Ducati North America is reporting that 2012 was its best all-time retails sales year, with the Italian brand selling 10,883 units last year. This figure means that roughly a quarter of all Ducati motorcycles sold in 2012 were sold in North America, again solidifying the market’s #1 importance to the Bologna Brand.

For an added bonus, Ducati North America is also reporting 10 consecutive quarters of increased sales, with 2012 as whole growing 21% compared to 2011. With every sales region in the US growing in volume, the United States saw 21% growth overall, with Canada (25%) and Mexico (7%) adding to the cause as well. On the non-bike side of things, Ducati North America’s line of apparel and performance parts saw 42% in growth.

“Ducati’s new all-time sales record and the consistent growth in all North American markets confirm our customers’ extremely positive response to our products and marketing programs,” said Ducati North America CEO Cristiano Silei. “We are fully geared to continue this growth in 2013 with many highly-anticipated new products and our strongest dealer network to date.”

Ducati overall also saw its all-time best sales year in 2012, with the Italian brand selling 44,000+ machines to customers. Helping fuel that those sales was the Ducati 1199 Panigale, which sold 7,500 units worldwide, and our Bothan spies say the new superbike sold over 2,000 units in North America alone.

With Ducati’s big new release for 2013 being the new liquid-cooled Hypermotard, it will be interesting to see how Borgo Panigale performs this year. Traditionally, the Hypermotard line has not been a strong-seller, especially outside of Italy. Will the redesign spur even more sales growth? Or, has Ducati’s run of continued growth come to an end? Only time will tell.

Source: Ducati North America

  • TexusTim

    high end bikes do well for 10 strait quaters ?…guess the upper income is still spending cuz that goes back to the start of the recession……..if I had disposable cash I might try a duc but am so used to in line fours I might just opt for a tenkate superbike and go spank all them rich overweight track day guys on panigales….or even better an hrc 250..that would do it since i only weigh 140 lbs…dont hate the light weight…lol

  • Sean

    If only they would get their sh!t together and put a parts depot here in NA. It seems counter productive to not properly attend to your largest growing market.

  • Responsible

    It’s much easier to state growths when your sales volumes are in the 5 figure mark. Don’t forget, mammoth companies like Honda probably need to flip somewhere in 6-figure mark before a model comes out of the red.

    But with that said, people with money (or excellent credit) are definitely spending….money is cheap right now. And the Euro companies are offering products much more desireable than what the Japanese are offering.

    I would like AR to revisit how BMW and Ducati are doing in about 5 years from now….after inflation hits and money becomes extremely expensive to obtain. I feel this is why the Japanese companies are shifting their focus away from big-bore bikes and into the mid/low displacements. I think they have the foresight and know that something like this scenario is coming and need to prepare their line-up for a more global market, rather than just bigger=better US market.