Chris Pfeiffer Gets HDR’d in Macedonia

11/26/2010 @ 1:49 pm, by Jensen Beeler63 COMMENTS

Chris Pfeiffer was in the former-Yugoslavia recently, and our friends at were on hand to see the Red Bull rider do his thing on his BMW stunt bike. Along with the usual fun stunting footage that goes with Chris Pfeiffer’s work, the guys at Motori took some HDR photos of Pfeiffer performing for his fans and around the capital city of Skopje, Macedonia. Head over to their site to read the interview (Google translated from Macedonian to English). Thanks for the tip Baze!


  • You mean F.Y.R.O.M right?

  • I love chris pifffer stunts. They are out of world.

  • alex s

    Macedonia is in Greece, F.Y.R.O.M. is an other country.

  • vittorio

    U should be a little more careful with this name, cos is a historical right for Greece. Macedonia is the country of Alexander the Great not exactly a Slav background!!

  • lefty_p

    vittorio +1

  • David

    What are you politicians or bikers? Get over it, if Chirs says he has been in Macedonia than that’s where he has been.

    Anyway, great pics and awesome show, the man is incredible.

  • Panos -Creta

    I use to be a big fun of Chirs, i even paint my bike like his bmw. But……………. no more! Unless he comes out and ask sory for the mistake of calling FYROM Macedonia
    Macedonia was is and will be Greek land.

  • Παναγιώτης

    To David

    Hey mate, being bikers does by no way mean that we are ignorant of history or politics. The official name of this newly found country is F.Y.R.O.M. whether you like it or not. Chris Pfeiffer should at least be more respectful when it comes to history, especially of countries that have ten times the history of his own.

  • Maybe the Greek members here can enlighten me to the issue on the usage of Macedonia to refer to anything outside of Greece.

    As someone that’s worked extensively on issues related to the former-Yugoslavia, I’ve always heard the Republic of Macedonia referred to simply as Macedonia (just as the United States of America is called America or the United States).

    Yet this colloquialism for the Republic of Macedonia seems to cause offense to our Greek readers, why is that?

  • Παναγιώτης

    It is because not only they are trying to capitalize on the name of Macedonia (given to this region of Ancient Greece long before they even came to the Balkans) but they are also voicing plans and printing maps of A Greater Macedonia, including the whole part of today’s Greece.
    It is complicated and you have to have a fair grasp of ancient and modern history of the Balkans to understand it, but to put it into perspective, it is like trying to persuade you and the world that Pennsylvania or the East Coast of the USA is Greek, just because Philadelphia is a Greek word – Penn named the city Philadelphia, which is Greek for brotherly love (from philos, “love” or “friendship”, and adelphos, “brother”).
    Touchy subject, don’t you think?

  • Air

    Macedonia is in Greece, fyrom is an other country, so you better change the title, boy…:(

  • zoo

    Country names are governed by international agreements not by habit, hearsay or local propaganda.
    According to international agreements Macedonia is not a country, it is a north Hellenic region.

    Therefore this article is wrong because Chris Pfeiffer did not perform in any region of northern Hellas…
    Maybe he performed in another Balkan country, other than Hellas, and so the author has to find out the country’s actual name and amend this article.

  • patapios

    Αs other said… Macedonia is in Greece, fyrom is an other country, so you better change the title.

  • That’s strange… i live in Macedonia, i speak Macedonian, i’m Macedonian. I’ll always will be. I was Macedonian yesterday, i am today, tomorrow i will wake up as Macedonian. Does it frightens you? Well, as David said, get used to it.

    btw the show was awesome, Chris tried some new stunts and the crowd loved it, just like the title of the article, he is a man for whom the gravity does not apply.

  • Boban

    Geeks take it easy man. Stay geeks don’t pretend to be Macedonians.

  • Alexander

    All you HEL ASSES , don’t think that half-of Greece is OUR ?! ?!
    You can still lie yourself that Macedonia is in Greece.
    You have regards from our HERO ALEXANDER THE GREAT !

  • Blas

    Greece is full with idiots! Macedonia with Macedonians

  • Παναγιώτης

    No matter how much you swear and insult, neither your language, nor your history have ANYTHING to do with Alexander the Great.
    And, by the way, you live in FYROM.

  • Speaking of insults, you insult us by calling our country fyrom. And boy you are terribly wrong, i live in Macedonia. My ID says resident of: Macedonia, birth certificate, passport…they are all Macedonian.

    Anyway, i really don’t think that A&R is the place to discuss this, so keep the rubber side down, and lets talk bikes.

  • Fournaris

    History cannot be changed, especially by people of a country that was established a few hundrend years after the decline of Macedonia, Great Alexander’s empire.

    Macedonia, which is a region of Northern Greece, was and is Greek and the neighbor’s name is Skopje.

    I suppose people across the Atlantic may not be aware of the issue we have here so that is the reason of the above replies.

  • vittorio

    Baze, having all your papers writing down Macedonian doesn’t mean you are one! Mercy!!!
    Do ya want me to bring you papers with the name Valentino Rossi?

  • alex s

    @Baze (and the others F.Y.R.O.M. ians) My friend you are totally wrong… you live in F.Y.R.O.M. and you speak a Slavic genre language. Yesterday you were a citizen of Yugoslavian Republic. You are Slavs and there is nothing wrong with that, you should be proud. But trying hard to pretend that you are something else…boy, that is miseralbe and pathetic!

    Oh, as for the Alexander the Great, give us a break! F.Y.R.O.M.ian? No way! Alexander is a Greek name, if he were a F.Y.R.O.M.ian, his name should be something like Bogoslav the Great, or Kresimir the Great, or Bylun the Great…but is not!

    So, wake up people! Be proud of what you really are!

  • Goran

    Hello everyone
    I am a Macedonian
    I do not believe politicians and historians, so you my friends Greeks do not believe your politicians.
    I believe only the facts
    and fact is this:

    If you know the quotes you can read the News of 1903 years
    I did not write this.

  • john

  • Παναγιώτης

    Just to be absolutely sure, I checked the Unite Nations official site ( and, guess what, no country with the name “Macedonia” exists.
    To be certain I checked with the European Union official site and there, under the heading of candidate countries, and in the exact spot that you live, there is F.Y.R.O.M. [or Poranešna Jugoslovenska Republika Makedonija (P.J.R.M.) in slav]. But don’t take my word for it, check for yourselves;

  • @alex s: Yes, it’s true, part of Macedonia WAS part of Yugoslavia. But even while it was part of Yugoslavia, the name of the country WAS Macedonia (Federal Republic of Macedonia to be more precise).

    Please open the link from Goran. Or those Macedonians that New York Times reported about in 1903 were greeks too? Strange, i can’t find any greek person today with the names Goce, Gjorce, Dame, Nikola…

  • Jimmy110

    Where did exactly Alexander the Great was born? And where is his father’s grave found? And how is id possible that all the regions he conquered they speak greek and not slavic?

  • Alexander the Great was Greek, his father Fillipos, was also Greek. His family tomb with the Vergina Sun was discovered in Greece.

    Moreover, Alexander’s language was Greek, whereas the skopje language is slavic, which is far more recent than any Greek dialect.

    Alexander’s Macedonia may have included yugoslav territories, but that does not make the yugoslav’s descendants of Alexander the Great, who was Greek and united the Greek city-states into one country, which he named Hellas, not Skopje, nor Macedonia, nor Yugoslavia.

    The people of Skopje do not have an ethnic identity, they are a mix of albanian/turkish/slavic crossbreeds in search of an identity. The closest thing they have to identity is Yugoslavia and their hero can easily be Tito.

    As far as the 1903 article is concerned, it is only an indication that Macedonia expands into Yugoslavia. So, the article says that people living in the yugoslav part of Macedonia were trying to free themselves.

    For your reference and I would like you to quote any historians from Skopje that lived during Alexander’s era, because all I can find are Greek historians.

  • giannos

    Macedonian is greek

    edit your post today

  • George A.

    That’s a great article :)

    However, i read to my regret that you’re calling FYROM as Macedonia, which is not right.
    Thing is, Macedonia is an area in Greece, while FYROM consists a totally different country.

    Nevertheless, provided it is still to be set, such a mistake is common, but should be altered to Macedonia at all costs

  • Bruised_B0llocks

    Macedonia belongs to its wolfs and hogs….

    Get over it. In 50 years our descendants won’t remember anything of these nonsense. You arrogant, fascist, conceited and short-eyed visitors of this place called earth….

    PS. this goes to both nations.

  • jeronimo

    if ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΑ is yours come get it…

    ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΑ is Skopje as much as ΒΟΥΚΕΦΑΛΑΣ (alexander’s horse) was a ZASTAVA!

    my 50cents

  • βοσκος

    jeronimo….klain main

    take 3 of βουκεφαλας..

  • troume

    F.Y.R.O.M. is a new country created after the Yugoslavian fracture. Historical codexes cannot be found to prove that people of F.Y.R.O.M. are true Macedonians (not even suspicions of their Greek background). They are Slavs (YugoSLAVIA). I cannot understand why they hate their Slavian filiation so much and want to be Greeks.

  • Goran
  • Jester

    The funny thing is that all people in Fyrom earn their money by working for all the Greeks…Actually you belong to us


  • Goran

    We can not work for BANCROT country.

  • Nick

    @truome, Actually there are lot’s of researches that prove the opposite. The most trusty is the genetic research (as you know blood isn’t water), according to which Greeks have origin from Africa, while the Macedonians (current inhabitants of Republic of Macedonia) have genes from the ancient people on those lands:

    Oh and what a slap in your face by Goran: “bankrupt country”, sad but true my friend. Cheer up and as someone said before, relax, A&R is not the place to discuss politics.

  • vittorio

    I have visit your “place” passing-by for a trip. If you thing that where you stay is a “country” you are fooling your self! The shithole you are staying is far away -if ever- to became a country, how much more to be named with a glorious name like Macedonia!

    At least we are a country! If you want some day to be one, your are a battalion and a squadron of aircrafts away! Don’t tempt us!

  • hank


  • zoo

    Chris might think he performed in the United Arab Emirates. Who cares what he thinks, or anyone thinks for that matter. Opinions are like —-holes, everyone has one.

    Country names are governed by international agreements. Only fools believe that rumors, hearsay, preferences, propaganda etc etc prevail. In the end international agreements prevail.

    Nowadays, whether the inhabitants like it or not, the country is called FYROM.
    The people might believe their country is called Macedonia, France, Greece, Germany, Mars, the Moon, Paradise. They might even think their country is called Heaven On Earth. It doesn’t matter. They can think whatever they like, whatever makes them feel happy.

    International agreements have the last say. Check the United Nations official site and you will see that there is no country called Heaven On Earth, Paradise, Mars, Moon, Macedonia, etc. These are all fictional country names. Personalities with a great imagination may actually think fiction is real but that is their problem.

    So this article contains a fictional country name. Is this the only fiction contained in the article? Did Chris even perform? If he did, did the spectators actually like the performance? Can anyone believe a fictional article?

  • gkourv

    How can a man born of a Greek father and a Greek mother (Filippos and Olympias, are these names Slavic by any means?? Not in a million years) can be a Slav? It’s a shame that goverments and in this case the goverments of FYROM, try to dissorientate their citizens with false causes, in order to take their eyes away from their country’s decay.

  • Ace

    @zoo: right, and all these blue painted countries recognize Heven On Earth, Paradaise, Mars, Moon?…nope, they recognize Macedonia by it’s constitutional name.

    read a bit more:

  • zoo

    @ Ace
    The Wikipedia is not an indisputable source of Geo-Political information. It is not the UN or has anything to do with an internationally accepted and legally established political organization.

    As for the “blue painted countries that recognize Macedonia by it’s constitutional name”, do you realize that the map is referring to bilateral agreements?

    Bilateral agreements are not international agreements, it is just an agreement, an exchange, between two parties “Hell, yes I’ll call you Macedonia as long as you buy my products at a good price!”. That is a bilateral agreement, no international value whatsoever.

  • Athan

    for all the “wanna be macedonians”, i hope you ride better your bikes than you argue in politics, because the sources you use are for laughter only.

    any way, did you enjoed the show?
    Macedonia is Greece region , get over it!

  • Blas

    Leave history…learn this article because you are fucked up!

  • αλεχανδρος

    i see many people don’t even know the history of them country… fyrom people are you slavs or not?becouse macedonians aren’t slavs….

    it is jyst ex yogoslavia(SLAVIA…) when you distroy your country idiots with your sivil war you try to find a name to forget how idiots you are….
    i can’t understend why you don’t like your past your litle history and you want be like greeks you work for greeks you get money from greeks you suck greek c@@@s…

  • Ace

    @zoo: my point mate is that more than 120 countries refer to us with the name Macedonia, including USA, UK, China, Russia… among those 120 some countries use the name in bilateral agreement, but not all of them, USA for example always uses the name Macedonia.

    Anyway, i don’t see why are you so frustrated here and why do you expect A&R to change the name of the article, when Chris Pfeiffer himself SAYS Macedonia in the video clip, he uses Macedonia on his website and he said it in the interview on Or you will change that too? Don’t be ridiculous, this conversation has no point, you can think whatever you want, don’t poison the other people with it.

    Strange thing is that so many greek people suddenly started commenting here but i don’t see them commenting on the other motorcycle related articles. Go to a politics blog and spread your words there, leave us alone.

    Get a life, get a bike.

  • vittorio

    Get a history, get a country, get future!
    You are loosing track …”Macedonian”! hahahahahahhahahah

  • George

    Stop the propaganda! And stop referring to wikipedia…anyone can write there.

  • yamahakias

    Too bad neighbors that you deny your rich and glory history of the Slav people. Too bad that you try to benefit from another nation’s history…And too bad you re talking about bankruptcy….If Greek investors were patriot enough to withdraw all their business from your country tomorrow half of you would starve!!! So save up your tedious comments…

  • ΑLX

    It’s useless. FYROM people are just BRICΚS! It is a great shame to deny the true nationality of you and trying to become something else. Of course … it is better to say that you are Greek, rather than Slavs. Many wanted to be Greek, but ultimately could not. You are so MPAZA that you think will be called Greeks. You are far away benighted. Υοu are stupids with helmet. We have always shit on you everything you say. Ηistory made from us and we know it better than anyone!
    Tins e tins!

  • Jester

    @ Goran

    As i said you belong to us.You all work for Greek companies.Now go because the boss wants you to work.
    By the way…Do you have motorcycles over there?

  • Pusikurakis

    It’s true, the Greeks are the best nation in the world, they have invented everything, including the sex, few hundred years later, the Macedonians told them that it should be done with females.

  • Četnik

    Who ever is really Macedonian then he could be speak Greek .
    Macedonia without speaking Greek=something else..!

    Etsi , do the palavi kai fate to paramuthaki sas..!

    XRhea rules !

  • pavlakiv

    Africans xaxaxa,
    the grass is always greener on the other side!
    learn the teachings and never count your chickens!
    By the way how was the show?

  • AleXandros

    Its pathetic for a country that has no history until some years ago to try to steal the history of neighbours so they can have national identity and become fake macedonias rather than proud slavs. To becomae something from almost nothing…As for Alexander you can check the meaning at wikipedia and you will ynderstand that comes from the greek language because many many years ago the spoke ancient greek at the greek territory that u call macedonia and not a slavic language..Δε φτάνει που σας κάναμε ανθρώπους με τον κύριλλο και το μεθόδιο βγάζετε και γλώσσα.

  • troume

    Alexander the grate was borned in Greece. He builded an empire which was expanded in deep Asia.
    So here we go:
    Are Persians Greeks? – no
    Are Moggols Greeks? – no
    Are Slavs Greeks? – no
    So none of them is Macedonian.
    By the way Wikipedia is not a “research institute” you fulls. Every body can write anything on that database and call it anything he likes.
    I have one more question for you my Slavian friends. Which international words are origined from you cyrillic language?
    You can make a reasearch at OFFICIAL medical or physics books and find handreds of Greek words that even your doctors and physicals have borrowed to speak with.
    You see even your language is useless but don’t feel sud about it. Just accept it. You will never be Greeks.

  • Благоја
  • Air

    Macedonia is Greek, Fyrom is Albanian…

  • Dave


    “It’s true, the Greeks are the best nation in the world, they have invented everything, including the sex, few hundred years later, the Macedonians told them that it should be done with females.”

    i can’t stop laughing all day long man, awesome :p

  • hank

    zoro and air…Do you know where Albania is? Maybe you should study better geography…i hope the school you are going to, if you have any schooling, has qualified teachers..ha ha…you are pathetic beyond any believe…Greece is south of Macedonia…You guys live in constant illusion…don’t worry time will tell everything…I ope Wiki leaks comes up with the real truth….stop poisoning people around you…such as on forums like this…you pathetic bustards…

    Chris truly enjoyed his stay and stunt riding on whatever he was riding on in front of thousands of fans…in MACEDONIA…

  • zoo

    Nice! What a level of conversation…
    Still quotes from the unreliable-pedia…
    Keep reading this stuff folks, it is in everybody’s best interest if your minds are full of rubbish…

    Finally, to all of you who think the “sex with females” joke is an argument, I have only one thing to say. If that is the level of conversation you wish, you can have it. Rubbish is easy, educated conversation is difficult. And from what I see for some people it is more difficult than others…