Ducati 1199 Superleggera Enters Production

03/29/2014 @ 4:01 pm, by Jensen Beeler28 COMMENTS


Word from Italy is that Ducati has begun production on the Ducati 1199 Superleggera superbike, the Italian firm’s “Super Light” version of the Panigale. Crafted from copious amounts of magnesium, titanium, and carbon fiber, the Superleggera might be one of the few motorcycles that looks better naked without its fairings, rather than all buttoned up and ready for the race track.

Make no mistake, the Superleggera is an exercise of engineering prowess (it sports the highest power-to-weight ratio of any production motorcycle in history), so it makes sense then that the Superleggera is said to be the pet project of former Ducati engineer, and current Ducati CEO, Claudio Domenicali.

Creating a video to celebrate the commencement of Ducati’s production run on the Ducati 1199 Superleggera, it is no mistake then that Domenicali features heavily in it — this is one proud papa. Only 500 lucky Ducatisti will be able to share in that pride of ownership, as the Superleggera production will be extremely limited. What follows might be the closest you will ever get to one.

Photos of the Ducati 1199 Superleggera from its EICMA Unveiling:

Source: Ducati; Photos: Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & Rubber – Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0

  • Gonzo

    Yeah, but…It’s a Ducati!
    Overhyped, overpriced, underwhelming…………….like ALL their special editions after the Hailwood.

  • RL

    How can your handle be “Gonzo” and yet you have sure ire for Ducati? You do realize H.S.T loved Ducs.

  • maris crane

    great site, but can you PLEASE find a way to let us scroll thru the pics? the whole, back and reload is painfully slow and makes you want to look at maybe two to three pics at the most.

  • maris crane

    holy crap! you fixed it! AWESOME. now an even BETTER site.

  • smiler

    Oh dear Gonzo.

    Oddly though every Ducati special since they have produced them have sold out. They even had to make three times the original number of DR16.
    By doing that, before they were purchased by Audi this allowed Ducati to sell more ordinary bikes.
    Compared to the Japanese manufactuers is your biching that they are ordinary and underwhelming?
    Ever riden one. Ever seem how pissed of GSXR riders get on tracks when you go past them into corners. Ever been out on a 916 on a sunny day and felt like you are riding something very special?
    Ever seen a DR16 on a track being thrashed? No well try before you comment.
    Yoshimura have to do Suzuki’s specials because they lack any kind of imagination.
    The Honda Fireblade SP appears after over 20 years and features bling regularly used on Ducati’s.
    Enough said really.

  • Ari

    Too bad, this overpriced bike can’t turn.

  • Ari

    ZX-10R all the way. Ducati sucks

  • Ari

    All the ducatis sound like Ninja 250. Overpriced two cylinders bike

  • highspeedhamish

    Oh Dear Smiler,

    Every Ducati produced up until the testrastretta models were fragile and unreliable. In fact, MC Magazine voted the 748 the most unreliable bike on test. So they created limited models with bolt on “exotic” parts to make them look even more desirable and overpriced. Ducati’s been bought and sold more than bulk sugarcane on the commodities market finally landing with Audi er..Volkswagen Auto Group that was paid for with coffee money. Meanwhile the Japanese “underwhelming” bikes are sold en mass, without problems and at a fraction of the price.

    However I agree, its a pretty boring like getting on your Japanese bike and having it work everyday without complaint. Oh if only I paid more and it was less reliable….

  • crshnrbn

    ^ don’t forget, more expensive to maintain.

  • Matt


    I couldn’t agree more. You probably can’t even get an aftermarket slip-on or a fender eliminator kit for this POS.

  • IMHO

    “Sounds like a Ninja 250” “Cant turn” “underwhelming”

    I’m going to assume you all never owned one and if you think it sounds like a ninja, you probably never heard one in real life. Sure, they have their faults but what bike is perfect?

    I’ve owned Japanese bikes and felt the same way about ducati in the past. But after owning several Ducati’s, I must say, even with the minor issues these bikes may have, the fun and character cannot be matched by any Japanese bike.

    As for reliability, my Monster 696 has over 40,000 miles and its still going strong. Major issues I’ve had to date? None.

    My 1199S has only 5,500 miles on it but its been trouble free except for the dash that fogs a tiny bit if I forget to put the bike in the garage (I live next to the ocean so that doesn’t help, but the fog clears up quickly).

    Oh, I also own an ZX-10R (bought on impulse) and its a great bike but nothing really stands out. When I’m on the ZX-10R, I feel like I’m on a really nice and refined bike. Riding it is pretty much procedural. But when I get on on the duc, it feels like I jumped onto the back of a beast. Its truly a night and day difference and that would explain why I only have 1,100 miles on the ZX-10R to date, even though I bought both bikes two weeks apart.

    But still, haters will always hate…

  • OyBoy

    overpriced overhyped crap!

  • OyBoy

    Ducati’s company moto should be “All show No go”

  • Looter

    Whoa! Where did all the Duc hate suddenly spring up from? Must be Duc season.

  • zootcadillac

    You may like or dislike this bike as you will. The fact is that very few of you will ever see one let alone have the chance to own one. That somehow seems to give people the need to put it down.

    It will be in the garage here next to the Desmo RR and at the end of the day the only person that has to please is me.

  • zootcadillac

    oh and fyi this is me. I have as much bias as anyone else. Just not always in the same direction :)


  • crshnbrn

    ^ I’m too busy feeling jealous to hate.

    My comment regarding expensive maintenance wasn’t intended as hate as much as expressing one reason I’m reluctant to own a Ducati. If they can bring maintenance costs down or greatly increase the intervals, I might consider riding Italian again.

  • Roo


    I have one response to your photo: FACE

    You must be English.

  • paulus

    Saw one at the Bangkok Bike show last week… must be a pre-production model.
    Very nice… but does not light my fire.
    The whole rear shock package still looks like an afterthought.

  • twinstakeover

    Oh Dear highspeedhamish,

    I invite you to come by our Ducati dealership and see a 2001 748 with 72,840 miles on it. Oh, and it’s been highly neglected. My 2002 998 had 51,900 on it when I sold it. Don’t be ignorant- How many WSBK title does Ducati have?? Don’t hate because you wish you had one

  • My Ducatis are the most reliable bikes I have ever owned and all off them spend a lot of time at the track. We do all our own maintenance so I don’t have to deal with shaddy dealers and crappy service. Ride on..

  • Williesm

    “Sounds like a Ninja 250″ ??!!

    What are you? A secluded 16 year old adolescent that has never heard a Ducati?
    If there is one thing all motorcyclists love is the beauty and sound of Ducati’s. Regardless, if they ever would own one.

    Let me guess, you worship Honda Civics….

    Oh Mike… “You probably can’t even get an aftermarket slip-on or a fender eliminator kit for this POS.”
    Your so right, you can’t get a titanium carbon fiber Akrapovic slip on.
    – Because it already comes with it.

  • Looter

    LOL at all the vitriol towards Ducati. What? Some Italian on a 916 rode off with yer girlfriend?

  • zootcadillac

    @Roo. I’m not sure what to make of your post? I’m gonna take a punt and guess that it was not intended as a compliment. FACE? What is that supposed to mean? I can only assume that you are being disparaging about my somewhat ‘lived in’ visage. But cut a guy some slack. I’ll be 50 years old soon. I’ve seen much worse who have lived much healthier.

    I could also mention that I have basel cell carcinoma ( skin cancer ) on my face but that would be a cheap shot to make you feel awkward.

    @Paulus. They had a display model doing the rounds of the various world bike shows. When we had it here in the UK there were strict instructions not to let anyone sit on it as it was just a mock up. Even the prototype bike tested for feasibility was not as the production bike will be as delivered to customers.

    @ Jenson. The new image display feature is great but unfortunately it stretches the image to fit the screen. can you look into how to maintain the aspect ratio of the original image?

  • Roo


    My comment was just a means to get even, regarding your remark about none of us being able to afford the Superleggera. Then, you had to rub it in our faces by posting that image of your Desmosedici RR.

    It’s not my fault that I was abandoned by my mother and father at the local fire station when I was three months old. Or, the fact that I was molested by four of my foster parents and now I lack the confidence to make any means of my humble beginnings.

    Thanks for that.

    Who’s making who feel awkward now. Jerk.

  • AntiHero

    No one with an interest in motorcycles and a pulse can, in all honesty, complain about a bike that has over 170hp at the rear wheel that weighs just a tick over 400lbs wet. We’re talking World Superbike hp:lb ratios of not too long ago. We’re talking Bugatti Veyron acceleration for $20k. Pinch me I must be f’in dreaming.

    Reliability: I put 16,000 miles on a brand new Panigale on a long, meandering coast-to-coast ride when the bike was first released. And btw–maintenance intervals are now 15,000 miles (I’ll agree it ain’t a cheap valve adjustment, though).

    This isn’t the 1980s. And no one in their right mind can get off a Panigale and complain about it. If you disagree, schedule a test ride.

  • Wow, there are some bitter anti-Ducati people on here. I have several bikes both Japanese and Italian. I enjoy riding all of them. But nothing compares to my Ducati. That puppy sounds bad ass, hauls ass, and looks amazing. I’m guessing all of the Ducati haters have never actually ridden a late model Ducati. I want to add a MV Agusta F4 to my stable, mainly for looks though as I’m not that big a fan of 4 cylinders.