Brammo Acquires Electric Dirt Bike Park Company Quantyaparx – Aptly Renames it BrammoParx

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Brammo has announced its acquisition of Quantyaparx, an electric dirt bike park concept that used to feature rival Quantya’s electric motorcycles. Renaming the venture to suit the company’s brand, BrammoParx will continue with the business model of providing a unique park-riding environment, which will now rent and Brammo’s upcoming dirt bike line comprised of the Brammo Engage & Brammo Encite. Currently available in Germany, Austria, Spain, Sweden, and the UK, Brammo hopes to franchise more locations in the coming months, including some in the United States.

As a part of the acquisition deal, KOM Enterprise’s staff, the people behind the Quantyaparx concept, will join Brammo, Inc., and will continue to manage the existing electric motorcycle parks, while also focusing on bringing new locations to the mix. The move will allow non-electric owners to ride on Brammo’s dirt offerings, which the Oregonian company hopes will help spur sales and convert ICE riders over to electric motorcycles.

The idea behind electric dirt bike parks is an intriguing one, as electric motorcycles side-step many of the issues found with traditional motorcycle parks — namely noise restrictions. With significantly less noise and emission nuisance coming from their locations, parks like the new BrammoParx open up new spaces, especially urban ones, to dirt bike enthusiasts.

What will be interesting to see down the line though is how the BrammoParx program contributes to Brammo’s bottom line. We imagine the deal with hinge greatly on how quickly Brammo can bring the Engage and Encite to market, as the Ashland, Oregon company currently only has one of its five announced motorcycles available for actual purchase and delivery.

Source: Brammo