BMW Produces One-Millionth Motorcycle with ABS

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In 2004, BMW produced its 500,000th motorcycle equipped with anti-lock brakes. Now five years later, BMW has doubled that number with its one-millionth motorcycle with ABS, a K130oR no-less.

This milestone shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to those who follow the industry, BMW first introduced ABS to its motorcycle line-up nearly 21 years ago, and now nearly 90% of their motorcycles are fitted with the optional ABS package when they leave the Berlin motorcycle manufacturing plant.

This figure is both a testament to how BMW has pushed ABS and motorcycle innovation into its products, and also a clear indication of the technology’s permeance into our sport, an issue we’ve discussed here at A&R before.

On hand to receive the million-bike milestone K1300R was German actor/writer Hannes Jaenicke, a die hard BMW motorcycle rider. Jaenicke recently took his previous BMW on a trip to Alaska, where he was filming a documentary. Anything else said about Hannes would just be dribble from BMW’s press release, but they did take some dandy photos with him and the fiery orange K1300R. We especially like this fancy “face in the mirror” shot, that cleverly also shows the ABS controls.