Brammo Enertia on Sale at Oregon Best Buy

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Brammo has hit the sales floors of Best Buy with their electric motorcycle the Enertia. Debuting in the Portland Oregon area, instead of the previously rumored San Francisco/Bay Area, you can expect to see the green machine trickle its way down the west coast throughout the year’s time.

Right now, Brammo has their TTR race bike from the TTXGP on display at the Cascade Station Best Buy in Portland. Videos and pictures after the jump.

According to the sales reps, all you need to do is show up with an ID with a motorcycle endorsement, and you’re on your way to a test ride. The Enertia is selling for $11,995, and if sales are strong, you can expect to see Best Buy roll out the electric motorcycle to all its stores nationwide.

Source: Brammofan