BMW Developing HUD Motorcycle Helmet

01/08/2016 @ 1:08 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS


Another release by BMW Motorrad at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the German company says it is working on a motorcycle helmet with an integrated heads-up display (HUD), thus responding to the call for more advanced helmet technology.

BMW already has this technology in its automotive wings, using an optional HUD system that is projected onto the interior of a vehicles windshield.

Now BMW seems to be taking a page from other players in the helmet space, and is looking to bring HUD technology to its motorcycle offerings with the help of California-based company DigiLens.

From BMW Motorrad and Digilens, we know that the HUD helmet concept uses waveguide optics to holographically project the information onto the lens in front of the rider’s eye.

Systems like this are very compact, and DigiLink says that the HUD eyepiece allows for the rider to still wear glasses. BMW proposes a bevy of uses for the heads-up display, from showing the rider’s speed, motorcycle status, route information, and other information as vehicle-to-vehicle communications begins to gain traction.

In addition to the HUD system, BMW Motorrad says that its helmet will include forward and rearward cameras, as well as built-in speakers, the functions of which could be controlled from the handlebars of the motorcycle.

It’s not clear when BMW will have its helmet available to consumers (BMW’s press release says in a few years), though the technology seems to be proven and ready to go. However, DigiLink has said that it plans to make its HUD technology available to other helmet manufacturers.

Logically, anyone interested in this sort of helmet technology should want to know who is making the helmet shell for BMW’s HUD helmet, and what the cost will be once the unit is on the market. Stay tuned.








Source: BMWDigiLens

  • Shinigami

    A. This will be tightly integrated to the BMW bikes, and won’t support third party machines.
    B. This will be delivered before Skully gets their act in order.
    C. This will be another expensive and lucrative add-on for a company that makes a ton of profit on add-ons for their bikes.

    With that said, Teutonic Babe in the photos links like she’s wearing Rick Moranis’ lid from Spaceballs. Holy disproportionate, Batman.

  • H.L.

    IMHO, just quickly looking at this folding eye piece design tells me that it trumps the Skully hud that sits by the breath guard.

    I always felt that the Skully small square piece would eventually get the crap knocked out of it while carrying the helmet etc.. We all know a replacement piece will not be cheap.

    Anyway, this BMW design/tech excites me way more than the Skully. Hope they stay true to word and spread the tech around. Listen up Shoei.

  • fzrider

    I hate to ride with a bug smear on my face shield much less some info display I have to read.

  • Paul McM

    Nice to see this technology being developed. This may (fingers crossed) have some safety benefits. But please… don’t display email and tweets by default (I sure don’t want “Update from John Mahoney” or “Message from BMW Marketing Team” to appear on my screen while I’m entering a blind corner!) That said, I think the major motorcycle manufacturers could all benefit by simply designing better gauges that are shielded from sunlight. I can read the gauges all the time on my “ancient” ST1100. By contrast I had trouble with the gauges on a new R1200GS and R1200RT I rented. The GS gauges were particularly hard to read with sun at your back.

  • appliance5000

    with this – double layer pinlock, and my glasses – I’m doomed.

  • fzrider

    Hope we can watch movies while on trips.

  • MM

    Aren’t BMW’s branded helmets usually Schuberth?

  • Most are. AGV makes a BMW-branded helmet too though.

  • thumper702

    Thanks for pointing that out. I hadn’t noticed it, but yeah, that helmet shell is humungous. Imagine the size helmet shell needed for a large man?!

  • thumper702

    Maybe BMW has been intentionally making their dashboards harder to see, in anticipation of launching the newest “needed” technology.

    Okay, conspiracy theory over. :-)

  • n/a

    Road work ahead – that’s a bit obvious, no?

  • blanddragon

    Skully has been a marketing guys dream. Hype hype hype…1800 dollars US…Version 2…Hype. The leatherette padding inside look comfey too. I expect like my affordable airbag riding suit, the HUD helmet will be available the day after I pass on.


    Just make the hud the full face shield. You can see clearly that this over one eye changes the viewing clarity. just make it consistent in both eyes and there is no problem.