Dainese Acquires TCX to Bolster Footwear Business

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Italian motorcycle apparel manufacturer Dainese has acquired Italian motorcycle footwear producer TCX.

The move is an interesting one for the Dainese Group though, especially when it will come to merging the TCX lineup into Dainese’s own.

The stated reason behind the acquisition is that Dainese bought TCX in order to bolster its footwear lineup, with the goal of the Dainese Group to offer a truly head-to-toe range of products (for those who don’t know, the Dainese Group includes helmet maker AGV).

“Improving safety in dynamic sports has always been the Dainese mission,” said Dainese CEO Cristiano Silei. “We are committing to ongoing research into innovative systems that protect athletes from head to toe, and are extremely proud of the operation we’ve built.”

“TCX shares with Dainese the passion for product and adds technical and development skills that are fundamental in motorbike footwear. I welcome the TCX team – we’re extremely excited to be working together.”

Dainese already makes an extensive range of motorcycle boot and shoe products though, which will make things interesting when adding TCX to the product lineup.

The one category that TCX excels at that Dainese does not is in the off-road sector. As such, Dainese will finally be able to offer a proper dirt bike boot to motorcycle riders.

However beyond this addition, it is hard to understand what value Dainese sees in this other Italian brand.

This makes today’s news a curious acquisition. As such, it will be interesting to see where it goes from here.

Source: Dainese