BRP Poised to Launch Can-Am Branded Side by Sides

06/01/2010 @ 7:24 pm, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

BRP, the company behind Sea-doo, Can-Am, and rotax motors, is rumored to be ready to launch a line of side by side vehicles under the Can-Am brand in the next few weeks. Likely not to go the UTV route with the Can-Am name nor its product offering, we’re expecting the new SxS from BRP to be a sporty on-road vehicle similar to the KTM X-Bow, and along the same ethos as the Ducati concept car we showed just last week.

BRP seemingly is taking a page out of GE’s playbook, namely that it wants to be a segment leader. Looking at the already impacted side by side UTV market, we expect BRP to try a SxS solution that can’t be found already in the marketplace, and focus on the growing street segment of this vehicle type. This theory also goes hand-in-hand with the current Can-Am brand placement, which saw the Canadian company essentially create a performance three-wheeler segment in the motorcycle industry with its Spyder trike (a fact BRP has been touting lately in Spyder television spots).

It’s hard to say exactly what performance specs will look like on the new side by side, and how it will completely fit into the Can-Am family, but since BRP hasn’t been bashful about trying new things, we’d say just about any concept is fair game (a 2.0L V4 might be interesting). For our money we’re betting a more affordable option to the sporty KTM X-Bow with styling you’ll either love or hate. More as we get it.

Source: Dealer News

  • froryde

    What the heck is a “side by side”?! If it’s got 4 wheels then it’s a car! KTM X-Bow? Car. The Ducati concept “vehicle”? Car. The new BRP thingamajig? Still car!

  • Doctor Jelly

    A side by side, or UTV (Universal Terrain Vehicle) is like an off road golf cart.

    Polaris RZR
    Kawi Teryx
    Yama Rhino
    Etc, etc

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  • Four wheels? Really?.. Wouldn’t that make it subject to all the crash-safety rules (and heavier pollution control gubbins) that essentially kill the Ariel Atom as a vehicle here in the U.S.? Side-by-side maybe, but I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t have three wheels. I swapped a few phone calls and emails last year from ex-Bombardier engineers who’d gone out on their own and planned to make such a vehicle — I suspect it was an idea that was in the air.

  • Jackie

    Think VW’s GX3 concept 3 wheeler/side-by-side.

  • Todd

    I was watching that show on Speed called “Test Drive/Ride” that they did on the Spyder and at the very end they showed (wayyy too briefly) a guy’s mod where he turned it into a side-by-side… I’ve been googling for it, but can’t seem to find any pics or stories on it… :(

    It would be cool to get something on the road like the Ariel Atom that was more sanely priced.

    I’d still love to see a Spyder’ish vehicle that leaned like the Piaggio MP3. I just can’t get into that fixed front end on the Spyder

  • Johndo

    There already exist something like that, it’s called the T-rex.