BMW Motorcycle Sales Up 24% in January

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Monthly sales reports are becoming a more common occurrence from motorcycle OEMs who are actually starting to crawl out of the lower circles of motorcycle industry hell (makes you wonder about the companies not making press releases though, huh?), and accordingly BMW has posted its January 2011 numbers, which shockingly again show strong figures. Selling 4,714 units in January 2011, BMW Motorrad posted a 23.6% sales increase over January 2009’s numbers (3.814 units). Achtung!

BMW Motorrad grew by 12.3% in 2010, one of the few companies to show positive results last year. The German company, like others showing growth during the time period, also grew its relevant market share standings during the same time period. The BMW Group is optimistic about 2011, expecting growth over all its market segments, including motorcycles.

For BMW Motorrad, the division expects to see a boost in sales from the newly revised R1200R & R1200R Classic models, as well as the new G650GS, and its six-cylinder K1600GT & K1600GTL touring models. Of course we think most of the buzz for BMW in 2011 will center around a certain water-cooled flat-twin motor.

Source: BMW Group