California Drops Motorcycle Smog Check Legislation

06/02/2009 @ 12:20 am, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS


California State Senator Fran Pavley a few months ago made herself motorcycle public enemy number one in California after she introduced legislation that would have required smog checks for all motorcycles of model year 2000 or newer. The bill proposed to start enforcing the measure in 2012, but that has now been changed.

The proposal has been amended to authorize police officers to fine bikers who have removed catalytic converters, instead of requiring the emissions testing. The senate approved the amended bill which now goes to the state assembly. If it passes there, the Governator’s signature is all that’s needed.

We’d like to think that our recently arrival to the Golden State had something to do with the bill getting amended, but in reality the cost of policing the measure, in relation to the miniscule amount of pollution a motorcycle puts out, just didn’t make sense when the two factors were weighed out.

Source: San Jose Mercury News via The Kneeslider