Ducati Abandons Vyper Cruiser Concept

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For many, this will come with a sigh of relief. Ducati VP of Marketing, Diego Sgorbati, has confirmed that Ducati has no intentions of making a cruiser motorcycle…for the time being. Long rumored to appear at the upcoming EICMA expo, the Ducati Vyper concept has stirred a few imaginations, as well as a few stomachs. Reported in various forms, we still like to visualize it with the renders that Luca from Bar-Design provided us with last year.

While Ducati has ruled out adding the cruiser segment to its model line-up, Sgorbati says Ducati hasn’t ruled out the possibility of making one in the future:

“Whether we make it in 4 or 5 years is hard to say. ‘custom’ motorcycles are something we are keeping an eye on to see if the style would garner the interest of buyers who are not your typical Ducati purchasers.”

If you were one of the many that resisted Ducati’s move with the Vyper concept, and are still waiting to see what happens with the upcoming Strada Aperta road-enduro, you may not want to read what we have to say next. According to Sgorbati, Ducati is considering expanding into other ranges that just street/sport bikes.

“Ducati is watching other segments as well: scooters, customs, enduros, and off-road. It’s natural. But before going in a set direction, we must also consider the possible barriers, including technology and distribution. How many dealerships can sell superbikes and motocross bikes in equal numbers? Also, you have to keep the ‘soul’ of the brand, make sure it’s in synch with the product. What worked 20 years ago may not work today.”

Don’t think that Ducati is limiting itself to just internal combustion engines, the Bologna brand hasn’t ruled out making an electric motorcycle. We don’t expect to see Ducati at the next up-coming eGrand-Prix. It would seem instead, they prefer for the electric motorcycle startups to do the heavy lifting, and prove that the market exists.

“We are very interested in these technologies, but the question remains: does today’s rider feel responsible for pollution in the cities, and are they looking to produce less pollution?”

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Source: MotoBlog