A&R Rubbies: The Best Videos of 2009

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We saw a lot of great videos this past year. Some were funny, some were clever, and some were the epitome of motorcycle racing. Our top-picks pull from all of these genres, but we have to admit, the selection pool was limited by what was still available at the time of this writing.

Some of the biggest pieces of footage this year came from the WSBK and MotoGP racing series; unfortunately, the rights holders for these videos don’t feel like sharing the clips beyond their original air-dates. We’ll leave the issue about how this hurts the sport and motorcycle racing enthusiasts aside for today, so continue on past the jump for some great videos despite this situation.

Best Video of 2009: AMA Tech Director Suspended for Chastising Backmarker for “F’ing up the Show” at Mid-Ohio

2009 was a big year for the AMA Pro Racing series, which is a polite why of saying that 2009 was a disastrous year for the AMA Pro Racing series. No single act better exemplified American road-racing’s decline into irrelevance than the saga between AMA privateer Johnny Rock Page and AMA Technical Director Al Ludington, which played itself out for us on YouTube. Agree with the call or not, in 2009 we learned the AMA is all about “f’ing up the show”.

First Runner-up: Uncovering the Secrets of Ben Spies

Yamaha North America proved it has some talent people in their marketing department with a series of funny videos featuring Yamaha riders from various racing series. No video made us laugh harder than the one featuring Ben Spies, who describes the secret to his rapid success in World Superbike.

Second Runner-up: San Marino Crash – Another “Dumb-Ass Italian at the Italian GP”

One of the few remaining videos of the 2009 racing season, Nicky Hayden’s crash with Alex de Angelis came in the first turns of the San Marino GP. De Angelis’ eagerness to not only secure a ride for the 2010 season, but to also to win in front of his home crowd, proved to be a reciepe for disaster as the two riders and Colin Edwards hit the gravel trap. Hayden as you see had more than a couple words to share with the Sanmarinese rider.