Video: BRD Proves Electrics Can Hoon Too

02/13/2012 @ 5:46 am, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

BRD Motorcycles continues to make progress with the company’s first electric motorcycle: the BRD RedShift. Asphalt & Rubber thoroughly enjoyed our time on BRD RedShift SM prototype when I rode it around the Infineon karting track, which makes me confident that the San Franciscan company’s small legion of wait-listed buyers will be pleasantly surprised by the electric motorcycle’s pep when it becomes available later this year.

Producing now a quick video of the BRD RedShift SM hooning around San Francisco, it could be that the guys at BRD want to build a little buzz about the RedShift before the company goes to Indianapolis to woo potential dealerships at the Indy Dealer Expo. Or maybe, the over-aged children at BRD couldn’t help but have a little fun between their 25hr work days. Either way, stunt rider Ryan Moore finds a way to put his creative and electronically-powered stamp on all the fine neighborhoods of San Francisco.

Bonus points for the pan-around shot in front of the Broadway strip clubs guys…not that we’ve been there.

Source: BRD (YouTube); Video Credit: Wes Rowe / Supermoto Photo

  • Jake Fox

    Looks like fun to me! Zero Motorcycles had a display at IMS Chicago this past weekend and I was very impressed with the look and capability of their bikes. I don’t mean to steal BRD’s thunder here, I only bring it up to illustrate that electric bikes are truly becoming a viable solution to ICEs for most everyday use. I still wouldn’t have one as my only bike because of range limitations, but as a second bike, sure, why not?

  • Liked the video, thanks for sharing dude.

  • Westward

    I have no doubt that electrics are viable but their price point shouldn’t be comparable to european exotic like the MV Augusta F3…

    Range limitation and recharge factor are the biggest concerns…

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  • Westward – you’re completely missing the point here. This technology is in it’s infancy and in comparison to MV’s output, the BRD’s are practically bespoke units. These factors alone are enough to place their product in this price bracket.

    Cracking vid though – looks like copious amounts of fun!

  • mxs

    I wish them luck (they will sure need it once every company offers electric bike). At this point in time the race is about “who will be able to sell it first at a package which will not break or blow up and at a price which will keep them afloat for long time enough to either make it on their own or sell themselves to a bigger name. Later the race will change into whose package will be the best, including price warranties, customer service ….. like with all ICE based bikes.

    Bike looks good, as it always has since day one.

  • Dr. Gellar

    That was fun to watch, and I’m not even a big stunting fan. Pretty cool that was all being done on an electric…thanks BRD!