American Chopper is Back: Senior vs. Junior

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That’s right your favorite motorcycle show to hate, American Chopper, is back on TLC for another season, this time pitting father against son. American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior centers around both Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. building motorcycles in a sort of head-to-head competition. The father-son duo hasn’t spoken in over a year, which has created a great deal of drama in what was hailed as the last season of the original show. It looks like that drama is set to return to a television near you.

Playing off the family feud that seemingly ended the show, TLC returns the Teutuls to the limelight in what has to be the most dysfunctional display of family matters since Steve Urkel. Senior will presumably continue to build bikes out of the OCC shop, while Junior builds his creations out of a new bike shop at Paul Junior Designs (we really hope this means the return of Vinnie).

This comes after Junior has waited out a reported one-year non-compete agreement with OCC, and can now resume making custom motorcycles. In a way the new show answers the question that OCC fans have argued about since the split: who was responsible for the shop’s success, father or son? While we might see who the real talent is within the family, we here at A&R can’t help but feel like this whole show goes in the face of the family viewing the The Learning Channel purports to offer.

Source: NY Post via About Motorcycles