We Hate It When This Happens…

03/30/2011 @ 2:03 pm, by Jensen Beeler4 COMMENTS

There you are, riding your dirt bike through the grocery store with reckless abandon, and just as you are bout to weave through the aisles and head for the sliding-door exit, the darn thing doesn’t open in time, and you go crashing into it. You’d think in modern society we could make automated sliding glass doors in supermarkets that can pick up punk kids riding their two-wheelers through the market, but we can’t, and the world is the lesser for it.

While we wait for this pressing technological breakthrough to occur, here comes a video of a kid in Australia who had just this very same problem. We don’t really know the “why” but we’ve got a pretty good glimpse at the “how” in this story, and we’re pretty sure he’ll be ground well into his next lifetime.

Victorian police weren’t able to apprehend this teenager at the scene, but they have a pretty good idea who he is (and have his dirt bike to boot). Apparently the produce aisle prankster had his aunt on-hand who “abused” the markets staff and prevented them from detaining the youth. You can see him walk out of the store at the end of the video, sans bike. Some of the charges being banded about are:┬ádangerous driving, driving without a license, and conduct endangering life.

Source: Herald Sun via AutoBlog

  • Ades

    Staff from the supermarket did grab him but they were then abused by a woman he apparently knew the boy. From what I hear, his mum had asked him to pick up some milk on the way home!

  • Zeitgeist

    This is what happens when your favorite place to ride was converted to a shopping mall.

  • AlexOnTwoWheels

    “…. Describes the teen as: A Bloody Idiot!” HAHA! Is anyone else confused by the fact that he leaves the bike in the store and walks out?

  • Bill Bengtson

    I can’t believe that he leaves his bike behind !
    To me, that’s the part that makes him an idiot… not so much the riding in the store… that’s just stupid kid shit.