Bajaj Continues to Gobble Up KTM Stock

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Bajaj’s appetite for KTM stock seems to be never-ending, though slow in digestion, as the Indian company has acquired another 1.21% of the Austrian motorcycle maker. Gobbling up shares from other minority holders on the open market, Bajaj now has a 39.3% interest in KTM, while majority shareholder CROSS continues with its 50.1% stake.

CROSS has made it clear it intends is to remain the majority shareholder, and has no plans of selling-out its position to the Indian company (or has it?). So, no corporate takeovers just yet, but a continuation of an interesting move by Bajaj in investing with KTM.

That agenda hasn’t stopped Bajaj though, which has been making offers to the smaller shareholders of KTM. Other minority shareholders include HOFER Private Foundation, which holds a little less than 5% of KTM’s stock, with the other outstanding shares going to smaller parties.

Baja first bought KTM stock in 2007, buying 14.5% of the company, and has been increasing its position ever since —  becoming the second largest shareholder now in the company. So far the relationship has been fruitful for both parties, as Bajaj was heavily involved with the KTM 125 Duke, which is built in India by Bajaj.

Source: BSMotoring; Photos: Romero S. & Schedl R. / KTM