Ducati Trademarks “Diavel” Name in the UK

08/25/2010 @ 8:48 am, by Jensen Beeler17 COMMENTS


Ducati has recieved a trademark with the UK Intellectual Property Office for the Bolognese word for devil, or “Diavel”, which according to MCN is to be the name of the company’s new performance cruiser.

Interestingly enough, Ducati has not trademarked the Diavel name with the United States Patent & Trademarks Office (USPTO). However with the British government, Ducati has reserved the Diavel mark for virtually every use possible, including lifestyle items like shirts, perfume, watches, and our personal favorite: skin cleansing lotions and creams.

If it’s true that the Diavel name is for the new Ducati cruiser that’s been spotted a few times around the factory in Bologna, then we can put to rest naming schemes like Vyper, Mega Monster, and Project 0803.

Ducati is expected to unveil its new power cruiser at the EICMA show in Milan later this year, and Asphalt & Rubber will be live at the event to bring you the first photos of the beast.


Source: UK IPTO & MCN

  • That doesn’t look like a cruiser to me.

  • tom

    i’ve just been really ill……….:(

  • Greg

    A hideous shit sandwich! Please don’t let this be the final production model!

  • Sean Mitchell

    What’s Italian for “pile of poop”? Trademark THAT, baby.

  • Prich

    Gross. Looks like someone raided the parts bin and then a fat guy sat on it.

  • Adam

    I like it. Ok, maybe that headlight would look better if it wasn’t horizontally flush with the tank… Easy fix, though. This might be one of those “you gotta see it in person” bikes like the Z1000. At least you won’t see clones of yourself at every stoplight.

  • Johndo

    The headlightis ugly. It should have a shorter wheelbase. The rest looks ok. Would I buy one? Hell no.

  • Jake Fox

    Looks like a Streetfighter that was tortured on a medieval rack. A gross disfiguration of an otherwise beautiful bike.

  • Doctor Jelly

    Well… I like the name at least. I thought it was a portmanteau of Ducati and Evil at first…

  • buellracerx

    Adam – I agree on the headlight, the tank line def needs to be broken

    The rest of the bike looks pretty sexy, although….could this be the only bike known to mankind that would look better WITHOUT a single-sided swingarm??

    would make a sick dragbike…

  • Johndo

    Just looks stretched. Like if the bike is about to fall between it’s wheels…

  • wayne

    Wow. It’s just not getting any better, is it? But is this the really real deal or just a photoshop ‘interpretation’ of the concept. I’m not familiar with Bar-Design or if they’re affiliated with Ducati.

  • To clarify, this is a render Bar-Design did for Asphalt & Rubber almost a year ago.

  • Johndo


    It’s less ugly in black as the akward design lines don’t stand out as much.

  • brandnreal

    the new V-Max is more good looking than that.. !!!! but then again, I dont think i would buy both of them….

  • Fred

    all i can see is a bunch fat people that normally cant ride Ducati bikes riding this…I bought a streetfighter to ride, but not have anything in common with fat fucks that ride…THERE GOES DUCATI…

  • Adam

    Hi, my name is Fred and I define my personality based on the brands that I consume and how they are perceived by others. I was rocking a blowout before they were popular, and Ed Hardy once called me his muse.