Beeler’s Law

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“As an online discussion about motorcycles grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Erik Buell or Buell Motorcycles entering the conversation approaches a value of one.” — Beeler’s Law

In other words if given enough time, an online discussion regarding motorcycles, in particular those regarding sport bikes, will inevitably see a statement made in the discussion related back to Erik Buell or Buell Motorcycles.

This law often occurs in situations where the maker of said comment references a design commonly found on a Buell-designed motorcycle, or makes mention of the closure of Buell Motorcycles by Harley-Davidson. At the time of such a statement, all rational points of the conversation are presumed to have concluded.

Jensen Beeler

Despite his best efforts, Jensen is called one of the most influential bloggers in the motorcycle industry, and sometimes consults for motorcycle companies, whether they've solicited his expertise or not.