Brammo TTR-based Sportbike Coming

07/09/2010 @ 5:06 pm, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS

Asphalt & Rubber took a lot of flak last month when we speculated about Brammo working on an electric sportbike. Armed with more than a hunch at the time, we have been told from multiple sources that Brammo is set to debut a TTR-based electric sportbike. For added measure, we’ve also been told that Brammo intends to race the bike, which we’d expect will have various configurations, at the e-Power Championship round at Laguna Seca later this month.

When we asked Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher to confirm, deny, or comment about this information, Bramscher only replied “Deny, deny, deny.” However, with the CEO twittering the need for assistance with a video project, and this photo showing a blurred out motorcycle, we’re not certain how veraciously we’re accepting Brammo’s denial (no offense Craig).

While we have no further details on the TTR sportbike, we can likely look forward to seeing an announcement from Brammo about whatever their working on very soon…with video no less. More as we get it.

  • If it’s shooting rockets at the helicopter, that will be especially rad.

  • Skadamo

    Your probably right though he looks rather upright and elbows out… Over analyzing.

    Hope it’s true!

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  • irksome

    You can’t fool me; that’s a still from Terminator XXI: Return With A Walker

  • Maybe it’s the elusive anti-scooter. Or the anti-Mame. Or, as Ms.Brammofan suggests, the antenuptial.

  • Jackie

    It’s electric, so will be lasers. Rockets….pushaw.

  • Did you try to unblur it with photoshop? I’m sure you did.

    Harry, spill the beans!!

  • Odie

    It’s not just electric, but high tech electric…it will be particle weapons. Lasers are soooooo 1990’s. :)