BMW S1000RR Outsells the R1200GS in the US for 2010

01/19/2011 @ 4:39 pm, by Jensen Beeler7 COMMENTS

BMW Motorrad has just released its numbers for last year, and the Bavarian brand is showing some strong results in 2010, especially considering the double-digit slogging most other companies took. With sales up 12% globally, BMW sold 98,047 motorcycles in 2010 compared to the 87,306 units it sold in 2009 (that’s a 10,741 unit difference).

Of the motorcycles sold in last year, the R1200GS remained the globally best selling unit within the brand (accounting for 18,768 units worldwide), and was followed by the R1200GS Adventure (11,648 units), R1200RT (11,132 units), and the S1000RR (10,209 units).

Perhaps the most striking news though is the fact that the new S1000RR superbike dominated liter bike sales in the United States, and even outsold the R1200GS here domestically, making 2010 a very successful year for BMW not only on the balance sheet, but also as proof that the Germans can sell bikes that aren’t featured in Long Way Around.

BMW expects these strong sales figures to continue as the German brand gets ready to debut its six-cylinder K1600GT and K1600GTL touring bikes, update the R1200R model, and release a new G650GS in 2011.

“BMW dealers did a tremendous job in 2010, despite the headwinds they faced with a tough economy,” said Mac McMath, National Sales Manager of BMW Motorrad USA. “While many dealers in the country struggled last year, BMW dealers remained committed to the job at hand and worked tirelessly to capture every sale they could.”

Source: BMW Motorrad USA

  • I didn’t know Ann Coulter rode (motorcycles that is).

  • That’s Leslie Porterfield, the fastest woman on two wheels.

  • j

    wow. you don’t say. the rich are getting richer, and thus, luxury bike makers like bmw are seeing gains. i would have never guessed.

  • Will

    Lovely, just lovely.

  • Damo

    Love the picture, very Bond Girl-esque.

    I am not surprise it sold well. To have a high end company like BMW release a liter bike at a Honda 1000RR price point is impressive.

    Now if I could just get a RSV4 Factory in the same price range I would be happy.

  • I’m still amazed at the job that BMW did, bringing out the RR so fully realized. After a lifetime of admiring their quirky bikes from a distance, whoda thunkit? It really says something that they could walk in and be fully competitive (and then some . . .) in a class the Japanese have owned for years.

    I’m NOT surprised it outsells the GS. I have a lot of respect fot them, but can still never fully get past the idea of wrestling a heavy beast like that down a muddy road. They’re an acquired taste, excellent at what they do, but I could have a KLR or something like it I could actually hope to pick up when it falls (and $12 grand left over!).

  • Wintermute

    The series is called ‘Long Way Round’ not ‘The Long Way Around’ – geez, what sloppy journalism :p

    And I agree about the KLR :)