Confederate Motorcycles to Stay in ‘bama

06/22/2011 @ 3:03 pm, by Jensen Beeler14 COMMENTS

Talking to the Birmingham NewsConfederate Motorcycles spokesman Clay Morrison said that the boutique motorcycle firm will remain in Alabama, opting not to return to its origin of New Orleans. Expecting its best sales year ever, Confederate was reportedly offered $750,000 by the City of New Orleans to return to the bayou, but with most of its staff based out of Birmingham now, not to mention the supplier and vendor relationships the company has created in the Southern state, Confederate has decided to stay-put.

“The main thing is that most of our staff is from Birmingham and we’ve come to consider this our home,” said Morrison. “To uproot our operation now with the new Hellcat starting production just did not make good business sense.”

Confederate also reports that it has 39 C3 X123 Hellcat motorcycles on backorder, which must represent the total number of people signed up for the “entry-level” Confederate motorcycle. Last we heard on the X132 was that it was hopelessly behind schedule, existed only in CAD, and saw its price tag raised to $45,000. Speaking of $40,000+ motorcycles, Motus Motorcycles is also based out of Birmingham, Alabama, making the city, with its close proximity to Barber Motorsports Park, a hotbed for motorcycles in the South.

Source: Birmingham News

  • Mark

    “Expecting it’s best sales year ever” The key word being “Expecting”, we all expect a lot of things don’t we.

    How does this company stay in business selling only a hand full of bikes a year, if that?

  • GeddyT

    $750K? Isn’t that like, what, one of their bikes?

  • Richard Gozinya

    Mark, it’s a lot like how Bugatti remains a profitable venture, big profit margins.

  • Bjorn


    A bit off topic but from what I’ve heard; Volkswagen own Bugatti and they make a loss on each vehicle they sell. It is considered a worthwhile loss leader for the prestige of being the producer of the worlds fastest production car.
    Probably need a better/ different example.
    Sorry, I can’t help my self; I’m a hopeless pedant.

  • Damo


    I have no idea how they do business either, I also have no idea who their market is! I have never read anything or seen a single performance statistic that would justify the price of these “bikes”.

  • anonymous

    You don’t have to “do business” if you never pay your bills. Confederate is run my crooks.

  • Jim Marshall

    As an owner of a Confederate motorcycle, I don’t understand where all this negativity comes from… I’ve enjoyed a first class experience not only with my bike, but also in my relationship with the Confederate team. I, for one, will support any small American company that can produce a world-class product. Even if you don’t like their bikes or their prices, you have to at least respect what they’re doing…

  • anonymous

    They’re behind schedule, but it definitely exists in more than a CAD model… I’ve been following the prototyping on their blog:

  • Tom

    Jim, you don’t have to agree with the critics but to say that no critic has any justification in their comments or that you don’t understand their criticism reflects more on you than the critics.

  • Jim Marshall

    Tom, I’m not suggesting that the criticism is unjustified, I’m just wondering why most of the comments are negative. I understand that blog comments are often prime examples of the bandwagon effect, but for a seemingly good story, I am a little surprised. I see this as a great story… They are a small American company that is developing a new American motorcycle that costs over $35,000 less than their current lineup. I say keep up the good work, Confederate!

  • Bjorn

    It’s quite telling that he person who made a direct accusation chooses not to stand behind it, instead choosing anonymity. If there was any truth to anonymous’ claims, I’d assume that we would hear about supply problems or lawsuits.
    If their business model is unsustainable, time will reveal that.
    While Confederate’s offerings don’t appeal to me; we are richer as motorcyclists for there being another choice.

  • joe

    The Wraith was a thing of beauty, not my typical bike, but I’d love to ride one.

  • Damo

    It is all well and good that these types of companies exist, but I am a utilitarian. I have no use for a bike with such a high price tag that couldn’t pull a faster lap time or boast the mechanical reliability of a $13,000 Honda, $16,000 BMW, etc.

    It is all well and good to have something “unique”, but the prices they post I could buy a brand new BMW s1000rr, some nice aftermarket exhaust and still have money left over to buy a decent used Jaguar :)

  • Rexr

    Aren’t they owned by the American government or something they’ve had enough hand outs from them…’s a real shame because they make some really cool expensive bike….