Yelling at the top of our lungs words like “Scoop!” and “Exlclusive!” or the now more trendy “OMGLOLWTFBBQ” really isn’t our style, and let’s be honest, anyone with half a latte for a brain who had been paying attention to Ducati’s line-up the past few years could easily predict the Italian company’s next move with the Streetfighter line. That being said, we’ve gotten details from several highly credible sources that Ducati will debut to the public two new Streetfighters in September.

Replacing the Streetfighter 1098 is the 2012 Ducati Streetfighter 1198, which as the name suggests, will get a 100cc displacement increase (full disclosure: an example of this motorcycle sits in my garage (said bike is shown above from a cool light-painting photo shoot that Scott Jones did), thus making me forever biased towards the original liquid-cooled v-twin wheelie monster from Bologna).

The catch however is that the new motor will not come from the leftover Superbike 1198 mills, and instead Ducati is using the Testastretta 11° motor (as seen in the Multistrada 1200 and Diavel) in the new Streetfighter 1198, meaning the motorcycle will by pass the bi-yearly Ducati tax (a valve job around here is roughly $1,000), and instead get hit with a perhaps more yearly 15,000 mile valve adjustment intervals (thank you Jesus!).

With the top-range Ducati Streetfighter now getting a bit more grunt between the rider’s legs, this opens enough of a gap in the line to bring in a lower-level model, thus the 2012 Ducati Streetfighter 848. Expected to use a de-tuned Superbike 848 EVO motor (so, does that make it just an 848 motor?), Ducati wants to capitalize on the HUGE sales success the Superbike 848 & 848 EVO have been for the company, and add another model that could be an entry point into the brand for new riders.

Perhaps disappointing is the news that both bikes will remain true to the current Streetfighter aesthetic, thus this is more of an update than a pair of completely brand new motorcycles, which isn’t all that surprising really as the jump Superbike 1098 to the Superbike 1198 didn’t involved an outward makeovers. Ducati has been holding off on the new Streetfighter 1198 & Streetfighter 848 until the debut of the 2012 Ducati Superbike 1199, which is slated for release in November. Perhaps not wanting that motorcycle to overshadow its naked siblings, Ducati for whatever reason has scheduled the Streetfighters’ release for before the EICMA show in Milan.

Source: Bothan Spies; Photo: © 2011 Scott Jones Photography – All Rights Reserved

  • Ken C.

    I’m not really disappointed that they aren’t updating the aesthetic. Granted, they probably would have done something awesome, but the “old” Streetfighter isn’t exactly ugly to begin with. In fact, I happen to think it’s a work of art.

    In any case, sign me up for a 2012 Streetfighter 848! I’ve been waiting for that one. Thank you Ducati.

  • Other Sean

    Agreed Ken C. Updating looks as often as the Japanese has never been part of the Ducati ethic, so I don’t see why anyone would be surprised/dissapointed.

    I do love the longer service intervals promised by the 11 degree engine. But I’m glad my “only an 848” (read non EVO) engine isn’t the lump that’s powering 3 or more “different” models.

  • mike

    If they can bring the 848 streetfighter in for less than $12K, I may have to bite the bullet.

  • Other Sean

    Good point, the price will be interesting. Can’t imagine it costing less than $11,995.00.

  • Marcel

    Pricing is going to be tricky:
    Monster 1100 Evo – $11,995
    Street Fighter – $14,995
    848 Evo – $12,995

    I’m guessing $12,995/13,495 for the SF 848

  • DareN

    Any idea about electronics / sliper clutch?

  • BikePilot


  • aaron

    i’m not sure that the 848 will be suitable as “another model that could be an entry point into the brand for new riders” is 120+ horsepower enough for a novice?

  • Jeram

    sure it is, just in the same way that the street triple is for triumph

  • LarryRacer

    all garbage bikes who cares

  • Sentinel

    If they update the valve train of the 848 motor to extend valve adjust intervals I’d be interested, otherwise I simply am not…

  • Cpt.Slow

    Pricing on all models could go up… word has it that [despite Ducati’s best efforts] the next sbk will be more expensive.

  • andrey

    Keep in mind that the US dollar is in the toilet (especially lately because the Gov’t cannot get its act together on the debt crisis) and thus prices will be under a lot of upward pressure across the board.
    (Of course American made products are also cheaper overseas now but nothing is made here any more!)

  • Kevin

    Interesting…given the lack of sales success with the Streetfighter, I’m surprised that they’re expanding the line. My expectation was that they would eliminate it.

    I thought the 848 engine in a Monster frame, a la the S4Rs, was a good idea. Another Streetfigher though? Meh.

  • Lewis C

    A valve job involves removing the head and resurfacing seats and valves. Adjusting clearances is a tune up type of deal. This has been true of any engine with valves for a long time.

  • MikeD

    Let me know when they ditch the STINKING BELTS for GEARS on the WHOLE lineup and each and everyone goes 16k miles before needing a valve clearances “adjustment”.

    @Kevin: Yeah, i thought it was a gonner too…i have never seen one on the flesh (not even by mistake,lol).

    By what i’ve seen on videos and pics, the thing is just too “racy” and not street enough(ergos and what not). JMHO. And that shotgun exhaust is just AWEFULL…(-_- )

    It makes my 2K3 SV1000N look like a GoldWing.

  • DareN

    @Mike D
    Obviously, you have not ridden one, othervise you would never compare it to SV…And the beauty is in the eve of beholder – I think it is the best looking bike out there.

  • MikeD

    @DareN: Get real…the thing is a 1098 with a dirt bike handle bar MINUS plastics…of course that “torture rack” would never compare to my comfy SV.

    It sure outhandles, outpowers, out-w/e my current ride…but is not a better STREET bike. Put down the “RED” Kool-Aid…and check your feelings at the door.

    Looks, u said it. Is w/e gets your rocks off…(^_^ )

  • john

    a 1198 s for my12 is nonsense! the sf will stay with 1098.

  • DareN

    @MikeD – As I stated before, you obviously have not ridden one and you definately should!
    I do not understand what is wrong with liking the way your bike looks…and sv1000, with all the respect to its looks , is no competition to any Ducati,leave alone SF.

  • Mike

    Have to agree, the SV1000 is ugly.

  • MikeD

    @DareN & Mike: Opinions, Opinions…

    Mike ! You are Ugly! (I need a hug, someone ?…anyone ?) LMAO.

  • john, I want to hear from you in two months. Put a reminder in your phone if you would. :)

    As for the SV vs SF argument: two completely different bikes when you look at who is/was buying them. The SV is a great bullet-proof bike, but it’s about 35hp down on the SF (which conversely is about $6000 more than the SV), and I don’t recall it winning any awards for styling. Neither bike flew out of dealers’ showrooms, but I’d say they have been enjoyed by the people who bought them.

    MikeD, come here buddy. I’ve got a hug for you.

  • john

    jensen, i will do and come back to you, mate :-)

  • DareN

    How about this:
    Streetfighter S – gone.
    New SF 1198 w/slipper clutch/TC/ABS – 15,999
    New SF 848 – 12,999
    It will make sense to me…

  • john


    streetfighter s will stay for my 12 with 1098. the basic model will be gone next year.


    what about further details from your ‘several highly credible sources’? what about speed shifter, abs, riding modes?

  • ricky t

    i am very intrested to see where this is going as i do like the current streetfighter range (just not happy to hear the standard is being dropped for next year) .

    I would love to know if ducati are planning a 1198 SF for next year if not the year after ,and the thought of a 848 SF is just amazing and i cant wait to see it in the flesh .

    Please someone get some hard evidence about either bike as its killing me as i want one

  • guys
    I ride a 1098 street fighter & must tell you – forget disappointing sales figures blah blah
    – it is one amazing motorcycle / every time its out in the pack – it draws heads big time !!

    & come to performance – it shines

    so – for a smaller rider – the 848 is going to be all the motorcycle ever needed / especially as its not designed as a pillion podium at all – its a one up / one man’s moto ..

    I may down grade to the wet clutch 848 with traction control and slipper clutch – or just go balls to the wall – 1198 ..

    either way – what I have is sublime – and – what I could have – merely a wet clutch dream away …

    ride safe..

  • john

    got today a dealer info of the 2012 1098 s streetfighter with revised ergonomics, new longer single sided swingarm and the color option red and new racing titanium both with red frame. engine still 1098 !

    jensen, now it’s your turn. maybe your sources would like to think about there engine statement… :-)