Benelli has announced that Claudio Consonni has taken-on the role of Technical Director at Benelli QJ. As a former manager of Yamaha Motor Italy, Consonni was repsonsible for the tuning fork brand’s production, research & development, quality after sales divisions over his 20 years at Yamaha…all things Benelli needs in spades right now as its Chinese owners look to turn-around the company.

Consonni was also big part of Yamaha Italy’s racing effort, with the company achieving more than just a few Italian Championships in 600cc and 1000cc racing, along with wins at the Paris-Dakar Rally, Rally of the Pharaohs, and World Motorcross. Bringing-on Consonni might signal Benelli QJ’s desire to get back to racing with its motorcycles.

Benelli has a rich racing history, and an under-rated model line-up. If quality and supply chain issues can be resolved, the company could see a real boost in sales if marketing promotions like racing can be brought into the company plan as well. Needless to say, Consonni will have his hands full no matter what where his responsibilities lie within the company.


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  • Dr. Gellar

    Benelli indeed could use a turn-around. It surprised me that with all the hype of what was to come from them after the Chinese purchase, all the money that was supposed to go into the company…nothing really materialized. They could definitely use a reboot of sorts to get them moving in the right direction again. Hopefully Consonni is the first part of that reboot.

    Seeing Benelli back in racing eventually would be nice too.

  • Jaybond

    There was definitely some rumours a few years ago about new products from Benelli – new V4 or V5 engined Superbike, Triple engined Supersport. But that’s about it, rumours becomes just rumours..

    But this latest news , does sound like a serious move by the Benelli’s Chinese owner to turn around the fortune of the brand,and that could finally lead to the much needed new Superbike & Supersport models. WSBK racing also is a must!! :)

  • Sean

    Benelli made overpriced bikes for cashed up middle age guys who wanted something a bit more unique than a Ducati. Those guys will not buy a Chinese bike.

    I was at the track for a CBR600RR launch years ago and two guys turned up on Benelli sportsbikes, Ive never looked at Benellis the same way since then.

  • Joshua

    WOW finally some good news for Benelli. Are they still ever importing into the U.S.A? My local dealer (national power sports) claims to have been the nations largest Benelli dealer but they don’t have anything newer then 08’s and they seam to finally have come to terms that they aren’t selling and have dropped the prices. They must be taking a bath on them, but like others have said what happened to the 3 cylinder and the MX/Enduro/Supermoto bikes

  • BikePilot

    Go Benelli! Looking forward to the results of this situation.