Ducati Sets Sales Record in 2013 with 44,287 Bikes Sold

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When you tell most people that you ride a motorcycle, their usual question is “so, what do you ride, a Ducati?” The only other brand name so synonymous with motorcycling would be Harley-Davidson.

The famed Italian brand’s distinctive Euro-styling and cultural cachet seemed to resonate with nearly 45,000 people in 2013, as the brand from Bologna sold a record 44,287 motorbikes worldwide last year.

Sales in South Asia rose by 26% with 5,200 motorcycles sold, while the United States, Ducati’s top market, accounted for 24% in sales, followed by Italy at 11.3% and Germany at 10.7%.

By comparison, Harley-Davidson sold 167, 016 units in the United States alone in 2013, which nearly quadruples Ducati’s worldwide sales number. Fun fact, the number of Sportsters that H-D sold globally in 2013 is 5000 more than Ducati’s global total of bike sales.

Additionally, Triumph Motorcycle’s worldwide sales reached the 50,000 mark by mid-December. With Harley-Davidson and Triumph both pursuing manufacturing and sales networks in Asia and Latin America, it will be interesting to see if Ducati follows suit by expanding production facilities into those markets.

While Ducati is touting the Superleggera and the recently released Monster 1200 as products to usher in another year of record sales and excitement for the brand, more interesting is the rumored Scrambler model.

It will be very interesting to see where that bike will fit in on Ducati’s lineup, and if it will steal sales away from the Sportster juggernaut and the Triumph Bonneville phenomenon.

Source: Ducati