Ducati Quietly Shows the GT1000 SportClassic the Door

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Noticeably absent from Ducati’s 2011 line-up is the Ducati GT1000, the last remaining SportClassic in the Ducati line. The move isn’t surprising to Ducatisti, who have seen the writing on the wall for the retro-classic for some time now. Using an obsolete air-cooled 992cc lump, the SportClassic line stuck out like a sore thumb in the Ducati supply chain, as the brand has continued to center itself around a small core of power plants for its different motorcycles. With no other current models sharing the older DesmoDue engine, and sales likely continuing to decline, Ducati has taken the the GT1000 out the barnyard door and put the beast out of its misery.

Is that too much hyperbole for you? Chin up Ducati fans, because where there’s a will there is a way. Ducati is saving most of its big product annonucements for the EICMA show in Milan in one month’s time. The resgination of the GT1000 could signal that Ducati has finally sold its run of 992cc motors, which could signal the bike’s revival with an 1100cc motor, shared with the Hypermotard EVO and Monster 1100.

Other possibilities include the SportClassic line making a larger come-back, and sharing the full air-cooled motor range (696, 796, & 1100 motors). All of this is speculation of course, but a classic looking motorcycle could easily balance out the more modern-growing Monster line.

The last option is none of this occurs, and 2010 was the last year the SportClassic will be made. Time will tell on this one, but we like the idea of Ducati having a model that links back to the company’s rich history.

Source: Ducati & Ducati News Today