Take one British stunt rider (Craig Jones), one American sport bike (Buell 1125R), and one frozen Swedish lake bed (Lake Dellen), and what do you have? A 148 mph PR stunt that would be a record if there was a category for such a thing.

With ice only a few centimeters thick separating man and machine from 1.2 billion cubic meteres of freezing cold water, Craig Jones took his specially prepared Buell 1125R to a top speed of 238kmph (148mph for us Americans) on the frozen and groomed surface of Lake Dellen, in Sweden. 

To accomplish this feat, Buell plowed a path down the snow covered lake, exposing the bare ice. Then they studded the bike’s standard street tires with ice piercing tacs, which can achieve a tremendous amount of grip. Lastly, to boost the power of the bike (because Buell needs all the help it can get), a nitrous rig was added to the machine. While we here at A&R love to give Buell and parent company Harley-Davidson a hard time of things, this is one of the cooler (*sigh* no pun intended) PR stunts we’ve seen a while. Kudos.

Speaking to how nutso this feat is, Jones said, “I firmly believe that your head is the biggest limiting factor in pushing to the edge. The less you think about the risks, the further you can push yourself. So I kept it simple. I just put the bike into gear, tucked down and went as fast as I could.” This is from a man who, among other things, has pulled the world’s longest rolling stoppie (with a passenger on board). We’re also pretty sure this philosophy is a one-way ticket to Darwin Award stardom.

Still, Merriam-Webster has recently considered replacing the word “cojones” with “Craig Jones.” So would you want top out on ice?

Source: Autoblog