It’s been a while since we’ve seen a concept from the pen of Luca Bar, and in bringing us this design of a Ducati single-cylinder motorcycle, Luca also introduces us to Lusca Custom Designs, as the two designers collaborated on several designs that use half a Multistrada 1200 motor. With Luca penning the scrambler model and the motor configuration, and Lusca working the street tracker, we get at least an idea about the rumored small-displacement motorcycles from the Italian brand would look like.

With Ducati’s Thai plant now operational, everyone is waiting for the rumored other shoe to drop, and for Ducati to start manufacturing small-displacement machines for the Asian market. While all of that is conjecture, there is a strong business case for Ducati going after the lucrative people-mover market in developing countries overseas. How that would resonate with the current Ducati brand isn’t entirely clear, though it plays well with the rumors we’ve heard of an Asian IPO. More on that later, concepts after the jump.

Source: Luca Bar (blog)

  • MikeD

    Better off using the original inlet-outlet tract orientation of the rear cylinder head…like the YZ450F.
    Bigger air box, more space to position the T/B, shorter xhaust piping, less cluttered/cleaner look.

    Cool idea, Scramblers just not my Cup of Tea(have a thing against spoked wheels and the front one being bigger than rear).

  • molto cool … much more modern than the “sportclassic” scrambler that terblanche penned prior to leaving ducati.

    i like both … bravo!

  • Cpt.Slow

    “How that would resonate with the current Ducati brand isn’t entirely clear…”

    Cool concepts but I hope they don’t tarnish their reputation (maybe create or use another name to market such motos).

    Is moto-morini is for sale?

    Hello there Johnc ;-)

  • Cpt.Slow

    *is moto-morini still for sale?*

  • john

    any updates about the thai plant products ? single cylinder bike would be great !

  • Right now the Thai plant is only doing final assembly for bikes being sold in certain parts of the Asian market. What it could do in the future is up for speculation.