Ducati Opens First Store in China

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There’s a large stigma around China and the motorcycle industry, but Ducati isn’t one to let some misconceptions get in the way of their bottomline. With China rapidly becoming one of the largest motorcycle markets in the world, Ducati has its eyes set on establishing itself as the premium brand of choice for uppity Chinese urbanites, and thus has opened its first Official Ducati store in China this week. More after the jump.

With these goals in mind, it should be no surprise that Ducati has chosen the business mecca of Shanghai to launch its new store. Shanghai boasts the highest income per capata in China, and is probably the most westernized portion of the country…all things which bode well for Ducati’s success in the Asian country.

On-hand for the unveiling of the first official Ducati store in China were Gabriele Del Torchio, (Ducati Motor Holding President), Cristiano Silei (Ducati Sales) and Mirko Bordiga (CEO Ducati Asia Pacific). Speaking about Ducati’s future in China and other emerging markets, Del Torchio said the following (roughly translated):

“Asia-Pacific, in terms of development potential, now represents the most dynamic and interesting area. Ducati,  has always been about excellence in performance and dynamism of its mission, could not be present in this part of the world. Last year we established the coordination offices in Shanghai and today we are very happy and proud to announce our official launch in Chinese market. “

As the Chinese population craves more things from the western world, Ducati has seen an influx of interest in the motorcycle brand that has captured the hearts of Italians and the pocket books of everyone else. The phrase “Made in Italy” carries a level of prestige that the Chinese are willing to pursue, and pay a premium for…sound like any country you know of? We would be surprised to see more moves by Ducati into country’s like India, Brazil, and Korea in the next year.