Site News: Asphalt & Rubber Is Now on Google+

01/11/2012 @ 9:15 pm, by Jensen Beeler5 COMMENTS


You may have already noticed the Google+ “+1” buttons on the site, as lately we’ve been playing around with the social networking service here at Asphalt & Rubber. It took the internet search behemoth a while to roll out pages for sites like A&R, but we’ve finally gotten our Google+ page up, and had some time to populate it with articles and such.

An alternative to website’s like Facebook, Google+ most notably lets you share and connect with other users based on your social circles, e.g. you can select to share articles from A&R only with your motorcycling friends (sparring your non-motorcycle friends from your two-wheeled addiction). So, if Google+ is your social network of choice, be sure to follow us on there to get your daily motorcycle fix, and “+1” any articles you wish to share.

  • John Magnum

    ehhh so thats were the +1 thing comes from…….bit slow me on that one. I thought it was just a way people were in agreeance on something.
    Very tech Jensen, please though no porn. i have to much of it in my diet already…..very fattening (pun)

  • You know us bloggers with our raging hard-ons…no promises on the porno front. ;)

  • There is PORN on Google+ Damn i missed that part….Lol

  • Now to get the forum RSS links to go to the correct article and all will be good :)

  • Sataya

    A Hangout with fans on G+ would be pretty cool!