Confederate Motorcycles to Stay in ‘bama

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Talking to the Birmingham NewsConfederate Motorcycles spokesman Clay Morrison said that the boutique motorcycle firm will remain in Alabama, opting not to return to its origin of New Orleans. Expecting its best sales year ever, Confederate was reportedly offered $750,000 by the City of New Orleans to return to the bayou, but with most of its staff based out of Birmingham now, not to mention the supplier and vendor relationships the company has created in the Southern state, Confederate has decided to stay-put.

“The main thing is that most of our staff is from Birmingham and we’ve come to consider this our home,” said Morrison. “To uproot our operation now with the new Hellcat starting production just did not make good business sense.”

Confederate also reports that it has 39 C3 X123 Hellcat motorcycles on backorder, which must represent the total number of people signed up for the “entry-level” Confederate motorcycle. Last we heard on the X132 was that it was hopelessly behind schedule, existed only in CAD, and saw its price tag raised to $45,000. Speaking of $40,000+ motorcycles, Motus Motorcycles is also based out of Birmingham, Alabama, making the city, with its close proximity to Barber Motorsports Park, a hotbed for motorcycles in the South.

Source: Birmingham News