BWM Motorrad continues to post impressive sales growth numbers for its product line, and is making a strong showing for 2011 already. With sales up 22.5% last month compared to the same time period in 2010, BMW sold over 6,700 motorcycles in February. BMW-owned Husqvarna posted even stronger numbers than its parent company, with sales up 47% for the same time period, and selling just over 900 motorcycles last month.

For February of 2010, BMW sold 5,485 motorcycles, while Husqvarna sold 614 motorcycles, but what’s impressive is those figures from 2010 were impressive for the company at the time. BMW so far has had strong year-to-date sales in 2011 as well, posting a 23% increase over 2010 (11,434 motorcycles), with Husqvarna again outshining its parent company with a 46.% increase (1,264 motorcycles). These numbers are based on bikes sold to consumers, not shipped to dealers.

For at least some companies in the motorcycle industry, the economy has seemingly hit bottom is on its way back up. The big question will be how well motorcycling as a whole recovers in 2011.

Source: BMW Group

  • Jim

    Obviously BMW is doing something right, but they also must be benefiting from some shift in consumer preferences. I’d love to get peek at the demographic info related to the buyers, particularly what did they ride before and why the move to BMW.

    Despite the economy, it shouldn’t be a surprise that a high price bike is selling well as the consumer with disposable income has a substantial amount.

  • F1

    ridiculously misleading,, BMW wasn’t in the “hyper-sports bike market 2 years ago. Enter a new market, sell a bike in that new market and Baam!,, double digit growth.