital to expand and grow its business. The total investment will come in two tranches, the first being a €4.95 million private placement, with the second tranch being €13.64 million institutional placement.

Calling itself the Tesla of the motorcycle industry, Energica hopes to be the market leader within three years. For those paying attention, it is clear that those two statements contradict each other, but if Energica can secure the financing it seeking, it certainly would be a formidable manufacturer in the space.

Source: Energica


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