BMW Limits S1000RR to 9,000 RPM for 600 Miles

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According to Ash on Bikes, BMW has added a firmware patch to the S1000RR that will set the bike’s rev limit to 9,000 RPM during the first 600 miles of use. This limit is reportedly being put into place because of excessive wear on components being used by race teams. As such, BMW thinks it fit to guard against similar wear on its street-bound machines, although there has been no indication that this has been the case.

According to BMW, the firmware patch has already been installed on new bikes, and will be turned off by dealers at the S1000RR’s first servicing (600 miles). BMW’s Scott Grimsdall said, “We don’t expect any problems with road bikes, this is merely being done as a precaution. BMW is being very cautious with this bike because it is so new and high profile, and it has some new materials in the engine that need a bedding in period.”

Source: Ash on Bikes