Snake Road Motorcycle Concept by Bruno Delussu

11/11/2010 @ 12:06 pm, by Jensen Beeler10 COMMENTS

Drawing inspiration from Daniel Simon’s Cosmic Motors series (Simon designed the Tron lightcycle in the up-coming Tron Legacy movie by the way), designer Bruno Delussu has dreamt up the Snake Road motorcycle concept. Set in a nondescript time in the future, the Snake Road uses a fiberglass body to house its internal combustion engine (apparently EV’s still haven’t taken off in Delussu’s future).

Made for fun, Delussu admits there are some deficiencies in the design (the front wheel can’t turn for example), and explains the choice of an internal combustion engine as follows: “Being a motorcyclist myself, I love the sound of a motorcycle engine (reminiscent of a raging lion), so the engine is a traditional internal combustion engine rather then electric, as the new trend would have it (a matter of ecology).”

While the riding position leaves something to be desired in our eyes, and we’re still partial to Simon’s original take on the idea of a low and long pair of rolling discus, there are parts of the Snake Road we really like: namely the entire front-end.

With three exhaust pipe tips coming out from either side of the bike, and massive hydraulic pistons holding the aerodynamical faired front tire, there is something powerful in the futuristic design. Do we expect the future to look like this? No, but it’s a fun exercise in motorcycle design, which is precisely what Delussu set out to do.

Source: Corofloat via Yanko Designs

  • gnmac

    Daniel Simon rip-off!

  • fasterdammit

    Be cool if that whole front end – hydraulics et al – twisted in line with the direction of travel in order to turn; sort of like leading the whole bike into a lean. It’d still leave it with the turning radius of a 747, but it seems like that bolt-up section right in front of the exhaust pipes could allow for the front wheel to index. Maybe with an eccentric in there, perpendicular to the direction of travel. I dig it though. Where can I get a job where I build stuff like that ‘for fun’?

  • Why do sites even bother reporting on “drawings” that the artist even admits contain non-funtional design elements. Gee, my niece is a talented artist who knows absolutely nothing about motorcycles. If you like, she can conjure up something that looks cool but doesn’t function and…just maybe you’ll devote an article to it as well.

  • emd

    Erion1/ Repsol1′

    Yes I would like to see your niece attempt a progressive motorcycle design, please do and forward to A&R so we can see how easily it is done??? I look forward to it

  • hang jebat

    wow….like final fantasy bikes…………very good…daydream bike’s come true…but maybe not for sale..

  • Since it is not functional, please explain what is so “progressive” about it. I guess if someone made a futuristic looking toaster that did not actually toast the bread, we just call it “Progressive”. Did everyone miss the part where the artist said the front wheel doesn’t turn and it is described as a “deficiency”. Useless would be more accurate.

  • Mike J

    I Have to agree with Erion1… please, no more CAD/CG “concept” bikes.

    When someone gets around to turning one into a working vehicle then its worth mentioning.

  • emd

    Yeah, and while we are at it, whats with these movies??? Documentary only please. Please only read factual books for ones based on fiction have no use or merit??? Isaac Asimov’s books, just plain a waste of time and just way off. For sure no concept cars and or vehicles, I mean whats the use if you cant buy it this very second right? The idea is to inspire, what I see might not be what you see (obviously) but maybe where we can take it. Do I like the concept here, no not really, its just a proportion exploit and one that has been ripped off for that matter (Simon). I still might see one little thing that could turn into something in the future though. In your world DOA and worthless..

    Very sad for what this has shown me. You guys can continue to “Keep it Real”

  • You sill did not answer the question of “progressive.” Notice I do not resort to veiled personal attacks.

  • Not sure why you raise straw men. I never addressed those items you mentioned but since you did…there is a reason we don’t pay to see a movie until it is finished, books until they are published, etc. And every now and then, they are just crap. Why are you so offended by one man’s personal opinion? Be well emd. CHEERS.