A California State Assembly committee has endorsed legislation that would to require motorcyclists in the Golden State to have an EPA-compliant exhaust system on their 2011 or newer motorcycles. Two days ago the Committee on Transportation approved Senate Bill 435 with an 8-4 vote, which would make it illegal to operate a 2011 or newer motorcycle with an exhaust system that doesn’t have an EPA label that certifies it as meeting noise limit standards. According to the bill, riders would incur a “fix it” ticket if caught without their EPA exhaust sticker if the bill came into law.

The American Motorcyclist Association opposes the bill on the grounds that it improperly address a legitimate issue. “Many EPA labels are very difficult to locate on motorcycles,” said AMA Western States Representative Nick Haris. “This proposed law could lead to a flurry of tickets for motorcyclists who have legal exhaust systems on their machines with EPA labels that can’t be easily seen. It’s unreasonable to expect a law enforcement officer to easily locate an EPA label, and it’s simply unfair to expect a motorcycle owner to partially dismantle an exhaust system alongside the road to prove the label exists.

The AMA has been running an active anti-excessive loud exhaust campaign recently, in an effort to better community ties between riders and non-riders. With better means of regulation available to the State of California, the AMA hopes that together with the Californian legislature they can achieve the same goal, without unfairly burdening riders who are compliant with the law.

“Requiring that a motorcycle display a readily visible EPA label isn’t the correct way to address concerns about excessive motorcycle sound,” continued Haris. “The only objective way to determine whether a motorcycle complies with sound laws is for properly trained personnel to conduct sound level tests using calibrated meters and an agreed-upon testing procedure.”

The AMA has drafted model legislation that adequately deals with and defines excessive motorcycle exhaust noise, using SAE standards, and encourages California and other states to consider it. In the mean time, the AMA is asking its members in California to encourage their representatives to vote against SB 435 when it comes to vote.

Source: AMA

  • Monk

    Thank God that with the complete clusterf*** that is governance here in CA that these pin-heads have time to deal with issues of such monumental importance.

    One more reason for the Bullies with Badges to hassle riders. Yea…

  • Doctor Jelly

    Well, if it does pass at least it’s not retroactive and you don’t get a real ticket immediately. Keep your stock can and throw it on every time you get a ticket. Ticket is written off when you take it in. Put aftermarket can back on. Repeat as necessary.

  • Michael

    Not true Dr. Jelly. First time is a fixit, second time for same offense is fixit and a fine. The fine goes up every time you get caught. I learned this the hard way with an illegal plate holder. After the $110.00 fine for the second offense I put it back to stock.

  • Monk

    They can take the Termi’s off my ’09 Monster when they pry them from my cold, dead… Uhhh… Headers?

  • Sean Mitchell

    Sorry for those of you in the Peoples Republic of California. F@$&ing pinhead liberals think they’re going to save the world, one law at a time!

  • Rob

    my friends exhaust is so loud, it killed a man once….thank god someone is putting this law into effect.

    Wow, the embarrassment that is California governance. Id say once the robbery, theft, murder and gang related incidents are down to ZERO, then they should look to make everything nice and quiet. Going about it this way only means you’ll be able to hear your neighbor get shot over the Gixxer 1k’s doing flybye’s on the interstate.

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  • No ******* way! The EPA is doing it only for the same ****** up “global warming” fraud agenda that Obama and company want to oppose cap and trade, kill coal, and the rest of the “environmental” bull**** that evidence already shows is all just a big socialist lie! No way am I going to bow to the ******* EPA!!!

  • No ******* way! The EPA is doing it only for the same ****** up “global warming” fraud agenda that Obama and company want to oppose cap and trade, kill coal, and the rest of the “environmental” bull**** that evidence already shows is all just a big socialist lie! No way am I going to bow to the ******* EPA!!!

  • Dave

    What if an illegal alien is caught in California riding without the EPA sticker?
    California will likely say it would be too harsh to ticket the illegal alien so only citizens will have to abide by this rule.

  • Isaac

    WTF does ‘noise’ have to do with the ENVIRONMENT? Does it frighten the trees or something?

  • Jim

    Frankly motorcyclists have only themselves to blame for restrictions such as these (I write as an overly loud Harley passes by the house). There is no reason for street driven motorcycles to regularly be cracking 100db at 50′. Sorry.

  • marshall

    The argument the AMA is making here sounds legitimate. Quit moaning. Everyone likes the sound of their own engine. But if you ride around with an obnoxiously loud exhaust all the time, it’s a PITA for everybody except you, and it makes people hate bikers more.

    If you put a loud pipe on your bike to make yourself feel like an outlaw, now it’s more punishable, so you can feel like a real bad ass.

  • mxs

    Seriously, 90% of people who will get in the trouble are the straight pipe cruiser/chopper population. I consider them obnoxiously loud myself when I am in the parking lot with them at the same time. So, I say bring it on, it’s been about time.

  • Isaac

    My slip on Akrapovic didn’t make my bike any louder? It made it sound better. Marshall your missing the point of that law. It has nothing to do with noise. They want California riders to become ATM machines. California is so anti-motorcycle they make the SS gaurd look like Wal-Mart greeters. Ever been followed home by a black and white for no reason, pulled over just to get patted down? Waht about pulled over one by one in a group so they can ‘check insurance cards’? All the cars that passes us didn’t get that. A couple of them were LOUD ass Ferrari’s too. I have so keep riding your scooter around and try and keep calling yourself a rider.

  • I see a market opportunity: Production/sales of fake EPA stickers.

    Kinda like those DOT stickers for brain buckets… Yeah!

  • bulls

    Another way for California to balance the budget: Issue more laws so they can issue more tickets.

  • 1198freak

    The state is broke, the governator ahhnuld needs money, so this is the result, and more crap like this. Riders need to take a stand and vote against it when it comes time.

  • marshall

    Based on the lane splitting and bikes allowed in carpool lane laws (or lack thereof), and my experience riding there, I think your claim that CA is unfriendly to bikers is BS. If bikes get more attention in the laws, it’s because there are MORE bikes there than most other states, and thus MORE 1%-ers to piss people off.