Bike vs. Car – A Story of Road Rage in Brazil

03/29/2012 @ 12:01 pm, by Jensen Beeler21 COMMENTS

We don’t know exactly how this story started, but as the video commences we see a motorcyclist sitting on his bike between two cars. With words being exchanged and the situation already rapidly deteriorating, the biker kicks the car. The driver then rams the biker, knocking the bike over. Now on the ground, the biker gets up and walks towards the car, eyeballing the driver on the way there. The rest? You’ll have to see for yourself to believe. Needless to say, Brazilians know how to road rage.

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  • Adam

    wow, Bikes never win vs. cars. who knows what started this and it just goes to show if you ever are in this situation just ride away don’t go kicking a car like a big man. I had a young guy pass me on the high way a few years back. I was in the right lane of 3 and he passed me half on the shoulder and about 2 feet from me in my lane, I never did anything to him was just cursing at about 110km/H. I was so pissed I chased him for about 10 min he couldn’t get away and I was going to follow him until he stopped some where to have… ah… a few words with him on his abilities to drive. but traffic got thick and I smartened up and pulled of to cool down. man even now has pissed me off again!!! its not just cars though I have had guys on bikes pass me in my own lane as well, and that’s just as dangerous. but as bikers we all have to keep are cool on the road, this could have been his last day luckily it wasn’t.

  • Adam,

    Following that guy is not a wise choice my friend… it’s better just to let somebody go, not endanger yourself, him, and others on the road. Good decision to cool off..

    And ask yourself this: If you’re being chased by a car on a bike, are you going to make damn sure to get the hell away from them as soon as possible? YES.

  • adam s

    as a cyclist (bicycle) it is truly amazing to me how careless people are with +2,500lbs of steel. at least on a motorcyle you have horsepower to get away and are (hopefully) wearing a jacket/jeans/full face helmet. on a bicyle, you’ve 15lbs of carbon fiber, are dressed mostly in your underpants and have a styro foam cup on your head.

    yet people think its perfectly ok to “buzz” you, and the case above- hit you.

    that right there is termed “assault with a deadly weapon” here in the States.

  • Uberbox

    Motorcyclists and cyclists actually share quite a bit in common; just look at how many guys in MotoGP, SBK, etc train on road bikes. We face similar hazards on the road as well, people are just really careless behind the wheel. Bottom line is stay aware of your surroundings and don’t let your temper/ego influence your choices.

  • JoeD

    Perhaps every one needs to ride a bike for two years before being allowed to drive a car. Will it ever happen? No. Rage happens and for me it goes both ways. Dunderheaded bicyclists who disregard traffic laws-ie riding against the flow, on sidewalks and running red lights raise the boiling point just as much as some cager texting, reading the paper or trying to share a lane. Carrying a paintball pistol might work. Mark your territory. How about a directed energy weapon? Toss a few marbles-oh wait, I’ve lost mine. Seriously, be cautious and courteous.

  • I’m an attorney, and I’ve seen a case almost exactly like what happened in Brazil in court here in the U.S.. It involved a pedestrian and a car. Pedestrian kicked car, car driver ran pedestrian over.

    Both parties were liable (both civilly and criminally), but the car driver had by far the worst of it. For the car driver it was likely attempted murder and at best assault with a deadly weapon. The car driver was looking at serious jail time. The pedestrian was looking at a slap on the wrist in the criminal suit, and probably no (comparative) liability in the civil suit.

    You can’t just run down pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists, even if you are mad at them.

  • joe

    Was he taking her keys in the end? More level headed than I

  • joe says:
    Was he taking her keys in the end? More level headed than I

    Interesting thought! We’ll probably never find out the fine details or how things resolved

    However, no matter what she said to him in traffic to precipitate things, he never should have kicked out her headlight. That was *not* being level headed.

    Motorcyclists have to realize that in any sort of confrontation with someone driving a car that the car driver has a huge weapon a their disposal and that we as motorcyclists are just about entirely vulnerable to any sort of attack.

  • “I was so pissed I chased him for about 10 min”

    An amazingly stupid and dangerous thing to do. I had somebody chase me once. It was terrifying and absolutely a life-threatening experience.

  • Westward

    The greater the power the more responsibility. She had the car and could have easily have killed him. I understand her fear in having a man seemingly attempt to assault her after she hit him with the car, and trying to flee.

    But given the circumstances, he show’d the greater restraint.

    Lets not forget, this is Brazil, where if a mans honour is threatened by his woman’s infidelity, they practically can get away with literal murder.

    I would bet, given the culture, he would have been justified if he nearly beat her to death in their minds…

    Brazil is not the US or the UK in regards to the law…

    AW —

    As a cyclist and motorcyclist, I would much rather go down on my bike rather than my bicycle, at least I am better protected. I don’t cycle against the traffic like the idiots that think it is safer, not realizing that it’s actually more dangerous, especially on the sidewalk. But I am guilty of running red lights.

    Some people may frown on that, however we the vast majority of cyclist do do it, it is timed with the utmost of logical sense (I was going to say common, but there is not such thing anymore). Besides, we are not cars, and in most places it legal.

    ex. (

    It has the similar rational that motorcyclist have for lane sharing and riding faster than traffic…

    I know people are thinking I am somehow braking the law, but if they actually knew the rules of the road, many would find that they are ignorant of it instead…

  • Jake

    It’s true we don’t know if the guy did something to provoke her before the video started but it looks like he was just trying to filter through traffic and she didn’t like the idea of anyone being able to pass her in completely stopped traffic. She tried to squeeze him out. Look at the position of her car in the lane relative to the cars in front of her at the very beginning of the video. I’d like to think I wouldn’t do something rash like kick the person’s car who did that to me but you better believe I would be saying unpleasant things to them.

  • MikeD

    As a “not so level headed” rider me self…I MUST say…he’s one lucky guy…and stayed pretty damn cool thru the whole thing by only just yanking the key off the car and not her head.

    Personally, im more fed up with the A-Holes that stay SLOW on the fast lane next to another SLOW(same speed) vehicle on the nearest lanes and won’t let me pass…to them: Please, allow me to kill myself if i wish so and stop playing being Traffic God…ur are just Douchbags on slower moving turds.
    I have the sweet habit of giving them the finger.
    Had this MetroSexual looking guy chase me the other day after performing the previously mentioned act to him for the same reason i stated above , speed up to my side before i got off my exit and give me back the finger, fair enough i said…then i returned the favor(AGAIN) and waved good bye with me right foot while hauling ass, we both got off the Highway on the same exit, got to the first stop ligth and I got as ready as i’ll ever be to get on a street fight while wearing full gear…but he never got behind me or off the car and went his own merry way.

    And im glad it stayed that way…im not really the best of fighters and don’t know when to stop when involved in such event…shit can get pretty ugly really fast…and as such…i’ll try to stay cool from now on, pass the A-Holes ASAP and just go my merry way…F#%& the world behind me…it’ll be nothing but a A BLUR.

  • Random

    Westward says:
    March 29, 2012 at 9:32 PM

    “Lets not forget, this is Brazil, where if a mans honour is threatened by his woman’s infidelity, they practically can get away with literal murder.

    I would bet, given the culture, he would have been justified if he nearly beat her to death in their minds…”

    People can’t get away with murder here, especially in this case. There are laws specifically targeted at domestic violence. And regarding the use of vehicles it, is seen in legal process as the same as using a weapon.

    “Brazil is not the US or the UK in regards to the law…”

    Yeah, sums of $$ for stupid things aren’t ridiculously high. And if you have a good, expensive lawyer you can delay going to jail or leave a bit earlier. But I would suggest actually knowing the legal system of a country before doing that kind of comments.

  • Pooch

    This would have got a LOT uglier if it was 2x men involved. I’ve seen a very similar thing happen at a set of lights between a bicyclist and a car driver, ended up with them both bashing the crap out of each other. Car driver tried to get in his car and get away, the bicyclist opened the door, dragged him out and started beating him again. It was quite amazing to watch.

    More often than not, it is the car driver at fault. When you have large solid steel armoured shell around you, you feel invulnerable. You can rage at the world as you feel safe in your locked cage. Get out all your pent up frustrations at anyone who displeases you. I’m not saying it’s OK for a biker to lash out at cars though, but we don’t know what went on before this incident, either. I have a friend who took off a car’s side mirror with his boot, as the car tried to force him over when he was lane splitting. Aggression again from a car driver jealous of the motorcyclist’s ability to manoever through traffic jams.

    I think the motorcyclist here reacted well. I mean that car driver went a bit mental – could have easily killed him. Kudos to that man for thinking to take the keys – she going nowhere and will pay for what she did – as she should. I hope she cops a large fine and a jail sentence. She deserves both.

  • justme

    HOW CAN YOU RIDE SLOWER THAN A CAR on a highway????
    You where asking for it…..

    Its been almost 20 years I ride bikes and I never had problems like been runned over on highways….

    however…. like this guy I’ve been runned over my wright foot in traffic (we also share lanes where I live) and I didnt kick his car…. Sh£@§€it happens when you ride a bike… specially when you are stoped!

    …. if think if it were a man he probably wouldnt kick the car…. he’d probably be afraid to be shot on the spot…

  • Jeremy

    @pooch Agree, people think they can act as they please because they are behind the wheel, when they piss off the wrong person, and things get real… thats when they cagers tend to react poorly in such a manner. In this case, Im confident that I would (and have) not have reacted that way with a female involved, id just let it go… and I just dont mess with someone’s property (kick a car), but if its a guy, things would get physical, not on the car, but the driver.

    I have only had one experience with splitting lanes when I was out visiting my brother in CA, following him on another motorcycle while he split lanes in front. Pretty messed up how people closed the gap on me after they saw him fly by… not cool. At some points my mirrors were within an inch of cars on either side… conversely, at one point we were following a police motorcycle and it was like the parting of the red sea.

  • @justme: It’s easy to ride slower than a car. Just because we’re on bikes doesn’t mean that we’re able to speed as much as we like. Sometimes, cars simply drive much faster than the speed limit allows. In such circumstances, they’re definitely going to be going faster than I am. I don’t like being ticketed.

  • MrFancyPants

    to much assumption on the board (both here and youtube); we only see what’s going on after the situation escalated and no one here has stated they can speak Portuguese.

    I’m curious to hear what the story is behind this video.

  • Condition ONE

    Trying to assault someone with a car is a good way to get yourself shot in Arizona.

  • Condition ONE says:
    >> Trying to assault someone with a car is a good way to get yourself shot in Arizona.

    I don’t suspect that a lot of motorcyclists are riding around armed with guns. Even in Arizona.

    Motor vehicles and weapons don’t mix. If you feel that there is a need to go around armed, it might be best for you to stay at home.

    A number of years ago, in the San Francisco Bay Area, we had a problem with frustrated motorists opening their doors in the path of lane splitting (which is legal in CA) motorcyclists on the Bay Bridge during rush hour. The thing to do in such a situation is not to retaliate and to subsequently find yourself in jail . Keep your wits about you, get the car’s license plate number, go to the police, and have *the folks in the car* put in jail. Believe me, that is a far superior resolution to such a matter.

  • Random

    MrFancyPants says:
    “to much assumption on the board (both here and youtube); we only see what’s going on after the situation escalated and no one here has stated they can speak Portuguese.”

    Nothing on the video to translate, really. Just surprised people commenting on the weirdness of the situation, “what happened?” questions and “hold the camera” from the recording guy.

    That said I’d also like to hear what took them to those reactions. Filtering is legal here in Brazil and it’s pretty common to have cars wandering on the “bike lane” on any big city. As cars are also used to bikes filtering, these situations are usually solved with a little use of the horn. So two happy people exchanging a lot of friendly words seems the only reason for the situation to escalate like that.