Benelli Due 756 Finally Goes Live…in China?

12/16/2011 @ 11:28 am, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS

The Benelli Due concept has been in the works for so long, we’re officially giving it the Duke Nukem Forever status of the motorcycle industry. I first laid my eyes on the two-cylinder street-standard back in 2009, as the then called “2ue” was making its second EICMA appearance (the Due made its first appearance as early as the Cologne show in 2006).

Essentially a Benelli triple with a cylinder lopped off, the Benelli Due displaces 756cc with its inline cylinders, and is an otherwise attractive motorcycle. Given how much of a basketcase the “Tre” motor was, we can only imagine the “character” its two-cylinder counterpart brings to the table, though that is an entirely different issue.

Finally announcing that the Benelli Due will hit dealership floors in 2012, the Chinese-owned Italian company has an interesting twist with its news: the Benelli Due will be released in China first, then Europe and other markets.

At play surely is the idea and principle of pride that Chinese companies should release models in their home country first, before servicing other markets. This notion is surely understandable, but does strike us as interesting considering that Europe and North America are likely to be bigger volume markets for this big-displacement motorcycle.

The Chinese market is of course better known for its small-displacement motorcycle needs, and it is unclear how large of a demand exists for a bike like the Benelli Due within its borders. More shocking than this news is the fact that being nearly a six-year-old design, the Due is still a striking bike (sans that headlight perhaps).

For as many issues as the Italian brand has, it sure does produce some of the most striking and timeless motorcycles in the business.

Benelli Due Photos circa EICMA 2009:

Photos: © 2009 Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & Rubber – Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0

  • Tessier

    Only problem with considering North America to be one of there largest market is that they don’t have a distributor in the U.S.A. They closed up shop a long time ago. so good luck on that!

  • Gary

    I’m sorry, would somebody please ante up the cash to bring this national treasure back under the Italian flag. I don’t care if you have to get a loan from Beijing to do it, JUST DO IT!

  • MikeD

    We will never see this in the USA. With that said…i wouldn’t mind owning one as a daily commuter.
    Looks easy to ride and still kinda looking fresh-ish ?
    About the headlight…i have dated girls less atractive than it…ROTFL.

    And now the million dollars question ? How much would something like this usually cost me ? lol.

  • aaron

    I must have missed something… what was wrong with the tre motor? I love triples, and figured one day I’d maybe get a tnt… were there reliability or drivability issues, or was it just typical italian stuff like high maintenance and long waits for parts?

  • Nerve

    Nottin wrong. Pre 2008 models need to have their alternator shaft replaced. I own a Tre 1130, will never part with it.

  • JoeD

    I have the 07 Cafe Racer and must agree with Nerve-I’ll keep this one forever. I believe the term Basket Case is a bit strong. Sure, there were some teething problems but all is sorted and the overall experience is excellent. Benelli America still has a website and has imports though mostly mopeds and scooters. It is a shame that US dealers will not take on another line but with the world economy tanked, who can blame them. The 756 would be welcome in my garage.

  • Nathan

    nothing at all wrong with the 3 cylinder motors, my 04 Tornado 900RS was utterly reliable for the 7 years I owed it!

    the only other bike I was prepared to get was another Benelli, hence the TnT R160 rolling up in 3 weeks :-).

    Sorry mate, but unless you have owned one i dont think your qualified to call them basketcases. my honda gave me more grief!

  • MikeD


    Can u post some pics of ur Benelli when u get it ? and maybe a small first impression writing to go along with it on your new pride and joy ?

    I wish i had the Doe to buy me a Tornado 1130 or one of those freaky-origami-cool looking [Orange or Green?, sorry color blind here] Cafe Racer that they sold[or still sell?] here on the USA.

  • Nathan

    no worries, i get it on the 10th jan, have a look on the benelli english web page under moto, to see what they sell. :-)

  • Nathan
  • I’ll have to jump on this wagon. I’m the owner of an ’07 Benelli Cafe Racer as well. I know a few of my fellow post writers here, and must agree. The Triple in the TNT/TRE/Amazonas is a beast. The horsepower/torque balance you get from a well-tuned triple is enough to pull you from any other engine configuration. So, if their previous bikes are any indicator, once through the initial teething that all bikes have their first model year, this should be a fun and exhilirating ride. I myself would be thrilled to ride one. If the US “Importer” seems lacking, book a trip to our Northerly neighbor (Canada) and test ride one of theirs. Many of the Canadian moto dealers are familiar with selling to US customers and helping get vehicles licensed and transferred for use in America. Give the Nelli a chance before you bash it down. Agusta, Aprilia, and Ducati used to have reliability issues among others, but look at them now? Wait to see or ride one, I think you might be pleasantly surprised.

  • Nath
  • Errol

    Basket case?
    My Tornado Tre has just ticked over 90,000 km, in 6 years of ownership.
    I rode her from Canberra to Adelaide in 12 hours, a month ago, with only three stops for fuel. 4 days later, we did the return trip in the same time and stops.
    That hardly qualifies as a basket case!