Taking nearly two years to go from vaporware to reality, Brammo has announced that its true second model in its lineup is finally ready for primetime. Set to be unveiled May 8th, with technical details to be released April 18th, the Brammo Empulse will finally become a consumer reality, as well as Brammo’s a six-speed gearbox.

Touting a 100 mph top speed and 100 mile range, the Brammo Empulse on paper should be a market-leading machine (the Zero S tops out at 88mph and 114 mile range). Though it will remain to be seen under what conditions those figures are achieved (Zero’s range figure is at in-town speeds only), as over-promising has been the calling-card of the electric motorcycle manufacturers thus far.

A long time coming, the Empulse is based partially on the company’s 2009 Isle of Man TT race bike. Though the Brammo Empulse RR missed its racing debut at the 2010 Laguna Seca e-Power race, the Empulse RR came back the next year to win the 2011 North American TTXGP Championship by being one of the only top-entries to compete at all three Championship races.

Expected to have 10 kWh of battery power on board, Brammo is touting the company’s temperature-regulating battery pack on the Empulse (Brammo’s BPM 15/90), which heats and cools the battery cells to maintain the optimal discharge temperature. Using a liquid-cooled motor, the Brammo Empulse will be the first production bike in the company’s line to use the IET six-speed gearbox, though there has been much debate in the electric community if there is an actual need for the transmission, or if it is simply a marketing gimmick. Because of the long duration to get the bike to market, According to our sources, Brammo is expected to unveil a completely revised look for the Empulse.

With Polaris now investing in Brammo, the launch of the Brammo Empulse street bike is perhaps not as mission-critical for the Oregonian company, though if Brammo wants to hold any more water with the discerning press and its patiently waiting customers, the company needs to hit a home run with the Brammo Empulse, and deliver on the promises it has made. Selling a couple hundred motorcycles thus far since its inception, Brammo has not mentioned any release dates for the Brammo Encite & Brammo Engage dirt bikes.

Source: Brammo

  • EmpulseBuyer

    I think Brammo is going to pull a hat trick with the (redesigned) Empulse. The last model was beautiful but this will really surprise folks that thought they just slapped a 6 speed in there… cant wait for the full reveal.

  • Westward

    Hope they addressed that swing-arm…

  • Dr. Gellar

    Geeez…’bout time Brammo are finally getting the Empulse into production!! I reeeally hope this machine ends up being worth the wait. The fact that the Empulse in particular was starting to be considered vaporware, in my opinion, has done a fair amount of damage to the idea of electric motorcycles in the eyes of consumers and electric motorcycle enthusiasts in general. I know it has been frustrating to me. Hopefully the production version of the Empulse will be the game-changer many (including myself) are believing it can be, and will start to rebuild some of the damage it’s up until now vaporware status helped to create over the last year or so. I’m excited for it!

    That being said…hey Zero, where is this answer to the Brammo Empulse Scot Harden mentions you’ll have ready to compete with the Empulse once the it “exists”?? :-)

  • How many riders travel 50-100 miles just to get to the roads they really enjoy riding?
    So, the re-charge time is at the top of the list, followed closely by improvements in range and whether upgrades to existing bikes are easy/affordable when those 2 areas are improved.

  • emotos

    @ Dr. Gellar: Zero is a lot better at keeping secrets than Brammo (I assume Brammo leaks everything they do by choice), so I imagine it’ll be a surprise when it shows up.

    @ Doug: Recharge times suck, and they will for a long time. There’s not many good options. You can either have the convenience of easy charging from a wall socket (which can only push about 1kWh, so ~10hrs for the big Brammo) or you can do what the cars do and use charging stations, that cost $2k, aren’t fully standardized, and aren’t as accessible as a normal 110V outlet.

  • Dr. Gellar

    Of that (Zero being able to keep a secret better than Brammo), I have no doubt at all! It’s just that since Scot Harden mentioned this and a few other potential tid-bits in an interview over at Motorcycle.com a couple of months ago, I’ve been intrigued. I think a little healthy competition in the electric sportbike category between these two companies (and anyone else who’d like to join in, for that matter) will do electric motorcycles in general a lot of good.

  • Clifford Szufat

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