American Chopper is Back: Senior vs. Junior

04/09/2010 @ 2:24 pm, by Jensen Beeler233 COMMENTS

That’s right your favorite motorcycle show to hate, American Chopper, is back on TLC for another season, this time pitting father against son. American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior centers around both Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. building motorcycles in a sort of head-to-head competition. The father-son duo hasn’t spoken in over a year, which has created a great deal of drama in what was hailed as the last season of the original show. It looks like that drama is set to return to a television near you.

Playing off the family feud that seemingly ended the show, TLC returns the Teutuls to the limelight in what has to be the most dysfunctional display of family matters since Steve Urkel. Senior will presumably continue to build bikes out of the OCC shop, while Junior builds his creations out of a new bike shop at Paul Junior Designs (we really hope this means the return of Vinnie).

This comes after Junior has waited out a reported one-year non-compete agreement with OCC, and can now resume making custom motorcycles. In a way the new show answers the question that OCC fans have argued about since the split: who was responsible for the shop’s success, father or son? While we might see who the real talent is within the family, we here at A&R can’t help but feel like this whole show goes in the face of the family viewing the The Learning Channel purports to offer.

Source: NY Post via About Motorcycles

  • harumph

    The photo you have up there is all that needs to be said in order to explain why this show should have been put out of its (and our) misery.

  • wayne

    I think the above tag “PLEASE GOD MAKE IT STOP” says it all. Amen.

  • Bjorn

    Would the Stealth Chopper have quiet pipes?

  • hahahaha, holy crap no!!!

  • Greg

    How pathetic. I would have thought the fact that Harley is circling the drain would be an indicator that people don’t care about these guys anymore. The fascination with people like the Teutuls, Kate Gosselin, etc completely baffles me. How many times can the same motor and frame have a different ‘theme’ applied to it before it gets old? Oh, that’s right… it got old 4 years ago.

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  • Shut chur pie hole

    OCC doesn’t build harleys, and harley isn’t circling the drain. Harley sells more bikes then Honda and Yamaha together including dirt bikes and ATV’s. HD’s clothes do suck, but I wouldn’t be caught dead in a fake Suzuki racing power ranger suit either.

  • Ry_Trapp0

    Great! I always did legitimately enjoy the show, because I loved seeing the bikes come together. Unlike most of the so called ‘enthusiasts’, I enjoy all types of bikes even if just for the mechanical nature of them. It’s about like the Metallica arguement; “true Metallica fans only like there music they made before they ‘sold out’!”

    BTW, what makes you think Vinnie would work with Jr again? If I was him, I wouldn’t want to work for Jrs bum ass, after he did a miniscule amount of work on the bikes but got all the credit.

  • Peter

    @Shut chur pie hole

    stop trolling.

    but really? i mean really? besides the fact that HD is known to be channel stuffing, how do you account for the 90% loss of income for 2009.

  • delRish

    “Shut chur pie hole says:
    04/10/2010 at 12:20 PM
    Harley sells more bikes then Honda and Yamaha together including dirt bikes and ATV’s. ”

    That has to be absolute BS. Source?

  • Sean Mitchell

    Thank you, Shut chur pie hole, for being a stereotypical Harley ignoramus.

    Harley sells more bikes than Honda and Yamaha together including dirt bikes and ATV’s. BWAhahahaaaa. Research that and then cower in shame.

  • Hasn’t everybody gotten tired of this junk by now

  • JAYWD2

    JR will hopefully make hand crafted bikes. The real reason the show was successful in the beginning.
    SR will be stuck with the only real talent he has…. Using computers and million dollar machines to make his so called custom bikes.

  • LoveDisfunction

    It will be great. There is not much on TV worth watching so watching a family that really doesn’t like each other is okay. Besides, they are both wealthy and this will keep them that way. I am sure they will both make plenty for every episode shown.

    Harley Davidson isn’t quite circling the drain. In 2009 they grossed almost $4,000,000,000. They have 28% of the motorcycle share in the U.S. However Honda has 24% and Yamaha 14%. So Harley doesn’t have more then Honda and Yamaha combined.

  • dk

    no doubt who wins this competition. all the old man could ever say was “old school” – meaning he had no new ideas. they did a competition once on the show. the old man threw together a bunch of off the shelf parts for yet another “old school” bike that looked like someone crapped out a pile of plumbing parts. then he bragged he was finished first. the old man knows he doesnt have any ideas and resented his kid, who did. the only authority he had over the kid was he was the boss. check out the episode when rick is building his bike and the old man tries to fabricate some sissy bars and completely fails. plus he was all befuddled over it – call that a “sr. moment.” he finally hauls the bars off to a blacksmith. he needs to lay off the ‘roids, too

  • Quemo Rex

    Anyone who has watched this show for any length of time will know that the previous series was a lot more than a “chopper making” show. The real deal was about the family and the drama as they “tried” to coexist. If you are looking for a “how to” show, I suggest you look elsewhere. I am one who thought the Sr. vs Jr. show would be a great idea, and truly look forward to seeing it. And by the way, why would Vinnie work for Jr. again? Heh. It’s called money. You don’t work for nothing while on a national series. No way.

  • PC


  • Christa

    I’ve watched a few episodes of this show now and again. Every time I see it I only see Jr. working and coming up with things. I believe he is the true talent and he will do great with his own shop.

  • Iain

    I personally cant wait. i have enjoyed the show from the beginning and was a bit lost when it finished. of course the show was more about the bikes in the beginning, and then became more about the relationship. Maybe now they can find the happy medium.

    As for the new show I believe Vinny is going to be working with Junior along with Mikey.
    As for Senior’s shop….they have become too commercialised and production line orientated, thereby sacrificing all originality for quick turn-over and profit. Junior wont have any of the massive commercial overheads and can therefore hopefully return to his roots, build some awesome original bikes and who knows, gives us a few laughs along the way.

  • Chas

    Paul Junior pretty much stopped designing bikes after season 3 when they hired Jason Poole. Yeah he had a part in it but Jason was really coming up with at least 50% of the ideas. Rick is the man and I would pick him over Junior any day. Having Rick on his side gives Senior an advantage. BTW, all of you knuckleheads that are talking smack about Paul Senior need to think before you share something with us. If Paul Junior would have been in any other shop, he wouldn’t have lasted a month. I mean showing up late, not listening to the boss, and yelling at the boss will all easily get you fired. If it wasn’t for Paul Senior, he would not be a bike builder today.

    Also, I’m suprised nobody mentioned the cool parts of the show A.K.A. all of the whacky antics around the shop (especially when Mikey is around).

  • Uh,what happened to JR designs?Yeesh,the guy’s a prima donna and we watched for years as Vinnie and Rick did most of the work.Gotta admit they(the Teutals) rode the hype as far as they could.That’s what built OCC~publicity and hype(INMO).
    There are many better bike builders out there.
    In any event-more power to ’em.

  • PC



  • Hey PC~
    You probably know more about it than I do.That’s cool.
    I think however,that JR just ain’t the best designer of custom bikes around.Not real edgy and doesn’t take many risks.
    Time will tell,I guess.I will admit that SR has some serious anger management issues.
    Too bad the dude can’t seem to get along w/his own sons.

  • Chas

    Perhaps you’ve heard of V-Rod Customs? Those bikes are pretty nice and they’re designed by………VINNIE! How about Rick’s custom bike that he built for himself? Since I have seen just about every episode of the series twice, I will walk you through the design process. To start Jason Pohl says to Paul Junior “Let’s use a one sided swing arm frame with %$#$ rake. Then Jason draws up a design that incorporates the companies logos and color schemes. This includes the shape of the gas tank, seat pan, fenders, air cleaner, wheels, etc. Paul Junior will occasionally say “I don’t like those wheels.” So Jason will design new wheels. Now, they give Rick the picture so he can start building the gas tank. Usually, Rick has to change the design to make it work. They get the frame and put it up on the lift. Paul Junior shows up and barks out some orders, and on very rare occasions, helps with the mockup. JQ programs Jason’s designs into the CNC machine and cuts the parts. A lot of the exhaust systems are bent using programs that were written by……….Vinnie. If anything needs to be adjusted, Jason Pohl redesigns it on the computer. Nubby does some incredible work on the paint job. Once the bike is almost done, Paul Junior will show up to be filmed taping a part or 2 on with his favorite double sided tape, or have a fight with his Dad when Sr tries to act like he’s the boss. Finally, it’s time to unveil the bike. Junior will say “We incorporated the logo here and there and WE did this and WE did that. What is OCC going to do without him?

    I will admit that originally Jr. fabricated a lot of parts for the bikes, but that was a long time ago. Paul Senior is a great business man. He funded everything at the beginning from his successful steel shop. He made the show interesting. He taught Junior how to work with metal and how to build bikes. He kept the ball rolling and made sure that deadlines were consistantly met.

  • Chas

    Don’t take my word for it. This article says it all:


    Jason didn’t even come in till season 4 or so? And I think the show was a smash hit after season 1,
    no jason no rick just Pauly and Vinnie.

  • Chas

    That’s very true. Rick showed up in Season 2 and Jason in Season 4. The point I am trying to make is that OCC has continued to build awesome bikes even after Paul Jr. was almost completely cut out of the process. So, I don’t believe it will hurt them that much not having him around. The show will suffer on Paul Seniors side because Mikey is going to work with Jr.

    No fighting+no Mikey=Lame show

  • JAYWD2

    I really hope that JR builds hand crafted bikes again. SR can still hire guys to put together computer generated bikes. We shall see what happens

  • FDNY343

    When I recollect and take a good look back on the early years of OCC, one word comes to mind…”AMAZING!!!” Jr’s amazing gift to build incredible bikes and Sr’s amazing ability to criticize and then praise. Look I know we all have our many different opinions about OCC and their many family feuds. I agree with some of you that Jr. would have been fired from just about any shop he worked at…but on the other hand, are professional athletes kicked off of team for doing a couple things wrong…”not always!” WHY??? Because the athlete(Jr.) makes millions if not billions of dollars for the owner(Sr.). Jr. did his best work when he was just working by himself and not when his father was all over his butt. I know Vinie was a huge part in most of Jr’s bikes, but really Vinie played almost no part in the creation of these bikes only the construction. Even when you bring Rick or any of the other guys into the picture they all still used Jr’s idea to construct the bike. More ove,r when Rick built his own bike he still used many of Jr’s ideas. W/O Jr. OCC would never have become what it came to be…On Aug 12th 2010 I will be front and center along with my 5 fellow firefighters to watch Jr. put Sr. back in his place!!!

  • Ant

    Vinnie has his own shop now, well thats what he said when he was on Pass Time

  • PC


    CANT WIAT FOR Aug 12th !!!

  • TCB053

    Vinny has his own shop called V-Force Customs. I think he and Cody that was on OCC to started the company together. I remember when Vinny left OCC. I was lik “crap.” Vinny was my favorite but like he said that all the years he gave OCC he was still in the same place where he had begun. I have learned that you can only take so much negative stuff from someone, even family before you call it quits. Paul Jr. has a chance now to design new things, not just bikes. I can’t wait to see this. I would love to see Mikey and Vinny work with Jr. but I don’t know if Vinny will because of his shop. Mikey and Vinny are my favorite. I love the bike they did together, it was beautiful. One thing I hope for is that the family reunites. Nothing is worse than family strife. It doesn’t do anyone any good. Good luck to everyone and God bless.

  • JR Famn

    I hope Jr kicks Sr’s azzzz. Sr has always placed money and pride above is family which just makes him a huge D-Bag.

    I hope his pride can comfort him in his later years when not even his grandchildren are allowed to visit his gigantic ego.

    It is sad, his children have respect for him but his ease at which he can cast them aside must give them pause.

    I do hope the best for this family, hopefully money and greed do not keep them apart.

  • moit

    Good for Jr.! Hope we see Vinnie again. Living in the area, I know a few who deal with OCC on a business level. They all say Sr.’s an arrogant scum bag who doesn’t like to pay his bills. He claims they should be honored to be able to serve him and be associated with his company.

  • Chas

    Wow. I thought that Ron and Steve were in charge of dealing with clients and buying parts. I guess Paul Senior is breaking the traditional CEO mold by actually doing some work? Its funny that on the show Sr. almost never had trouble with anyone except Jr. Perhaps it was because Jr. couldn’t understand that Sr. is not only HIS BOSS but also HIS FATHER. If the man says to do things a certain way, that’s how they should be done. I mean Jr. spent more time arguing with him about cleaning the shop than it would have taken to clean up the shop. He also enjoyed showing up late and not working most of the day. Why do you think Vinnie quit? He was sick of doing all the work and then Paul Jr. taking all the credit. I can relate. I’m the Vinnie at my job. I highly doubt that Vinnie will work with him again unless they pay him a lot to do it.

  • Paul

    I actually just started watching the show again after a 3 year lay-off of staying away, and I can truly say I am thrilled to be back watching it again!

    I don’t understand some of your guys beef with the show, I feel this will def bring new life back into it.

    Really looking forward to the new series starting on Aug 12th, I will be on vacation that day, but I will be watching from my resort room and also recording it on my DVR for when I get home.

    The arguing got old after a while, the new series will keep the arguing out and get down to business, and I LOVE a rivalry, the new series got me really excited to get back on the American Chopper bandwagon! :)


  • Paul

    To answer some of your questions, “YES” Vinnie and Mikey are back and will be working under the wing of Paul Jr in his shop, this shows gonna ROCK!!!


  • The funniest show i ever saw was when they were doing a springer front end and gave the job to Sr. it was funny as he couldn’t put it together, Vinnie had to do it, kinda shows you how good Sr. is.

    As far as all of you talking about HD,,Honda,,Yamaha,,,,why can’t you all just enjoy the road and not worry about it, that’s what me and my friends do and there are all kinds of bike in our group. Just Ride.

  • dash525

    I have a friend that’s related to Vinnie that told me that Vinnie’s working things out to work with Paul Jr. Don’t remember if Cody will be on the show or not. Mikey will be on the show. Senior is not happy at all the show is probably going to focus on the boys and not on him. Last season I was tired of seeing senior and would fast forward past the parts with him on it. I really look forward to seeing the show Vinnie’s a great guy and I’m glad to see him returning.

  • I feel sorry for the guys in there working like that Rick who’s cool and laid back caught in the middle of all that crap…I watch the reruns just to watch the bikes getting built.

    It’s better than watching skank ho’s and minorities all day long on regular tv or what have you. Has some redeeming qualities.

    What good does the lesbian Ellen and the likes do for the world? They don’t build squat.


    I have watched the show since day 1. The initial draw was the interaction between Jr and Sr, the bikes were great but those of us who have worked with their fathers can appreciate the father son business situation. I think Jr was clearly the artistic talent behind the designs and Sr pushed to get the job done. Unfortunately someones ego got in the way and now father and sons are alienated from each other. The new bikes coming from OCC are cookie cutter at best and do not have the hand built feeling that you get from alot of the other great builders out there (Zane, Rooke, and that asian guy from the west coast who is a genius) and the dozens of others from all over the world whos bikes are absolutely insane. When you hammer everyone to build it fast with off the shelf parts the custom bike feel is gone. I truly hpe they Teutels can salvage their family relationship and become a family business again. Their personalities really made the show.

  • RC

    I have watched every episode of every season. Everyone is saying it’s a Jr/Sr thing.
    Sr has a problem working with his sons. Don’t forget his oldest son quit the family biz then
    bought out the iron works (for probably more than it was worth)
    I always liked the whole family until last season. Jr was always saying very few bad things
    while Sr and his crew were laughing at and making fun of Jr.
    Sr is the respect me or else type of guy and if his sons try to spread their wings then get out.
    Sr is an old iron worker and Jr is more of an artist.
    Up early work hard vs sleep in and create…
    Should be interesting show but I still don’t understand what it will be…

  • Kevin

    This show will be great. I would hope in the end these two can salvage some kind of a relationship. Having been through a similar situation it unformatunantly did not get resolved until the final days of my fathers life. I now see what a waste of time the arguements were and wish it had ben different. I have not cared much for recent bikes made at OCC. Ithink they lost their way a bit in the design area. I am hoping to see more creative design again from Jr. Time will tell.

  • When I looked at some of your shows I thought I have never seen such an angry father in my life.. I could not beleive a father would talk to his son like the way you did…It was terrible and so demeaning….I hope in some way senior finds help for his anger problems and treats his sons better….

  • I also want to say I am not sure but I think senior is either a alcholic or and ex acholic…Senior has a misserable looking face that is just full of rage…Please Senior change your ways before it is too late…by the way I live right near in New Windsor New York….

  • Ed

    I like senior because he appears to have at least some passion left for building motorcycles.
    Junior is like too many incestuous family employees who only build bikes because that’s all he knows.

    Who cares. They’re all just a bunch of fat rednecks anyway. Except for the blond haired brother. He’s funny.

  • Bailey

    If TLC wants an entertainment bike/car show why dont they go get the real Jessee, to build and screw around on camera. And by that I mean Jason Jessee, NOT Jessee James. Jasons a better artist a better builder and a talented athlete and a complete laugh riot. I have never understood why hollywood hasnt turned him loose in front of a camera.Maby he just wont “sell out”. His cars and bikes blow away anything OCC ever produced, and his whacky behavior would be far more entertaining than JR vs SR screamathon while turning out crap bikes.
    For the love of Pete TLC go get JASON JESSEE and put this horrid spectle of OCC to sleep!
    You can probably find him thru Cole Foster at Salinas Boys customs. Heres the link no go make a series worth watching.


  • dan

    I can understand JR a little bit !but you guys need to get over it and move on.SR that is your only son who whas thier and he bilt the black widow !!!!!!!!!

  • dan


  • Terry

    Well, while there is all this gnashing of teeth of Sr or Jr….folks, the Teutels have bamboozled us all. This is the all-time greatest scam in TV history….hats off to them for pulling this off! They’re all millionaires times over and good for them.
    I personally will watch for the fun of seeing how they continue to string us all along. I admire the whole bunch for making it where others failed.
    Hats off to the Teutels – bless them all!!

  • ted

    Ted says
    I wish the two of them get there act togerther and start building bike,s I enjoyed the showe over here in the uk, I watch it ever nigth it was on .

  • Mark Belden Sr

    Well i am a believer that they all Sr,Jr and the rest of the clan need to build a bridge and get over it, kiss and make up and get on with the show, if it hasnt been for all the arguing between all involved the show wouldnt have been what it was in the beginning and none of the folks that has watched it in the past would be making all the judgements on any of the partys involved, we all like the show, at least i have and couldnt wait to see whats going to happen next, paul sr in old school and he needs paul jr to keep OCC going the way it was, as for the rest of the group they all had there places in the show, vinnie needs to come back and mikey needs to sober up, mikey never drank until all the bullshit between Sr and Jr, so pull you head out of your asses and carry on with the show

    Mark Belden Sr

  • J. Martin

    OK…just me or has anyone noticed how stoned out of his head senior is? Check out his eyes and this fog he’s constantly in.
    i know paulie’s lazy but is dad is even more so.
    sure he may get there early but all i’ve ever seen is him sit in his chair with his feet propped up.
    he reminds me of a parent of a child star that spends all his kid’s money and when feels totally justified in doing so.
    he’s drug addict, verbal abusing, piece of trash.
    now after all that said…cant wait for the show.

  • Paul Sr. may have started the vision and the begining steps for OCC — American Chopper, but it was Jr., Vinney, Mikey, Rick that was actually the talent behind it. I hope THEY can build up their business and prove to Sr. that HE can’t compete with them. I also hope that Sr. gets a rude wake up call and realizes he screwed up big time.
    One thing though for Jr., ……. Please, stop building theme bikes and just build custom bikes that blows the minds of the motorcycle world.
    TLC ——- bring back showcasing custom builders like the biker build offs but not so much on builds on a time limit. Bring those back so we can watch world class machines being built.

  • Robert

    The only sensible solution for Sr. is to see he is getting to old for this business. Be a wise man and sell your business to Jr. But unfortunately Sr. will never sell he wants to go the same path as Boyd Coddington and we all know where he is now. Nervertheless I respect them both.

  • Super Dave

    Cody did join Vinnie for building. Remember the old school chopper that Sr and Cody built together. At the end of the build, Sr told Cody he could keep the bike. When Cody decided to leave, Sr reneged on the gift.

  • david

    neither one really stated it but the t.v show gave them a chance.Jr. excelled and got occ where it is.the dip shit dad was so worried abot being a little late
    blew it all up.nobdoy lekes people like that and thats why watch.welll never own a OCC bike and i wish i could,they ruined their franchise with stupidity,over management and ego.Should havekept simple products.Chip foose should give them a lesson on work habbits,and working together while making superrior one of a kind machines.right now they are spoiled white trash.

  • Steve

    I think the thing that sold people that Vinnie was comming back was if you would have checked the web site Jr has been working on while waiting for the non compete to work out you would see the tshirts that say Vinnies Back or the poster of employees that has Vinnie on the other side of Jr. Not only that it looks like cody standing in the back as well of the same poster which would make sense as Jr has been doing design work for Vinnie and Cody at Vforce Customs the custom shop they opened after their one year non compete agreement

  • Best way for Jr to get all the advertising he needs for his new shop is to let Sr run his mouth……geez, what an idiot Sr is !!!!

  • john

    If JR.had never intered the pitcure,then were would SR. be now.Steel saleing scrap iron.

  • I wish them both the best of luck, but still think Senior needs to go to anger mangement meetings..He is so angry all of the time and talks down not only to his sons but to the people that worked for him….Not a nice thing to do….

  • Rich P

    Vinnie has his own website which is a must-see laugh riot. 206,000 photos of just Vinnie…without question the most narcissistic and ridiculous thing I have ever seen…like he is the “World’s Most Awesome Man”…you have to see it to believe it and even then you won’t.

  • Denny F.

    What a waste of time. This show died months ago, and it was finally taken off. I watched last night as I thought it would be something new, but it turned out to be the seme old thing. Good luck guys, but I’m not going to watch again.

  • Larry C.

    From what I saw in the first program, Senior remains a complete asshole. OCC is a boring place, I see them bring up the same computer graphic and restyling tanks and fenders. And, be honest, who in their right mind wants a hard tail? These bikes are a joke.

    There are much better motorcycle builders around, and for the money OCC gets for a design, you could have a truly special and exotic motorcycle. I hope that Junior will recognize this and take a different approach to his new designs.

    Junior has a long way to go just getting the shop setup and furnished. Vinnie is on board, but if he had a shop of his own, perhaps Junior should have gone to work for Vinnie?

    Senior has run off most of the real talent at OCC – with the exception of Rick, who hammers out some fantastic tanks. That little suckass Jason makes me want to retch.

    Just sayin’.

  • Big D

    No doubt Jr. and Mikey both behaved in a manner that would not have been tolerated in most any other work place. That being said, what does it say about a man (Sr.) who has three sons with whom he has absolutely no relationship. I think Sr. needs to take a long look at himself in this and take the lion’ s share of responsibility for his families circumstances.

  • juniors a punk-he wouldn’t have anything without senior-i hope junior falls flat on his face-those attorneys and accountants he brought into the shop last yr-must have really failed him-junior had tv withdrawals-no one cared about his design business-which is also failed business-
    junior would be nothing without senior-
    junior is nothing without senior
    the only thing about junior is-he got fat and lazy since he left senior

  • dan

    JR IS NOT FAT AND LAZY !sr is at least jr is setting up shop and i bet he will build some realy cool bikes but he did learn from his dad how to build bikes this kids play

  • dave

    I think that Sr. is just greedy, vinnie, cody, Mikey, jr, all those guys made the show witch made OCC, does not mater who made bikes and who did what, we all started watching the show because of the guys and the great bikes that came out, the comany grew so fast because I think Sr. just got greedy, look how he lives and the things he has. The show made the company, we would not be wrighting blogs if it was not for the show and the guys in the show. OCC is the guys, not just a name on a building. When we all think of OCC we think of the show and the guys in the show. The new shows have lost everything that made the show great in the begining. Now it is just buessiness and some guys triying to act funny while working at a bussiness. Nothing special at all. But now that they have put this twist into the show and bring back all the guys sounds good and maybe worth watching again. What happen to Campo, he was a good guy as well back in the first seasons.

  • joelc

    I have it figured out now about Paulie. In the beginning, it was just Paulie with the help of his Dad and Vinnie. Paulie was the genius behind every OCC design. Advance the clock forward and introduce Jason Pouhl. Jason stole the thunder of Paulie and now Paulie was no longer the driving force behind every bike designed and produced by OCC. Jason started doing what Paulie was doing. So now, Paulie was jealous as hell of Jason. You can see it in the reruns of the show. Jason took a lot of crap from the Teutuls but continued his work without raising any defiance. Paulie’s response was almost typical of a child who is no longer the apple of his parent’s eye. He pouted and became defiant and acted in ways that no sane adult would do in a work environment. He came in late, left early, and acted in a manner towards his boss that none of us would expect to end in a good way. He demonstrated a classic passive aggressive response to not being the center of attention anymore.

    Paulie may be a good designer but he has not demonstrated any ability to run a business. His chances of success with his new shop are minimal unless he delegates the day to day operations to other people. He is also remarkably non-mechanical. He has a good degree of high level design but is not so good at the details of it. He has never wired a bike or can even install a clutch in one. OCC always relied on Vinnie or Rick for these details. These two guys are remarkable mechanics. Design work is sometimes symbiotic and requires someone with a higher degree of vision to complete a great work of art, in this case a great motorcycle. Junior cannot do it on his own. He will eventually understand what his father was trying to teach him and that is that great designs and implementation require great team work. This is a concept that has eluded Junior his professional life.

  • polishman

    I think SR called JR and said we better figure out something somebody wants to watch so we can pay our bills. OCC’s shop looked dead I think Sr called the guys he needed off unemployment and said get to work we we got a show to do, not a bike to build
    hurtin choppers .com new show name

  • rich in st. louis

    I’ll put up money that once Jr. gets his shop up and running successfully, that Rick goes to work for Jr.

  • Larry C.

    I’d love to see Junior succeed and Rick move to his shop. Migration of the real craftsmen..

    And joelc, recall that Junior was bound by a Do-Not-Compete clause for the last year. Now why would poor little OCC need something like that? I mean, Junior being no threat and all..

    Being ignorant is one thing but being pridefully ignorant like Senior is inexcusible. I don’t care who he is or how successful, no one’s entitled to be a rude jackass. I have no doubt the Senior’s general attitude has garnered him a punch or two in his life.

  • pierre

    How about Sr taking a drug test on the show (steroids etc…)
    I bet he does no have the guts!!!

  • Northern Virginia Chick

    I applaude the producers to bring this into light! Paul Sr. is a dirtbag. He has used his son’s talent to make a name for himself. Anyone who has been watching the show knows the truth and is sickened by the way he treats his boys abuses his staff. When Vinnie walked out that was it for me. I can’t wait for Jr. to stomp his ass and leave him in the dust.

  • To Northern Virginia Chick, I thought the same way as you about Sr. I dont like the way he has treated his sons and his staff right from the beginning…It is a shame that a father would do this to his own sons…

  • Larry C.

    From the teasers for next week, Senior’s gloating about Junior having to spend all the time and effort getting his new shop equipped, while having no bike under construction yet nor any rumors of the same.

    Karma’s gonna strike Senior big time one of these days..

    What Senior never figured out was that it was unreasonable to right Junior’s ass about not coming to work at 7:00 and taking a precise hour for lunch – when Junior was working until 9 PM or midnight the previous night. Senior makes a good bean counter – he lacks any creativity himself.
    Maybe that’s why he’s so angry all the time?

    It occurs to me that a more enlightened approach would have been for OCC to set up Junior as a subsidiary small shop, for “special projects”, doing some truly new and creative work. (I’m referring to bikes without the primary drive belt exposed, without deliberately dangerous sharp objects, and some truly innovative features..) Surely Junior’s contributions to OCC’s success are worthy of that much.

  • Mike

    The black widow bike was the sickest bike all the other bikes are the same with different paint jobs

  • Proxy One

    The problem is that the bikes are indeed becoming very similar from OCC, they really arent doing that much metal work and fabrication anymore, just designing them on a computer in CAD then waterjet or CNC the pieces out. That takes very little skill. I feel if Jr. gets back to actually pushing things and doing real fabrication with Vinnie he will have a good shop. Rick would be smart to jump ship too but he would have to also wait the 1 year too. I really feel like TLC is probably pushing the drama too, cause lets face it there is only so much you can do with motorcycles to keep it interesting.

  • david631

    let’s not forget it’s TV. timed walk-on’s , editing, the whole bit. remember the 2 letter’s in reality TV: T and V.


    I agree with Big D. If you have kids and have zero relationships with any of them clearly the problem is with Sr. He sued Jr for his share of the company 20%. He had Jr’s % valued at 0$ and wanted to pay him 0$ for his 20%, that is vindictive if you ask me. Sr. needs to see a shrink.

  • Mikey G

    Sr is an egotistical bully, he always needs to be in control, and now that Jr left the only way he can control him is by sueing him. My father passed away a few months ago and although we hadn’t talked in over two years, I was there for him at the end. He still divided his estate evenly among all my siblings. He was a great Father.

  • Tom Coyne

    Paul Sr. I hope you read this.
    You are just like most of the fathers out there that are nothing more than dictstors. To elaborate “It’s my way or the highway or you work for me and want I say goes, no room for discussion”. It is really sad that Paul Sr. cannot understand that for a business to grow and be successful all parties involved must understand that changes and ideas make it more than keeping products built to the standard norm. Paul Sr. has shown time and time again on previous shows that his designs using “old school” are always the same when they start in rolling chassis to final assembly with just a slight varation. Paul Jr. on the other hand takes his time in processing design ideas in his head and as he builds the bike from rolling chassis his design creations take off as he visions each curve to fit the approved design art and tweaks the fabrication to produce a one of a kind masterpiece. Had Paul Sr. just let things go the way they were there would be no need of a family split. Paul Srs. ranting and raving would cause any son to come in late and/or back off to avoid any scream fests that developed. I am sorry but the crew other than Rick are no more than kiss-asses because if you don’t agree with Paul Sr. you end up quitting like Vince or getting fired like Joe. The only thing that Paul Sr. has not been able to see about Paul Jr. is that Paul Jr. has balls and will stand up for what he believes instead of whimping in the corner like the masses of OCC.

  • Tom Coyne

    Paul Sr. I hope you read this. (revised)
    You are just like most of the fathers out there that are nothing more than dictators. To elaborate “It’s my way or the highway or you work for me and what I say goes, no room for discussion”. It is really sad that Paul Sr. cannot understand that for a business to grow and be successful all parties involved must understand that changes and ideas make it more than keeping products built to the standard norm. Paul Sr. has shown time and time again on previous shows that his designs using “old school” are always the same when they start in rolling chassis to final assembly with just a slight varation. Paul Jr. on the other hand takes his time in processing design ideas in his head and as he builds the bike from rolling chassis his design creations take off as he visions each curve to fit the approved design art and tweaks the fabrication to produce a one of a kind masterpiece. Had Paul Sr. just let things go the way they were there would be no need of a family split. Paul Srs. ranting and raving would cause any son to come in late and/or back off to avoid any scream fests that developed. I am sorry but the crew other than Rick are no more than kiss-asses because if you don’t agree with Paul Sr. you end up quitting like Vince or getting fired like Joe. The only thing that Paul Sr. has not been able to see about Paul Jr. is that Paul Jr. has balls and will stand up for what he believes instead of whimping in the corner like the masses of OCC.

  • Aracely

    Sr. is now complaining about Jr. Well being a dad is not trying to correct the mistakes of the past.
    Where was Sr. when Jr. was growing up? Jr is a reflection of who Sr. is. Jr. is only mirroring Sr’s attitude and personality. So what is Sr. complaining about. Jr. was molded in his own image. Senior is a joke and Senior needs to get a grip and instead of trying to be “The Man” He is not the the man. Senior is a spoiled big OLD kid. I really do hope Jr. gets smart and starts to really focus on his shop and really puts out motorcycles with genuine designs. Jr should let things be done by the lawyers and I hope that Jr gets his share of the OLD guys Shop. Its too bad when YOUR father thinks he is much more important than his children. Senior is forgetting that his legacy is in his boys, What is going thru this Idiots head (Sr). I would never do what Senior did with his son. I have children and the thought of doing any harm to them is overwhelming. Senior is just a Stupid Pendejo. He really has no clue that His son is his own IMAGE!!!
    Its amazing the arrogance he has with his sons and that Seniors arrogance and pride is much more demanding than the love of his sons. I really do hope Junior comes out ahead to teach his father that he is his fathers son!

  • Ralph

    Senior is a ass hole Jr is the show Sr is overweight old guy.

  • J. Martin

    Seems a ton has been lifted off jr.’s shoulders.
    very sad when your arrogance,selfishness and pride alienate you from your own children.
    honestly i’ve watched the show since it started and the couple of bikes sr. built were awful.
    he replaced the Jr. and Vinnie with a shop full of nerds,with the exception of rick.
    now i hope jr. shop makes a ton and sr. loses everything

  • jimmy

    I can’t wait till jr.s shop gets going between paul jr and Vinnie they will be making ass kicking bikes…when sr sees all of this is… then paul sr. will drop all court proceedings and come crawling back to jr..I’m happy to see Mikey on the side of his brother…also it is only a matter of time when rick leaves sr….Sr is in for a rude awakening…
    if I had the money I would be Jr first customer and I’m sure everyone agrees…

  • I don’t understand something. Why does Sr. have to be in the shop constantly and meddle. He hires people to build bikes and then has to have his meagher input in the process. I guess so he can say WE built this bike or that bike. Or maybe there are guys with cameras walking around and hey I’m the star of the show, so film me trying to finsh a sentenance without blubbering over myself.

    Jr, hang in there with the new shop. I have a feeling things will turn around.

  • Dan

    When Charley Hutton left Americen Hot Rod, the show ended for me. When Vinnie left OCC, it signaled the demise of American Chopper. Both Charley and Vinnie were the ‘real guys’ that I could identify with. Seeing Vinnie back with Jr. was great last night and I’d find it even better to see Rick ‘switch sides’. Guess we’re just gonna have to wait and see where the series leads. Maybe they can have Charley come and paint a few for ’em :)

  • Doug

    I just about lost my dad in a car accident a day ago. We are in a family business and we have had some of the same acts without the cameras. I hope for all their family that they can see the big picture like i have. YOU ONLY HAVE ONE DAD. There is nothing that will ever bring me to that level again. I wish them both the best

  • It’s a crying shame to see a reality show rip another family apart! TLC love the fact that this Father & Son argument’s and bickering among the family on TV was a great way to get ratings. Well guess what, it got some rating alright and in the process destroyed a family.
    But I don’t blame it all in TLC, I blame a lot of it on the very Smart and Tough Guy “Paul Sr” who be-littles just about everyone on the show. The power he’d like to flex around everyone and the arrogance he has around people tell’s me that he just thinks of himself. Yes Paul Jr may sometimes be a jerk as well BUT he has done a lot for the company.
    Paul Sr suing his SON for complete control of the company is really the sweet icing on the cake “Thanks Dad” Good Looking Out Dad”.
    I wish Mickey and Paul Jr the very best and I hope that Paul Jr give his DAD a run for his money.
    P.S. Vince McMahon has Bigger Guns than Paul Sr, put a real shirt on!

  • Jr rules

    Sr has to realize that he has a problem if ALL 3 of his sons no longer talk to him. I feel sad for Sr. as his arrogance will leave him alone and lonely very soon.
    Success in business is great but not when it comes at the expense of your family. Sr. will fail as his designs are now just cookie cutter and he has too much overhead to continue too much longer.

    I would rather be poor but still have my family than rich and have no one.

  • DW

    I think Sr. is not appreciative to his sons talent, I also think Jr. shows a lot of laziness as far as work ethics. Therefore, I can see his dads aggravation, and of coarse Jr. is going to be mad because he thinks with his intellegiance along with his creative ideas (which are very unique ideas), and all of the fabrication work that he does that he does enough. I think he does enough at his dads shop. Now he is going to have to do more work than he has ever done! I hope he does WELL!!!

  • Bob

    I can’t understand why guys that comment that they’ll never watch this show again
    return to comment after the next weeks show? It’s just entertainment folks, get over the
    As far as my opinion re: Sr goes, I’ll be glad when he has his stroke and is confined to a
    wheelchair. Let’s see how long the Bimbo that he married and the ass kissers that work
    at OCC now will be around to wipe the drool from his chin and empty his colostomy bag!
    Sr has alienated all of his children with his “greater than thou” attitude and deserves
    everything nasty that’s coming to him.
    To get technical, Jesse James was the father of the bike building reality shows and had
    much more talent for building a bike from scratch than OCC ever showed me.
    Shame on Billy Lane for he could have been the reality show shining star with the talent
    that he had.
    Watch the show for what it is, steal some of the good ideas for your scoot and rest easy
    every night knowing that you didn’t get caught up in the hype!

  • Paul Jr.

    My dad is a DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Vince

    Ive watched every episode of Senior vs Junior and I cant believe Paul Sr. turned in to such a jerk. I realize he fired Jr. because he didnt work all the time and slacked off, I understand that. But then to sue your own son over share and say your business isnt worth anything is the most stupid thing ive ever heard of. Jr. & Mikey were the reason I watched (I love Mikey) Then to not talk to your sons for over a years, yeah some dad you are Paul Sr. your a (Bleeping jerk). And now your calling Mikey to recify what youve done, your a puss, and then not go to your sons wedding, not being there for him on his most important day of his life is a most horrible thing i could think of.
    I hope Paul Jr. design (w/Vinny, So happy you brought him back Paul)runs OCC into the ground and you all become the best motorcycle shop. Im pulling for you Jr.
    By the way love the Jr. logo

  • Shane

    I luv how this other idiot that works for sr. gave a backhanded comment saying how almost nobody else on the planet can do what they do at occ? Yea like the millions they made off the show had nothing to do with that. What were they before the show a couple of azzholes yelling at each other over nonsense. If i had 20 million worth of equipment i could build an fing chopper 2.. Junior Mikey and Vinny were always down 2 earth and thats what kept me interested but this dckhead making comments like that will turn me off real quick. Get over yourself azzclown ur building a motorsicle bud not designing the twin towers fing dip

  • Matthew

    I’ve been reading all you comments, I don’t think it’s Jr. or Sr. that built OCC the most, I think it’s TLC and the display of the family dysfunction that built OCC. I can give Sr. credit for having the acumen of not fucking up the publicity that the show and TLC gave them. They made good bikes, but did not have the publicity until TLC came along. What some of those companies were buying was not a bike, they were buying a hour long national branding opportunity, I don’t think the company cared about the bike. The family dysfunction and exploits are what gave the show ratings, and the ratings gave OCC clients. Without TLC OCC would still be working out of a garage. On a side note, Mikey is my least favorite member of the Teutul family, I think he should be put out of his misery, Makey is a waist of a life. When watching recordings I forward through the Mikey parts, I don’t think he is funny or entertaining, just a lazy bum.

  • p


  • Bob

    Hey Matthew!
    Are you trying to say that ‘Makey” has a big ‘waist’?
    There are those of us that know that OCC was well established before TLC just
    as we knew Gold & Silver Pawn before Pawn Stars.
    You gotta do your homework before commenting!

  • sandy

    I used to watch this show years ago. Half of the appeal was watching the design and build process. The other half was watching the dysfunctional family dynamics. But it sounds like it’s all spun out of control.

    1. Sr is estranged from all 3 of his sons
    2. Sr is suing Jr
    3. Mikey is in rehab

    But they still plan to make money off the family with the new show. It’s very telling.

  • Matthew

    Bob, Ok, so before today I didn’t know the difference between waste and waist, I do now, won’t happen again. Really not trying to sound flip, thanks Bob. I’m 17, hopefully will not make those stupid mistakes in real life. But on the other note, those that know might be like 1 percent of the population, I don’t think that is well established, and certainly will not bring in Multinational corporations in as clients willing to pay $150,00 for a bike. Maybe you are geek with nothing better to do than go into pawn shops and look at motorcycle websites, and are way more knowledgeable then god on the subject, so you know about VooDoo Choppers, Deus, or Fly Rite, you may even know what a cafe racer is, but all that knowledge will not get the OCC brand into the minds of half of America. Next you will be tell us that we should have known about Nub Graphix before AC and that all bikers need a Guy Aitchison tatoo. We mortals don’t need to do the homework, OCC owes TLC almost everything they have. TLC got them on the air, being on the air got the big paying corporate client, the Joe lawyer client, the thousands of kids wanting t-shirts, the moms buying the OCC mug, etc. Then those thousands of viewers get them into dealer showrooms. I think the big shame for me is that a show about choppers should inspire one to want to get their hands dirty get away from consumerism, to build the bike they want, not inspire corporate lust and consumerism or be about a dickhead father and his two spoiled brats.

  • Bob

    Hey Matthew!
    The crux of the whole thing if you read my previous post is that we shouldn’t
    get caught up in the sensationalisim of a reality show in the first place! Watch,
    get some good ideas for your fabrication, now or in the future, and let life get on
    with itself!
    Regarding my lifes experiences: I’ve been in the automotive industry all of my
    life and I’m just short of 69 years of age. The majority of that time has been spent
    working for Companies like Lakewood Chassis (home of the hydroformed bellhousing),
    later to become Lakewood Industries, Mr Gasket Company, etc. This put me in a
    position to know many noted Companies and personalities.
    I’m now retired and guiding fishing trips on Lake Mead near Las Vegas, thus the
    knowledge of Gold and Silver Pawn Shop.
    You see, I’ve been around. I have grand children older than you!
    Just thought I needed to bust your chops re: the ‘makey waste thing’! Hope you took
    it in good spirit! If not, ‘so be it’! Just proofread! The country is going to hell since the
    ‘text’ became a form of communication!
    Sure hope that you have an easier life than I did although I don’t see the Government
    making that possible for your generation!

  • There is no love lost between any of the OCC family. Vinnie was sick of seeing everyone profit from the show while he was just an employee. He might show up in the show but he probably would expect more then a paycheck for it. I agree Junior was his friend but the glib comment from Junior that anyone can be replaced as Vinnie drove off really highlights that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. As for the the last cast I really don’t think Nub’s is as good a painter as Justin was. Everything Rick does looks like crap. And the talented Jason still made it looked to slick. In the end its just some crap on a bike. To get back to a true inspired design Junior needs Vinnie and Justin all giving their input and perhaps a true partnership in the show.

  • Jr rules

    I still can’t believe that SR. is such a D-bag to alienate all 3 of his sons. We don’t even know what happened with his other son who worked at his other biz, just that he no longer speaks to him.

    Sr. acts as if we should feel sorry for him when Mikey does not respond to his e-mails in the manner he would have liked. I feel sorry for anyone who is so arrogant that they throw there family away, I feel sorry for Sr.

    I do think Jr. has taken on more than he can handle, he should have started off smaller as most small company’s are forced to do. The spot light is probably too bright on him right now so I wish him the best.

    It is almost too sad to see the destruction of a family on a reality TV show, if your reading this Sr. F YOU.

  • sandy

    I watched a couple of the American Chopper clips over on They had the clips for the latest promos. I think the one with Mikey is current and also the one with Sr and Jr looking grumpy. But when they were filming they looked fairly friendly. If it wasn’t for the lawsuit I’d wonder if the fighting was for ratings.

  • shane

    i am most shocked by how bad the last 8 years have been to these guys. Mikey is fat as faaack now paul jr isn’t far behind and vinnie. Paul sr. needs to crawl into his grave right now come on old man wipe of the mascara you look like a stipper batch

  • Hunter

    Okay they both built the company if it was not for Paul Jr web bike that basically put them on the map they would be nothing also if they did not argue like they did discovery channel would not be producing them. I think the new show is good I find it really fucking boring watching Paul Sr and his group build bikes its boring I like Paul Jr and Vinnie building bikes and of course Mikey but all I have to say if Sr doesn’t get off his high horse he will be alone for the rest of his life he already ran away his daughter and other son Jesus dude fuck your business family is first you ass hole. Seriously fuck Sr vs Jr just have Jr designs it is much more interesting shit.

  • Edward

    Sr. hasn’t had an original ‘eyedear’ since the show started, and his attitude towards his kids is reprehensible. Go back to drinking Paul Sr. you were probably more pleasant to be around drunk than sober. You are a pompous, uneducated loud-mouth who doesn’t care who he hurts or how badly. “I’m the boss, I’m the boss” there is no doubt about who the boss is, as you force feed that to everybody’s face with nauseating consistency. Continue to treat people the way you do and you’ll wind up old and alone (and deservedly so). You couldn’t even ‘man-up’ long enough to attend your son’s wedding-what a real jackass show of class that was! How about you do everyone a huge favor and weld your lips shut!? I used to enjoy the show, I certainly enjoyed seeing Jr. come to his senses and get the hell out of your shop-which only became successful because of your son’s talent you idiot! Family, then BUSINESS! how can you overlook such a simple concept? Ok I forget, your an idiot…

  • fxrder67

    Jr should get his own show the only good bikes ever fabricated by occ, jr designed, occ’s new bikes are boring its all paint and no good fab however the 2 bikes that paul jr designs have built are better than anything occ’s designer has come up with witch are mainly the same thing every time.

  • clueso

    Why don’t we get Dr. Phil to help this family. Can’t wait to see Sr and Jr. going at it. And doctor phil says this ain’t my first roadeo.

    Sr. and Jr., want 2 work together. It would be a great show, if they don’t kill one or the other, on camera.

  • john teutul

    Come on every one knows jr designed the bikes and was the favorite teutul on the show !Vinnies back and don’t be surprised if rick jumps ship or shop I should say sr.wants 2 build throwback old school junk while jr builds aerodynamic state of the art pieces of art work! Plus sr. Needs a prescription of valume and an anger management group !

  • connatiah

    I think that Jr., Mikey, Vinny, and Rick sue Paul Sr. for abuse. Personally, I just want to kick that faggots ass for abusing his children, and he did his wives. In some ways Sr. wanted to be cool, but in reality his is just a turd. Like I said before, I was always traumatized each time my father cursed me it brought back memories that should never be brought back. I sure that Sr. new wife will have the boys disowned, or if Sr. and his new whore are divorced by now she deserved every penny that she took Sr. for. I wish Jr., Mikey, Vinny and the new business the very best. I could never hit my father, and for that reason I respect Jr. even more. I wouldn’t buy shit from OCC, but I would consider buying from Paul Jr. and team.

  • 350zman

    As several others have commented, let’s all remember that this really is a TV show. TV shows necessarily have to have a “gimmick.” That being said, I think Paul, SR, comments and curses were too viscous not to be either real, or at least really felt in his heart, which, like the Grinch’s, was “two sizes too small!” As for who was talent, who was the “Boss” and so on, it is obvious that Senior was the “money man” in the beginning (TLC quickly took over that role) and Junior was the “talent.” Those who take the position that Jason was/is the real talent, or that Vinnie and/or Rick was the real talent, are simply denying the facts. Taken in order, Jason is really great on CAD, but he has to have someone supplying the ideas. Does he come up with some pretty good design tidbits? Sure, he does. After all, that is his job. Can he, or does he come up with custom motorcycle designs on his own time after time, year after year? No, at least not so far. Vinnie? Seems like a really nice guy. I remember when OCC reroofed his house and Mikey babysat his kids. All kind of touching, but what did that have to do with building custom choppers? Vinnie is a really good mechanic and seems to be great at wiring up a bike, but I haven’t seen where he has a flair for designing custom bikes. I will admit that I haven’t been to the V-Force website, so he may have talent of which I am unaware. As for Rick, well, he is a teriffic fabricator. He also, once in a while, comes up with some pretty decent design ideas, but not week after week after year after year. Senior has almost become a cartoon character. As has been repeatedly stated on this blog, his only design ideas came and went with the first “old school” bike he built. I really think that he knows he takes a back seat to Paul, JR, when it comes to design and it is simply eating him (SR) alive – thus, the rage and filthy mouth. I am the same age as SR, and have two sons of my own. I would never, ever curse either my sons, or my daughter. I am proud of their every success, and hope that they far surpass any success I have managed to achieve in my life. Nor would I leave my wife for what appears to be a gold-digger, especially if she had stayed with me through alcoholism and drug additcion. Mikey? I, too, simply fast forward through his antics. I don’t understand his role in the show, unless it is just for comic relief. Finally, Pauly. Therein lies the real design talent for this entire program. Think back, those of you who say OCC did not do fab work, just slapped on shelf items. Remember the Fire Bike, the Jet Bike, the Dixie Chopper, the Yankees, the Jets, the welding company bikes? What about the Shelby Cobra bike and the Lincoln truck bike? I could go on, but I think the point is made. Those guys DID do fabrication, and lots of it and did a great job. As for the folks denegrating the OCC (re: Paul, JR) bikes now and in the past, and whatever JR does in the future, guess what? Your TV has a channel selector. Just change the channel. There are enough of us who enjoy the show that I doubt your lack of viewership will be missed. I, like one of the other commenters, would buy a bike from JR today, if I could afford a custom scoot. It would be a great purchase to buy Ser. No. 000001, from Paul Jr. Designs. Probably be worth a ton of money, too, in a few years!

    Anyway, other than that, I don’t have any strong feelings on this matter, either way!!

  • Alex

    I have been a fan of OCC since it started. I’ve watched Jr. create one masterpiece after another. I’ve seen SR. sit on his ass, scream at everyone, and run off his best people. I am so pleased Jr. started his own company, hired Vinnie, and is helping Mikey. What a great man he has become. It is too bad Sr. can’t learn from his son. I will continue to support Jr. by buying anything he decides to create. He is a true artist. I will wear my new clothes with his logo on them with pride. Sr. pull your head out before you sufficate. I just hope Jr. has learned to be a good dad by not doing any of the things his father has done to his children.

  • 350zman

    I agree, Alex. I’m glad both Vinnie and Joe are back with JR. I am a little surprised that Cody didn’t come along when Vinnie signed up. I thought he and Vin were in V-Force together, so unless Vince is working in both places it sorta leaves Cody twisting. Or, does Cody have that same 1-year no-comp deal as several of the others? In my perfect TV world, Rick would take his English Wheel and make the jump to PJD, and Pauly would work out an exclusive deal with Nubby to squirt the colors. I have seen some pretty negative comments with regards to Cody on this blog. However, Cody has been to school/training as a motorcycle mechanic. Maybe he doesn’t have the experience yet, but it would be a safe bet to make that none of the others had the experience BEFORE they got it, either! C’mon, folks, give him a chance. I do plan to follow the lead Alex has blazed and visit the PJD website and take a look at the caps and T’s, and other stuff I can actually afford. If we all got behind Pauly with whatever we could/can do, maybe we could reallly help him out. Whadd’ya say?

  • 350zman

    Just a random thought, but along the same aforementioned lines I was in Home Depot over the weekend and noticed that they are carrying PJD’s grill. If anyone needs a new one, take a look at Pauly’s.

  • bob

    when did Mikey become a retard??
    i loved him in the old shows ,,but..he is not all there

  • bob

    let me just elaborate on that comment cause it sounds harsh..
    going back to the early show promotions,that show promo with the three of them next to the bikes..Mikey had to be the coolest..
    here we are a long way from that,and Mikey is painting 1st grade water colors in the back of the shop.i dont think he can even ride a bike any more..
    some one needs to intervene,instead of exploiting his problem… do something…
    and his “assistant” doesn’t help……………

  • linda cornell

    paul sr. is a horrible father and man !!! the way he talks about jr. is sick. he denies jr. had anything to do with building that company, and if you’ve watched from the beginning, you’d see jr. and mikey” were” and” are” the biggest parts of that show!! jr. designed most of the bikes that were made. and when sr. put the face of his son, on a dummy he had on a motorcycle, and crashed it!!! i thought was so sad. and shooting targets and thinking of his sons ,is the ultimate of his jealousy!! he tries to sabotoge his sons business! he tells children ,who come to see him for mentorship, that his son isnt a good example on how to run a business! and asking them if they seen jr. building a bike, was proof of srs. jealousy!! hes worried, he knows jr. has his own talents, and that they are a threat to sr. Sr. is a poor excuse for a father! thats why he has no relationship with any of his kids. hes selfish! hes greedy, fame and money has taken him over, and he thinks hes the greatest! If he can put his head down on his pillow and sleep good every night, so be it!! but if he can’t, he needs to make amends with his sons! and make up for what his greedy, selfish ass, has done to them!!! hes heartless!! So sad for him! and what kind of woman would marry such a asshole who would treat his own kids so bad!!! i’m watching the show, hoping his head will come out of his ass, and do the right thing!! and stop suing your son!! give him his money, don’t you have enough??

  • ozz

    Jr is one of the most disrespectful children i have ever seen.

    my old man would had fired me day one if i back talked him and was as argumentative as jr is.

    just because of his shit attitude it makes me hope he fails even though he comes up with nice concepts but he needs to get over his holier then thou attitude and realize the success of everything goes way past just him.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what jason and rick pull off, those two seem to have even better ideas then jr.

  • ozz

    on another note, i have just now been watching and am watching season two and have caught the new ones as well.

    when did justin stop painting and why did they bring in this new guy nub?

  • Bob

    Hey ozz!
    You started watching a season too late! Nub has been there since season one and
    Justin showed up much later. He was to be Nub’s replacement, but couldn’t cut it.
    re: Jr’s disrespect. If you had to put up with an old man like him, you’d be disrespectful too. Sr’s an absolute asshole and I know because I’m one too. I raised my kids to respect
    me and I respect them. I’m just on the short side of 69 and my boys love me and protect
    me. Sr’s difference is that he’s on a major ego trip and doesn’t care about anyone except himself! First Class ASSHOLE!

  • james

    sr. sits in that office with his feet propped up, always sipping on his coffee and gets millions of dollars in free advertising from discovery and now tlc.
    we watch the show, thus making him money,because of our inability to turn away from the craziness. honestly without viewers they’d be nowhere and sr. would be welding some fence to make a couple hundred.
    so watching made him what he is. we watched mikey,jr and sr.
    i hate to say this but i look forward to sr.’s failure and he is on drugs now,look at his eyes.
    he is cruel and is a disgrace.

  • MJA

    Bob is right, if you just started watching the show then you have no idea. I would agree with you more ozz if Sr. hadn’t alienated ALL of his children including the 2 that were no on the show. Vinny and Nub also left because of all of Sr’s BS and now that Jr. is on his own they have elected to come back as Sr. is not around Jr’s operation.

    Sr. is a world class D-bag, he needs to understand that respect needs to be given to be received in return, people can only take so much before they have had enough.

  • james

    by the way, if anyone gets any updates on the court case…i’m very interested. i want paulie 20% to be very high and to have sr. then see his true worth.
    people remember…sr. sued him

  • p



    Right on Linda C. I have a minor in psychology and anyone with half a brain does not need that to see Sr has “MAJOR” control issues. Anyone that thinks his mind is right I bet you tortured small animals when you were a child. He alienates every single one of his kids and its all their fault. Get real. I have kids myself and nothing on this earth could generate the anger and resentment he feels and displays “ON TV” for his sons. That is just hysterical putting a dummy that looks like your son and launching it off a catapult. That is the funniest thing I have ever seen, my son getting killed on a bike, I am peeing my pants I am laughing so hard, ha, ha. It is sad to be honest. The guys working for him are kissing ass to be on a TV show and they need a job. Jason is really good with his computerized drwaring’ kit. He could easily be subbed for Mike Myers in the tub with suds on his head looking goofy. Lets see him build something from scratch. The bikes now from OCC suck, off the shelf parts with real nice wheels. Build them fast and cheap and overcharge the shit out of people for them, NOICE!!!

  • ozz

    i guess the hate you guys have for Sr. must come sometime after season two.

    As i watch Season one and two nubs has never been the painter in either of these early seasons.
    jr. in these early seasons seems very disrespectful.
    this is all just from watching, in real life i don’t know any of them so who knows. reality tv is very little reality. (i know from experience) most the drama is created by the producers.

    now if it was real, yet again i know my dad would have shoved his shoe up my backside 1st time i talked back to him that way. If my pop started a business and took me and to give me creative freedom and then asked me to do certain things and i continued NOT to he would get pissed and fire me. at work he would be the boss and you just don’t talk that way to the boss.

    but if he didn’t then the show would not be what it is today. so again knowing Hollywood, i’m sure a large chunk out it was exaggerated. though some obviously is real.

    seeing Sr work in the beginning with cody and a couple episodes with rick (i skipped around a bit) show that the guy really seems to have a heart. i have yet to see any episode yet where jr seems to not be full of himself.

    so you can understand my confusion seeing all the negative sr. post.

    still wondering what season the switch painters and why?

  • Bob

    Get a grip ozz! If you watched from season one you’d realize that Nub was
    the original painter. Go all of the way back to the episode where that Tuetuls had a meeting with Nub to discuss “whether he wanted to remain as their painter or not!?
    As to the rest of your diatribe “opinions are like assholes! Everyone has one and my
    guess is that you are entitled to yours whether you know what you’re talking about of not!”

  • Cathy

    Seriously, watching this show I think Sr. needs some professional help. He says how he love his sons, yet all he does is throw digs and degrage both Michael and Paul any change he gets. He can’t accept that without Paul Jr. his business would not be the success that it is today. It was Paul Jr’s design that made OCC known for what it is today. On the show I watched today he made a dummy of Jr. to launch, is that eally a mature thing for a mature man of 61 yrs of age to do? Personally I think he is making himself lookk nothing more than a big A$$. I commend Paul Jr. for all he has done for his brother Michael including the support he gives him and wish him all the best luck with his venture.. He and Michael show more maturity than his father or any of the employees at OCC.

  • redwings19

    I believe the original painter during the first season or two was Justin Barnes, not Nub.

  • james

    justin was original painter but had personal issues and they switched to nub

  • Joanne(piratejo)

    Paul Sr. keeps saying he loves his sons. What father doesnt go to his son’s wedding? What loving father puts a dummy of his son on a motorcycle to see it crash? What loving father tries to sabotage his son’s business by luring the sons employees away from him? What loving father bad mouths his sons all the time in front of any audience he can find, including cutting him up in front of innocent kids visiting the shop? This whole thing is so sad. Now we see Sr. complaining about Jason, saying the kid gets on his nerves and he cant stand him. He takes Jason away from his CAD job and expects him to be able to weld and use machine tools to build a ramp for his stupid childish prank, when that’s not Jasons job. Jason is thinking he is filling Paulies spot as Sr.’s new son, taking up the battle when he should be left out of it. Senior likes to make everyone else look like a fool,so he comes out looking like the smartest, coolest guy in the shop. The reality is Sr. is a smart business man and yes the Teutal family has benefited by Paul Sr.’s hard work,and Paul Jr’s hard work as well and yes at times I agree the boys did not give him the respect he deserved in the past, but respect has to be earned. It looks like Jr. has matured and is moving ahead to make his own career for his family. Life is so short, I hope Paul Sr. stops putting himself first, and finds it in his heart to make it right with his boys and family, who he loves so much. Settle the lawsuit, stop the raging war inside you that is hurting not only you, but your kids, your mother, their mother, your wife, and your daughter in law and your grandchildren. Stop thinking about whose right or wrong, its too late for that one. Just think how much you love your family and put an end to this living hell for you and your family. If you do that, then your boys will truly know how much you love them by choosing to put them first. I wish all of you peace and happiness.

  • j

    sr. only loves the money he has.
    did you know that he never gave the chopper to cody that they (discovery)dedicated an entire show to? they kept representing what a nice guy with a big heart sr. was. doing this for a youngster. only it was all a lie. cody was fired and had to sue to get the chopper. the results of that suit i’m not aware of yet. and to be honest alot of younger viewers tuned in because of cody..thus you (sr.) egotistical slob made you more money.
    and vinnie…how many viewers tuned in because of vinnie? millions. and what did paul say when he left? everyone’s replaceable.
    i wish tlc and discovery told you that when you begged for your show to be put back on.
    so vinnie leaves with nothing but his tools and you go to your multi million dollar home,with the garage full of show cars and your private lake counting your millions that you stole from the people that made you!
    you dropped nub as soon as you had the money to build your own paint job and stole his business…where’s your loyalty? you piece of crap!
    and jr. his designs and the arguments sr. and jr. had made the show.
    sr. is a piece of crap and i look forward to the day that’s he’s broke . but he’s such an arrogant jerk he’ll find someone else to blame.
    maybe he’ll have another kid so he can sapped them of their pride,dreams and dignity .
    piece of crap

  • darian w

    i watch it a lot and i think its great but i hate to see them break up the fun was sr always bashing on jr and mikey in person its not the same now

  • darian w

    @paul jr u r right he’s a very big dick but its funny to see u guys arguing

  • Brad

    I really hope this show is scripted because if it is not then Sr. is delusional. That man better check himself into a hospital. How can he really say that Jr. and Mickey had nothing to do with helping that company grow? Does he really think that he would have gotten a TV show without them? Does he really think that his bikes would have been as popular as they were without them in the show and making them? On top of all that for 10 years I have not seen Sr. design anything so how can he say that he build that company that man cannot design a bike half as good as Jr. That Geico bike that Paul Jr. Designs company build was the sickest (awesome) bike that I have seen build on TLC in the last 2 years. O that is how long it has been sense Jr. left the show. And for all those suckers that Sr. has told you guys are my team our team is the greatest. If they believe that they need their heads examined if he can turn around and treat his family like he is what do they think he would do to them if they left his company that man is out for himself and everyone around him should watch their backs. I am not one to wish ill good on anyone but I read in another comment on this page but I do hope he goes bankrupt because karma is a bitch. And if OCC is not worth anything how are they still in business. Every business I heard of that is not worth anything is not still in business. Don’t worry Sr. I am sure by the way you have been treating your kids that you will make it to Heaven (Yea right). I have not seen your kids’ bad mouth you like you have been bad mouthing them but has they say if you need to bring others down to make yourself feel better makes you a small man. It is time you Sr. grow up make amends with your kids and agree to have professional differences, and be proud of your kids and their accomplishments. I have heard both your kids give you credit for helping them be who they are why cannot you do the same?

  • 350zman

    I think the show is scripted – to a point. I really do believe that the split between SR and his sons, even if scripted, went way past where it was intended to go, and that the vitriol is real. As for JR being disrespectful, well, it is hard, if not iimpossible, to deny that he is disrespectful to his father. However, SR has been so disrespectful to everyone around him, and to JR (repeatedly and visciously) in particular that one would be very hard pressed NOT to respond in kind to SR’s constant attacks. Should JR have shown up for work on time every day every day? Absolutely. Should he have stayed off his phone during work, except for emergencies? Without question. On the other hand, should SR be leaving to go to the gym? No. Should SR be “outta here” early while the crew stays every day? Certainly not. But, SR does. Why? Because in his own words, he owns the company; and, he’s the boss. But, hold on a second, JR also owns part of the company, and by virtue of that ownership, he is also a “boss.” SR has never given Pauly any casche as either an owner or supervisor. As someone else stated, SR sits in his office with his feet up thinking up reasons to go out into the shop and criticize his son. Does he ever offer anything constructive? Nada. And, since JR left, SR has continued to denigrate all of his sons to anyone and everyone who will listen to him and his crybaby rants of his family. The man turns my stomach.

  • 350zman

    Does anyone know if the lawsuit has ever been settled? What was the verdict? I haven’t heard anything, with the exception of what was said on the show – namely, that Senior said he won the case and that the judge had ordered JR to sell his share of the company back to SR. But then JR said that both he and his dad won something, and that he was more than willing to “sell” his share of OCC back to Paul, SR, he (JR) wasn’t willing to simply give his 20% to his father for nothing, which is what SR actually wanted. Anyways, I sure would like to find out how it all ended up. I am looking forward to seeing JR’s new bikes this week, as well.

  • Wow,

    I’ve read a whole lot of comments from numerous people but I have not seen one that seems to comprehend what happened. I too have children who are now grown adults with children of their own and I love both of them however, I have been in seniors shoes. I agree senior is a bit of an ass and he does go to extremes when he gets into it with Paul and Mike I won’t even try to side with him in that respect. I lost the kids mother to cancer in 2000, they were 18 and 26 at the time, neither of them came to help me care for their mother who for the last 3 months of her life was completely dependant on me to help her with everything, she couldn’t get out of bed or go to the bathroom without me to hepl her. I cleaned bed pans, vomit, blood, you name it, but the kids, no help. I became bitter with them and wouldn’t have anything to do with them once she died, they came around asking for money, I remortgaged my house to help both of them get on their feet. I co-signed car loans for both and even gave them $20,000.00 each with the only stipulation being that they invest at least part of it toward their future. What a big mistake, my son stopped working and I wound up refinancing my house again to pay off that car loan and the other bills I got stuck with. A year later my daughter walked away from her car and lleft me with a $20,000.00 bill for it plus other bills she put in my name. I was very bitter about this and told both of them some very harsh things so they stayed away. I remarried in 2003 and they treated my new wife like crap, and to this day they still sometimes do. I told them both I forgave them and but I will never loan them any money or co-sign anything for them. Having read several stories written about the Tutel’s I know Sr. was an alcoholic and drug user for years and Mikey himself has recently gone to alcohol rehab (good for him) so the family is still coping with a lot of resentment and pride gets in the way of this. PRIDE, is a good word and a bad word, it gets in the way of things and can cause bad feelings to get worse and coupled with EGO it’s ten times worse. all I can say to the Teutel’s is swollow your PRIDE and leave the EGO at home and go seek counseling, not just Senior but the entire family FAMILY is the most important thing there is, without it we are nothing. Sr, Jr, Mike, I forget the other sons name and the daughter all need to go to counseling together and work through the issues, Sr, swollow the EGO and Pride they are your children forgive them, love them, talk to them and for god sake man loose the attitude. God Bless our children, me and mine are getting along much better and I never stopped loving them, I can’t speak for them because they still say Dad’s and asshole.

    Everyone, why can’t we all just get along?

  • 350zman

    I watched the final episode of SR vs JR Thursday night. OCC’s electric drag bike was unbelievable. There was no way that bike would not take the world’s record, which of course, it did. On top of that, the paint was beautiful. Senior, who had nothing to do with the bike, with the exception of having the facilities, the equipment and the other necessary resources to build it, took the credit. Just exactly what you would expect from an established shop-and they did not dissapoint! PJD’s shop bike and the Geico bike were both beautiful and really set the bar at a high level for a brand new business’s first effort(s). SR’s attitude did nothing to improve his image with those of us who find the man clueless. His nearly constant dinigration and slamming of Paulie’s efforts were childish and unbecomming of a father for his son, regardless of what has gone on before. Even when Rick asked repeatedly if they were going to Paulie’s unveiling, SR remained too obtuse to go along and keep his big mouth shut. I see zero hope of a reconcilliation between JR and SR. SR is simply too immature and too jealous of Paulie to ever give up on hating his own son. What a sad, sad man.

  • james

    buddy your situation is sad and i wish you luck with that. but it has nothing to do with this situation. if you needed a forum to vent i hope it helped, but what has happened here is the opposite of what happened to you.
    this man, paul sr., built a small empire off his own children and a couple of others (vinnie and cody)
    in the process of this he’s built a mansion in new york,private lake,showroom full of cars and motorcycles,a huge state of the art occ headquarters.
    and how did he reward those that helped build it?
    fired cody and remember the bike he built for him? wouldnt let him have it.
    when vinnie left he gave him a weak wrist handshake and after he left, looked at the camera and said.”everyone’s replaceable”
    fired his own son that, let’s be honest, is the largest part of the success of the business.
    the producer met the pair and their arguing sparked an idea of a show. surely not sr’s genius but really his stupidity.
    poor mike…look at this cat. he looks like he needs to stay in rehab. needs a haircut and to grow up. let go of the childish things.
    i’m sure jr. will rebound and be very successful and as sure as i am of that,i’m sure sr. will fail.
    and when he does i’m gonna watch that show…
    oh yeah it’ll be on tv, tlc/discovery loves family tragedies

  • chainlink

    So rite you are ! SR built his empire on everyones blood sweet and tears. When the rubber meets the road, SR will regret his actions !! Its in the cards. Some where in his shallow mind he believes he did it own his own, that WILL be his downfall. I caint wait to watch him get put back in his place.

  • johnboy

    I’m not sure which will last longer, this new show sr vs jr or jr’s marriage. I give either one of them less then 5 years.

  • julie

    Hi guys just love to watch the show from Nemingha N.S.W near Tamworth Austrailia just wont be the same with out the two of you but i am sure we are all in for a show down.I will be keeping up to date with you both good luck and let the best man win and mikey i love you

  • colinA

    cant wait for the new series jr vs sr to arrive here in good ‘ol south africa.
    and by the way, the teutels dont read this column. too busy counting their bucks to worry about us writing comments.

  • i know someone will read this and i hope it gets to p senior and jr but ive been involved in similer situation but i was the son-in-law not the son i put money into the famly bussines and then got fucked over. i agree p senoir helped jr to get wehre he is and they are both pig headed but i never had the opertunity or the money to fight.when i started with the family bussines it turned over $200.000 pa they made me the front man because off my contacts and sacked me when i broke up with my wife there daughter we had 2 kids and the buissnes was turning 2 million.i could not afford to take them on. saying that they paid me very well and i put it all on our house .in aus law suits dont work like in the states so i hope you guys can work it a fitter welder by trade and would luv to hav the opp to work for either.i have never complained and still look after my kids. my dad died at 52 and me and my sister and mum are all thats left and my 2 kids so that is the end of the ex is remarried and has had another kid (boy)her husband is cool and looks after mygirls too, still i resent the rest of the family cause they fucked me for no reson it took 8 years for me and my ex to get on and i cant be 40 and would pay my own way to com and spend a couple of weeks to work with either company . thanks wazza

  • 350zman

    I can’t quite figure this site out. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a collection of disjointed and non-responsive comments to other postings, anywhere. I thought, actually hoped, that the folks posting on this site would build up some sort of dialogue where OCC/AMChopper would be discussed. Instead, we get goofy postings from people like wazza that drop “F” bombs for no apparent reason except because they can. Come on folks, let’s use this site the way it was intended!

  • james

    gosh i agree…they need a shrink

  • dianald1368

    I can’t believe Jr’s whiney ass. His dad GAVE him the stock in good faith, thinking maybe he’d pick up his end load and finally do something around the shop(when he decides to show up) and now Jrs wanting his dad to buy the stock back or he won’t get it? I’d knock this kid out if he was mine.
    Grow up Pauley and do the right thing, give your stocks back to your dad. You didn’t want to be there in the first place!!

  • james

    that’s the dumbest thing ever written on here. jr. was the biggest reason for the shop’s success and after occ has reached the top of the mountainm sr. the abusive (drugs,father,wives) fires him?
    and jr walks away with nothing?
    then sr. says his stocks arent worth anything…well 20% should be worth something sr. you have million dors in show cars…for what? you’ve built nothing!
    i look forward to the day of sr.’s failure and loss of everything

  • Petrus

    I think that a family should not be apart like that if something should happen to one of them they will regret it forever

  • Petrus

    I am in South Africa and I wish that I can go to them and tell them some thing or two

  • jake

    HEY 350zman If you’re such an intellectual go start your own thread DICKHEAD hmm did i just drop the d-bomb because i can or because some illiterate asshole who didn’t make it past the seventh grade is running his fucking bitch mouth

  • Greg

    is the show even on anymore? I have been looking for it and havent come across anything in 2 weeks ?

    I wanted to see more Jr. and his great ideas, I know for sure he designed the OCC logo, with that in mind, sr might have started it, but it was jr’s ideas and design that took the company much further.

  • 350zman

    Gosh, Jake, I am shocked by your posting (means “what you wrote”). You are the perfect example of what I was talking about in my comments (means the same as “posting”). Your entire submission (means the same as “posting” and “comments”) is worthless. It addresses nothing of interest and makes no sense. Looking back through the comments, I fail to see any previous (means “other”) posting by you so why should I begin a new thread. Perhaps (means “maybe”) you should begin a new one where you and wazza can use your “big boy words” without my complaints, and the two of you can feel good about yourselves. But, that’s more than enough about you (means I am finished wasting my time on you). So, I have been watching the re-runs of Am Chopper. I’ve noticed that Jason P and Mike A were apparentlly, big buddies with JR while he was working at OCC. There has been a real change in their attitudes since Paulie went out on his own. Mike always did seem to have an attitude, but it seemed to be a part of his personality. Jason surprised me. He has stuck his head so far up SR’s rear end that he can’t even see what a suck-up he has become. He may actually have convinced himself that he really is SR’s son! However, if he has, he should take a look at how SR has treated his real sons and ask himself if that is where he really wants to be. Makes you wonder what money and fame could do to your own family seeing what it has done to the OCC family.

  • a sad fan

    Jason Poole is ruining this show. He’s so transparent, wiggling his way in between Sr. and Jr. for his own ego and profit. He can’t stand when the camera isn’t on him and he isn’t getting 100% attention. He makes me want to beat the #$_)%* out of him, and I’m a chick. He’s a parasite and a cancer. As soon as he came on the show, the bikes started being a joke. He’s got the design skills of a 12 year old, and frankly, that’s an insult to a 12 year old. Senior needs to wake up and boot this little idiot back into the real world, where his b.s. wouldn’t last a day. Someone needs to break that little smug @#_)$*’s ***.

  • 350zman

    Exacly! Jason’s CAD skills are undeniable, but his entire attitude is, as A Sad Fan stated, so transparent. He, along with SR, misses no opportunity to undercut JR. Maybe I was wrong and he really is SR’s long-lost brat!

  • Shanw

    Wow 35azhole you’re pretty fing annoying buddy. It’s funny this guy criticized other people on this forum for not staying on topic like this show is real?? HAHA Hey 35Azzzhole how old are you buddy 14?? You must be if you believe this show is real maybe somebody needs to slap your ugly face so you will realize like most people did when they were 10 that WWF just like Chopper is fake! What else does a fat ass like you have in your pathetic life though other than watching t.v. and crying on a forum you whiney little bitch

  • 350zman

    OK, Shawn, you win. The show is a total fake and you have known it for the entire run of the program. I’m an annoying dunce and you are a total genius. Sooo – if the show is fake and you’ve known it all along, why are you still watching and commenting on this site? Not that it matters to me or anyone else on this site, but you might want to think about pulling up your underwear, put on some grown-up clothes and get out of your Mommy’s basement. Hey, here’s an idea – you and Jake and Wazza can all get together and curse each other! Now, there is a chore you can probably handle. It’s too bad that guys like you have access to a computer and can get on a site like this one and threaten to slap people that you know you will never have to face in the real world. Man, you want to talk about pathetic? Take a look in the mirror, tough guy. As for staying on topic, I don’t see where you addressed a single issue with the show – except, of course, to say it’s a fake. Well, the site is yours now. Enjoy it.

  • Bike builder808

    Hi I like the show it’s very cool. I like building bikes myself and enjoy watching how other people build them. Dramas like mamas etc in any situation to building everyone has to their bikes when building them I guess it’s a special ingredient. Technical etc. Shows a show whatever I like it can’t wait till the next show

  • David OZ

    Just read the HD gross figures, recon you may want to re check the value of these any comapny can turn over dollars but the bottom line is profit. HD and the rest have done it tough since the GFC, also the great investment in MV AUgusta really paid off didn’t it well at least for MV HD paid off their debit and sold it back for about 5 pounds.

    Great to see the show is back instead of re runs can’t help but get the inclination Senior is a bit negative towards Junior and the rest of Juniors crew far more than what is coming from Juniors crew and comments.
    Is the old man worried about the competition or just his real fatherly ties comming through and actually wanting his boys to do well?

    What ever good looking machines being turned out and a good show to watch.

  • Warren

    Paul Senior should have kicked both Junior’s and Mikey’s backsides out the door ages ago. Spoilt them both with opportunities they could never have achieved on their own. Junior’s abilities are totally overated and he provoked his old man constantly choosing to come and go as he pleased.

    Mikey was just total deadwood and more of a hinderence around the shop than anything else.

    Yes a lot of interest in the show for many people, may have been to do with the father and son blowups etc but for anyone to think this show about building bikes (theme or otherwise) could not have been a success without Junior or Mikey are kidding themselves.

    That had just became part of it.

    Senior could have (and has now) got more talented people with a better work ethic than his two parisitical unappreciative sons. I really like Vinnie and Rick and find them nice interesting guys but I think Vinnie will realise sooner than later that he’s backed a loser by joining Paul Junior.

    You could see the cracks allready appearing within Paul Junior with the reality that no one has raced to his door with a bike order.

    Yes ! Junior, his dumb wife and stupid bother will hopefully begin to grow up a little after this.

    In saying the above Senior has been at fault for enabling them to become the unappeciative jerks they are and should have realised spoiling your kids doesnt make you a good dad in spite of your intentions.

  • Warren

    Someone mentioned Charlie Hutton leaving American Hot Rod.

    Now I never saw a lot of that show but I think I picked up on some bitterness that Boyd Coddington? had with Chip Foose who I assumed once worked for him and went on to bigger things.
    Both this Charlie and at least one other guy had left and joined Chip.

    Well just for comparison Vinnie joining Junior isn’t one (a comparison)

    While Vinnie has the credibility of a Charlie I must tell you Junior is no Chip Foose and never will be.

  • colinA

    @ warren,yep chippie foose was with boyd and the thing is chip was a real talent and a hard worker and a great personality.
    charlie was a fantastic painter.
    with OCC and Jr.vs Sr. the only talent was Jr. Vinnie was a hard worker who knew how to do the work.
    creativity in all aspects foose had, but i dont think Jr has the same broad spread of creativity

  • I think that Sr. and Jr. need to make peace with each other. Your only on this earth for a short time and to be pissed off at each other at what ever should be forgiven. Paul Sr. , the good lord as given you the abilety to build a great looking chopper and a bad ass bike building son.So on that note forget about the bull shit and keep on building those great bikes. P.S. Hay Jr. the old man is the master builder and one day he will pass the torch.

  • murf

    I cant believe the way jason sucks up ta SR. lmao what a joke he needs ta shut his pie hole and get bk ta work what a joke he is and i liked him b-4 he opened his mouth sucking up ta sr.

  • murf

    I VERY much agree with you jammer………..

  • Warren

    Junior the businessman I can’t see it. Like so many of his generation Junior expects everything to come easy (which it has up till now courtesy of his father)

    Unlike his old man building bikes on his front lawn Junior gets to start his own bike business with some huge delivery of brand new machinery that leaves him strapped for cash.

    Then he starts appealing to his old mans suppliers about his cash strapped position.

    Kind of like putting the cart before the horse. Gotta have everything brand new before he even starts getting orders or considerers the obligations he’ll have in paying his employees.

    Is junior looking to employ his brother Mikey?

    That’ll be interesting. He’s about as useful as an ashtray on one of their motorcycles.

    I wonder if he has a realistic business plan or is it just kiddies playing businessmen

    There he was at the end of the second episode without an order and allready contimplating that the glass is half empty. “Well if I have bail out I won’t go back to work with my father”.

    Yep! It ‘s so typical for him to assume Senior would want to have him back knowing that he could get away with the things that some unrelated employee never would.

    Sadly for his self development he probably will get some help or some orders because of the celebrity gained with American Chopper. That’s the only reason which is’nt anything to hang his hat on.

    But in the meantime it will be interesting to see how he handles the demands of clients and the deadlines of a project. Not to mention slacking employees organising deliveries, payroles and the other pressures of running a business. Yep it’s not all going to be about sitting around scetching pictures and dreaming up a idea without other responsibilities.

    Does any of seniors knockers realise how he would organise various fun things out of the shop for his employees? He did’nt have to. He could have been strictly business instead of trying so hard to have a matey relationship with his staff and expecting some loyalty and appreciation.

  • firemarshall bill burns

    in the beginning the show WAS about the bikes with a bit of family drama intermingled . most of the builds took several episodes to complete because they showed the entire process from start to finish including the frustrations, set backs , drama etc. that would naturally accompany such builds when you’re dealing with real human beings in a real work environment , not actors. i still enjoy the new series but i do see the difference in the creativity of the builds between Sr. and jr. and the creativity definitely left with Jr. Nub is doing Jr’s paint now and in my opinion was half the reason the OCC bikes were so beautiful and original. now the OCC bikes are mostly one color throughout ,one dimensional and uninspired . i only hope that father and sons can mend fences before it’s too late, Sr. is not looking well these days.

  • Mivia Dominguez

    I am truly happy that Jr. has started his new shop. Sr. was such an ass-hole to his son during his employment at OCC. he dictated with his hands in his pockets, and at the end of the project finished, he would ride the bike in as if he was the builder, and always use the word WE, when he never helped in building bikes. He’s a sick man who enjoys throwing mud on his sons, taking smack about to whom ever would listen, and what’s up with this Jason-the-ass-kisser. Does he believe that Sr. would’nt throw his under the bus just as he’s done to all three of his son’s. I feel sorry for Sr. it’s his lost, and someday it will come to bite him in the ass as well. Money erything especially when it come’s to family, family is number one because at the end of day, family is all we have. Shame on Sr.

  • I think it is very sad what has happened to the Tuttell family. Look at Paul Sr , he is suffering he is skinny he has lost his body mass. I think he was wrong how he treated his sons. Paule Jr. was not a lazy piece of shit . He has some awesome talent! I feel for Sr. because he has lost his family. He can have money, bikes, houses. and his shop, but without family he does not have shit. It shows in his face and his body!!!!! GO Paul Jr. I think you are awesome! You have the talent to be bigger and better then your father ever could be. I am behind you all the way!

  • pmurf


  • pat cairns

    Mikey with a P.A. give me a break a thirty something man who has no real employment and can not even get his own car insurance.
    This guy needs a good slapping to wake him up if it were not for his dad and brother having a t.v. show he would be living under a bridge in a cardboard box.
    Artist a dog having a fit could paint better and as far as his stand up routine he is as funny as a cart full of dead babies.
    In short this excuse for a human is a complete oxygen bandit

  • David Rutledge

    Shut chur pie hole says:
    April 10, 2010 at 12:20 PM “…..Harley sells more bikes then Honda and Yamaha together including dirt bikes and ATV’s.”

    Just a quick google search sorry I couldn’t find more up to date figures, these are from 2007 sales.
    Motorcycle sales (1.1 million units)
    Harley Davidson 28% 308,000
    Honda 25% 275,000
    Yamaha 17% 187,000

    Honda and Yamaha together 462,000 (which is more than 308,000)

    ATV sales (759,000 units)
    Honda 30% 227,700
    Yamaha 20% 151,800
    Harley 0% nil

    Honda and Yamaha together 379,500 (which is more than 308,000)


    Which makes Harleys total sales 36% of Honda and Yamaha total sales of motorcycles and ATV’s.


  • David Rutledge

    That humble pie better taste good.

  • Graham

    Everyone that works for Paul Snr. sucks. They are so far up his arse, Snr. needs to yawn for them to breath. OCC was built on the brilliance of Paul Jnr’s. desgins. Employing Pouhl as a designer was a complete waste of money and the man is a f%$king idiot. And his floor forman Mike, is the biggest suck of them all, a real “Yes” man who is scared shitless of Paul Snr. and Snr. loves that sort of power over his workers. That two faced, back stabbing suck Jim Qinn will have his day and I hope I am around to see that. Snr. is consistantly putting shit on Jnr. but you don’t hear a bad word from Jnr. so who is the mature one? The only person I feel for is Rick. He is a loyal and good employee and doesn’t take sides and that might be his downfall one day, so watch your back Rick! I hope Paul Jnr. does well and I wish him all the best. You have a good team in Vinnie, Joe, Micky and his assistant and wife. Work hard mate and you will kick some serious arse. When OCC goes under, we will see who is the better businessman.

  • Warren

    Pat cairns you’re absolutely right.
    At least those attention seekers (Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton etc) that have no other discernable ability could make it in the porn industry without family help but without his old man Mikey would be on welfare living in a cardboard box.
    Junior does have a creative ability I don’t deny but beyond that what’s he got apart from the resources to set up a shop with all new equipment courtesy of his former involvement with Dad?
    Senior should shoulder some of the blame for his estrangement from his unappreciative sons though as he like many parents today didn’t set boundaries early enough.
    Fooling around in and out of the shop and destroying things? This appeared to be over compensating maybe for some guilt thing earlier in his life and he wanted to be one of the boys.
    Not always a good platform to then start a business as employer and employee.
    How often do father and son things fail in a family business?
    A father will often find it hard to treat his son like any other employee.
    That’s why Junior came and went as he pleased and didn’t respect his father as his employer and continued to argue..
    Had he (like any other unrelated employee) just did as requested by his boss there would be no problem.
    I can’t help but think that the comments that are so critical of Sr and full of praise for Jr are coming from his (Juniors) generation with the same attitude.

  • David OZ

    Senior is a nutter, his past alcohol abuse has obviously affected him and it shows more each show. If he runs a busness where he is so scared of competition he has to attempt to sabotage Junior well stick your OCC bike where the sun don’t shine.

    If I treated my sons with the same abusive, underhanded public ridicule, which he calls good humour then I am sure my sons would resent me also.

    Senior is seen as a fool by his employees, they laugh at him all the time, with his childish antics and below par building skills / attempts. Every one else pulls him out of the crapper when he tries to build a bike, then he has the nerve to call all the people at juniors shop no good at building. I am sure senior would bet the sack at any other shop because he is not good enough.

    This is a comment that I must reply to!
    “I can’t help but think that the comments that are so critical of Sr and full of praise for Jr are coming from his (Juniors) generation with the same attitude.”???????

    I am in my late 40s so no I am not in juniors generation but what I can do along with most people who have adult sons is try to remeber they are my sons, they are adults, they deserve to be respected, this is not the18th century where children should be seen and nou heard.

    Warren if you have children rember they all grow up pitty Snr doesn’t act that way.

  • spud from Oz

    Pat, Warren Dave I agree with some of each of your coments.
    Mikey waste of space complete oxygen Bandit
    Jnr some ability if you like over the top garish bikes falls back on the old faithfull web theme all to often and is a Prima Donna
    Snr he writes books on how to run a business pity he did not read one or two on parenting he has no idea only thing he passed on to Jnr was how to belive in his own publicity.
    Jason Pohl Wanker
    Quinn Two Faced prick
    Mike Ameroti so far up seniors arse his eyes are brown
    Vinnie should have stayed in his own shop as I can see his new relationship with Jnr ending in tears
    NUB they treated you as an idiot for years when you were turning out world class work for them tell them to shove it.
    To all the Vendors supplying these tools with free goods I would not want to be Associated with either shop

  • David OZ

    Spud, good call

  • spud from Oz

    Thanks Dave
    Just how I see it mate, a show that was enjoyable and showed all aspects of bike building over two or three episodes per build.
    Is reduced to an hour show with a couple of dickheads talking about each other and if you are lucky you see a bike get built in 10 mins.
    It is like a well scripted soap opera and if not for the court case I and I am sure others would think it was all an act I am still not convinced it is not.
    Ratings start to drop sales on bikes are down and all of a sudden Jnr gets fired and starts this whole internal family fight .
    Then the show is cancelled but low and behold we now have Jnr Vs Snr at what I have not seen too much bike building in the episodes I have seen of this new show, but have seen plenty of airtime of a couple of grown men acting like complete dick heads

  • spud from Oz

    In Australia we always see the South played as Red Neck inbread Hillbillies this shower are not saying much for up state New Yorkers

  • Warren

    David I can’t defend Seniors shortcomings and your’e right about the childish pranks which he’s encouraged rather than discouraged.
    As stupid as all that was I believe it was his own misguided way of trying to connect with his sons.
    I’m 66 and have a son and two daughters all married with kids themselves.
    When my son (the oldest) worked with me as his own entity in the building industry he could be great some days and at other times a total nightmare taking liberties, arriving late, not communicating, taking my stock and not replacing it, etc. Helped bail him out of a huge financial hole once only to have see him dig himself back in to an insolvency.
    That was a big financial loss and lesson for me and I would not do it again.
    If your kids act irresponsibly don’t enable them to keep doing it.
    When my daughters ever borrowed money they’d pay it back and now one of my son in laws works with me without any problems at all so I know it wasn’t me.
    My relationship with my own son went through a rough patch but now it’s mended I’m just not getting involved with his financials anymore.
    With the Tuthills though I can appreciate Seniors frustration with Junior just pleasing himself and disappearing and showing up when it suited him.
    No employer needs to put up with that especially when the jerk wants to argue about it.
    Spud I couldn’t agree more about how this show has lost focus on building bikes.
    Vinnie, Rick, Nub should get their own show and let the Tuthills have their soap opera to themselves

  • David OZ

    Hi Warren I see where you are coming from and while my eldest son has cost me a lot of money in a 2 year period I like you stuck by him. I also have set the rules and stuck to them some call it tough love or what ever trendy catch phrase they have at the time.

    The real issue is I blieve you lead by example so Snr is obviously incapable.

    As for the show, well check out Spuds last posting. The show had better improve or I will have to watch the paint dry, far more entertaining with a Coopers Pale Ale in my mit.

  • DW

    Paul Sr.’ s NHL Original Bike SUCKED !!!!! It looks like any Bike that is Mass Produced. Paul Jr. would have came up with a much more original idea ! It’s just to bad that the companies that are having these Bikes built are afraid to go to Paul Jr., because he (for instance) in this particular case, would have blown SR’S Bike out of ANY COMPETITION! Or at the VERY least would have had a much better theme inspired Bike Built. SR. I’m Sorry to dis-respect an elder, but Sr. should realize his sons talents and should have given him a lot more respect and Time to come up with his CREATIVE designs, in which, does sometimes takes more time, because he is looking in his mind. And it sure in the Hell looks a lot Better than that NHL ORIGINAL Bike that SR. Built

  • firemarshall bill

    I have to say i got choked up watching Jr. struggling to keep from breaking down last night. At the end of the day every son wants his father’s approval. Sr. needs his head examined…

  • pmurf


  • spud from Oz

    Well said Bill my dad is 80 and I still get a kick when he says well done or approved of something I have done Snr is almost incapable of showing any affection and his constantly telling Phol he is the son he wish he had.
    Why because he sucks up his arse and validates everything Snr has to say only one in the shop who has shown any dignity during this crap is Rick his only coment has ever been I hope you two can work it out.
    Title of this show in Australia not sure about the rest of the world is Snr Vs Jnr well named because the show has nothing to do with bike building

  • firemarshall bill

    pmurf and spud , yes it’s very sad. my father is just like Sr. typical of the ” old school” dad’s from the late 60’s and 70’s that were taught that it was a weakness to show any emotion. we haven’t spoken since 1997. he could never tell me he was proud of me, nor could he show any emotion other than anger. ive since become a proud father of two awesome boys 19 and 24 and there isn’t a day that goes by i don’t call them up and tell them dad loves em and give em a big hug when i see them. i hope Sr. sucks up his pride before it’s too late . you can tell it’s eating away at him, he looks like he’s aged 10 years…

  • spud from Oz

    Bill you are right mate he has aged 10 years and looks every bit his age and more hope they do sort it out after all it is only a T.V. show you can see their future now something will happen to one of them and the other will lement for life how he never told him how he really felt

  • bsquared

    I have not watched the show in weeks, I thought it was all re runs from the TW guide. Has there been anything new going on??? I saw Jr’s first two bikes anti venom and the Geico bike which were very cool. The junk coming from OCC has not changed, total yawner especially when you have all the technology available. Total cookie cutter BS. Choppers are out anyway, cafe racers are the new thing. I would love to see Jr do something wild with that style of bike or some other road bike. He should hook up with yamaha on the Roadstar line and build something cool that is economical.

  • james

    Paul, sr. is stoned out of his mind in the newest episodes. seems he’s back on the wagon, he’ll die without his children and stoned…just like he’s lived most of his life

  • paul senior is a jerk!! i have a dad just like him and we havent spoken in years. life is better too! paul jr just go on with your life and do what you have to do. your dad expects respect but never gives it. the eposode with paul sr. launching a paul jr dummy off a ramp disgusted me . how could a father be so cruel?!!!! the good will prevail.

  • spud from Oz

    I thought it was disgusting to Peggy

  • MJA

    So the show is back already? My DVR hasn’t qued up anything so I’m bummed if I missed some episodes.

    I will be watching to hopefully see Jr. succeed and Sr. come to his senses.

  • paul sr. your sealth fighter bomber bike was stupid looking. had to laugh at it, not to much thought went into that one. what an imagination you dont have.

  • B Davis

    So its back on Discovery Channel….and I saw the episode last night where they ripped each other apart. I had to turn it off….I love the bikes and construction…but I have no use for the fighting. I’ve got crap in my own life and don’t need to see it on TV. Too bad…..this will appeal to the Soap Opera crowd I’m sure./…maybe even make Discovery lots of money.

  • Give Vinnie and Rick they’re own show. They have the talent and do all the work. Throw that idiot Jason
    back where he came from. Talk about brown nosing! He says he is the son Paul Sr. always wanted, Well if I was his mother I sure wouldn’t want anyone to know that. As Bill Cosby says I made you and I could get rid of you and make another one just like you. His parents should have waited.

    Billie Murawski

  • I am sorry that the family is still having problems. They should admit to each other that they are having these problems & try to work them out. As a father my self I can under stand the grief that the family is going through. I also under stand that it is not all one sided. But it is hard to do when you got people that are so much a like. But this is the truth of the matter you all should give each other hugs & kisses & make up. Family is always first before business be cause it is the most important. Putting business first will always be a demise. This will always hurt, does nothing for the business. I hope you all work out your squabbles & get back to family. There is nothing like the holidays for family to get together,so please get back together. Work out your troubles get by the way side. Get back to building these bikes.

  • David OZ

    I wonder if the old fool Paul Sr reads any of this site! He should, then he may, if he ever gets out of dreamworld get an idea of what a total F’ UP he really is and I am certain his franchises will be suffering because of him.

    I am not into the cruisers but if I was I am not going to ever consider an OCC piece of junk. Paul Jr perhaps.

    What is with that Jason “the TOOL”? He has one obvious talent “deep throat” get rid of the drop kick he is anoying to see.

    You know there is always some good out of even the worst example and Sr well he is a constant reminder to me to always strive to be a better father.

    Hey Donnie family first yeah you are correct. But get back together no way Sr just holds people back and restricts the imagination of others. Better idea is fir Sr to retire and let Jr run both.

    Hell Sr can take his toy son Jason with him to yell at.

  • pmurf


  • firemarshall bill

    after watching tonight’s episode one word comes to mind , disturbing . like how senior took great delight in telling his guys that jr. missed the quad reveal and how he obviously has deeper feelings for his dog than his own kids. look, i can understand being attached to your pets but come on, i haven’t seen one tear shed over the broken relationships with his kids. then senior decides to ” save time ” by using one of their production bikes as the basis for the black hawks themed bike, complete with production tins and prefab tank ( what’s happened to you rick ?) how the mighty have fallen.

  • Joe bag-a-donuts

    Haven;t seen the show in a long time so I wasn;t sure what to expect. Watched senior v Jr and immediatly it was evident that the show still sucks. Paul Sr is still exhausting and boring to tears…. Mike is still a slob. Paul Jr is still a spoiled brat…and they pay these people good many …

    Back to the donuts …..

  • Well the worst thing that senior could have done was not go to his son’s wedding. That may have dug a deeper hole for himself. I can see if one son will not talk to you, but all of them? Maybe senior needs to realize he may be at fault. But then again we as viewers do not know what goes on behind the cameras. My father and I were in business together and we had some shouting matches from hell. But there is a difference, my father would never let any of the employees talk shit on me, and he would not talk shit about me to them. AS FOR THAT JASON……..HE IS A KISS ASS PIECE OF CRAP THAT PROBABLY KEEPS THE FIRE BURNING!!!!!

  • David OZ

    Hey John Wood from your words we can tell you and your father are men of honour towards the family and that is as it should be, “family first”.
    Jason is too dumb to keep the fires going so no credit there I recon.

    As for Snr and us not knowing what else happens behind the scene I feel pretty certain the old says applys to Snr.


    Snr your clour is certainly of a brownish tinge.

  • Finkszoo

    Not sure if anyone will see this, since the last post was 12/17. I hate this man for what he did to his dog. Chemo, amputation…… Just to keep him alive for himself. His poor dog, that gave him many years of companionship, riding in cars etc.. He once again puts himself ahead of everything. SR. rules or so he thinks. I do not like him, and I hope Jr. wins, enless he does something stupid too, just because he has money.

  • Doug

    My dog was hit by a car and had his leg removed. He ran around for 6 more years and died of old age one happy dog.

    Sure the dog was in pain after he had his leg removed. But that’s what happens when you lose a leg…it sucks. But the alternative is death.

    If you think as your pets as part of the family why would you put them down, just for missing one leg.

  • paulus

    The show is not about bikes anymore, has not been for a long time…. this is why this show started the downhill turd slide! When it was about plane rides and franchise deals…. who cares?

    Bring on a show that chops metal and fabricates something better than the sum of its parts… not the same formulaeic cartoonish solutions.

  • wando

    i am apauled at the way sr cried over his freaking dog and he treats his boys like $#@$% . if i had a father like him i’d kill myself or him . has anyone ever seen sr do any work on a bike or just yell at everyone for not doing it right. the dad or sr or what ever you care to call this poor excuse for a man should go by the way of a hermit , he should go home for the last time and never to be seen again by human eyes. paul sr you should give us all a break and spare us from your excelent parenting skills and go home and care for your lame dog . i bet the dog gets more loving than your girl friend , we all know that he gets more than your sons .oh i’m sorry you don;t recognize those wonderful young men as being your sons or you would never treat them the way you do. i don’t care what my childeran ever do ,i would never leave them alone in life to make them think that they are ever less than mericles or god and myself. i brought them into this world to love and be loved by everyone including myself and my ex husband which we both do . my childeran are grown adults ,but at times still seak advice and wisdom from me and thier father , at times we have even come together to help them work on a situation that they have needed help with . you see my ex husband and my kids have all remained mature adults and best friends . senior all i have left to say to you is GROW UP !!!!!!! the way you are acting you are being precieved as being a big dick head , a big boob and an all around big jerrrrrrrrrrrk…………..

  • Steve

    It’s getting too scary to watch. I support the father. Junior is spoiled; Mikey is drunk, stoned, on meds or all of the above, all the time. The perverbial train wreck is coming very fast.

  • paul sr is the best occ is far better than jr designs it just goes to show that fat lazy bastard jr cant design a bike without the help of jason.
    hes just copying the stuff he did at occ….and vinnie built them.
    this is the best show we got since boyd coddiington.
    so drum up the support for sr and leave that untalented jerk to goo bust!!!!!

  • searcher1957


    I want to know seriously what planet are you on, Are you on drugs or completely stupid. If you have paid any attention from when paul Jr. first started to the present, it is apparent to the normal world that paul Jr. designed all of the bikes that made OCC. Vinnie may have built the bikes but the creative artistry comes from Paul Jr’s head. You must be a Paul Sr. lover for you to place such a idiotic and false comment. I got a great idea, why don’t you watch the show and this time pay attention to the plot.

  • hey jason, i mean swet…. i have the overwhelming desire to place my fist to jason’s cheek in a blunt,fast,destructive manner that will require years of reconstructive operations.
    i hate the brown noser!
    as far as sr. is concerned…any man that treats a stranger better than his own children is the lowest of life forms.
    he is a drug addict,wife and child abuser,arrogant piece of $%^&.

  • hi
    well wot a load of bosh…if it wasnt for sr there would be no paul jr now would there
    ive watched all the series and my conclusion is as the above paul sr and occ is and always will be tthe premier bike builders.

    what would you do if you had a fat lazy sod of a son who took no notice of you..youd sack him.
    sr was a drug addict and is now clean and as for the other load of tosh you wrote and besides who wasnt doing drugs in the 60s.
    as for poor mikey he wants his dad badly (look on facebook) but jr keeps talking him out of it.
    the bikes that jr designs get are the ones that occ dont want to do or cant because too busy.
    when sr wins his court case on jr [witch he will] jr bikes will be no more .
    and i hope when sr retires he gives all of occ to charity thatlll give jr a hard knock.
    look at the gecko bike for instance a green copy of the black widow…bloody hell we were doing spider web designs on our old triumph chops in the 60s…….so hes been looking at some old magazines has he…try to find chopper magazine from 1969 september issue and look at that triumph chop (you may get it off ebay) looks familiar…look im sick of people running sr down hes the guy and always will be..if you had the chance to work at occ youd run at the offer and dont say you wouldnt…regards swet

  • pmurf

    omg lmao swet are you and jason brother,s? i bet you look just like him you took 2 many drugs from the 60,s if you are even that old. Every one ignore swet it will go away soon i hope ……and no paul wants mikie to do what he feels like doing with his dad not jr. watch the show and pay attension and what was that dumb thing you said look at facebook LMAO there ya go yea yea facebooks know,s all lol no wonder your wacko as for sr he,s a nut job that makes fun of his own kids on tv 2 make him look good wronggggggggggggggg makes him look stupid your kids should come 1st….keep reading facebook and looking at magazine,s swet you spend 2 much time in the chitter reading em …..

  • Louan Sagin

    Lets face it Jr. said it all in one sentence last night. I believe we can carry a show everyone will want to watch. He also went on to say who do they have over there to spot light at OCC, no one. Sr can’t speak without saying uh 10 times in every sentence, and Rick is talented but not a speaker and doesn’t like the camera. So there is no reason to watch OCC, unless you want to hear that dummy/clown Jason, and I can do that with my own kids why do I want to watch his stupid ass.
    So to TLC: get rid of Sr. and OCC and lets get a good biker building show Paul Jr Designs, atleast he can talk in front of the camera’s and he does a hella good job un-vailing bikes, You got the talent Jr. now just treat your guys like you wanted to be treated and it will be a hit. KILL SR. OFF THE SHOW

  • Asur

    Paul sr made his name building what was available way back when by building custom bikes for people who wanted a nice chopper, back then, they was new school, now there old school. In a family the father should be proud to see his son follow in his foot steps and take over the family business with today’s technology and tools. Paul sr should bow out and take care of his family, retire and enjoy the millions he made building his business and hand it down to his son, so he can do the same. But instead Paul sr has decided to have an inflated head and hold on to the past and not give his family the direction it deserves. Im not saying Paul jr is not in the wrong for some things, but its the wisdom, maturity and insight that Paul sr has learned that should have shown him he could of done it differently and allowed his son’s to continue in his footsteps and keep the family whole. Its unfortunate that Paul Jr was not taught some of the basic elements that make a person a good entrepreneur of which his father has come from. Often, the father now with money wishes his son a better life than what he went through, and showers his kids with presents and money instead of the knowledge of knowing what they have and respect for what they are, where there from and what there doing. Maybe its time they all go there seperate ways and learn how to be humble and human again, Look at what they have achieved and reunite there family, because in the end, its all about family. I know I made that same mistake with my father and lost my whole family long ago never to see them again. My only mistake, I did not wise up before it was to late. Maybe they can. its not like they need the money now, and you cant buy family.

  • bo stephens


  • bo stephens

    i think senior is a tottal asshole.hes always downgrading pauly just because that just because he knows pauly twice better than he is and thats the only satifaction he can get.Its truly ashame a father would do his sons the way he does but that alone tell me what kinda lowlife he really is…………………………………………………ps…….good luck pauly with ur buisness i know u’ll do great .

  • it is a shame that sr. is such a terrible dad. i also think it;s time for mikey to grow up. cut his hair,lose weight,quit drinking and get a job.
    i mean it’s cool to be the class clown…but there’s a time you have to grow up

  • DiAnn

    I CANNOT believe that people believe senior is so terrible. If not for him WHAT! I have always believed jr. is an over indulged brat. Mike has NO balls. He needs to make a decision for himself and NOT his brother.

  • David OZ

    All this bagging of who is right wrong indifferent etc, is really posing the question. Why on gods green earth are we wasting time watching this show?

    Look at them Snr = ex drunk with many issues, Jnr = spoiled brat pretending to be the nice guy, Mike = I am not sure but slovenly comes to mind, Jason = ass kissing major league dick head should have been left on the sheets, waste of effort by his parents. The rest just make up numbers.

    Would any person really have these people as “friends” or even be in the least concerned about them if not for the show? or should I call it re run?

    Sam ol same ol is getting thin, grass growing seems to show more variation of themes.
    But if you enjoy it watch it.

  • Bob

    DiAnn! I CANNOT believe that you even consider Sr to be a person!
    He’s a first class asshole with an ego bigger than a ’59 Cadillac.
    He has absolutely no respect for any of his 3 Sons and his Daughter
    has chosen to stay away from the show altogether even though she
    could make some pretty good bucks from Discovery Channel.
    His additude certainly isn’t a result of drugs and alchohol. It’s some-
    thing that you’re born with.
    The bigger man would go about his business and not try to put his
    kid down. There’s room for competition all over the industry!
    Like I stated previously, ” all of the ass kisser employees at OCC will
    be lost when Sr has his stroke and ends up a vegetable in a wheelchair.”
    Certainly none of them will stick around to wipe the drool from his
    chin when there’s no paycheck!

  • paul sr. is a jerk! i get mad at him every time i watch. he shows no respect to his sons any one around him. doesnt new york have hostile work inviroment laws? he is a bully and a creep.!! i would love to hear what the ex wives have to say about him!!

  • pmurf


  • Frank

    For Sr to even be called a parent is a disgrace. For any person to treat their kids the way he does should be ashamed, and another thing Jr could build circles around that idiot. This last episode with Lee was disgusting, but one dead beat deserves another. I really can’t wait for the day that PJD puts Sr out of business them maybe Rick will wise up and go to work for Jr.

  • okay…did anyone see jason wear that MMA outfit? I have never wanted to plant my fist into someone’s face as much as i did at that moment.
    Lee is an idiot. he wasn’t there for Sr.’s wisdom(because all Sr. does is cut down his kids the whole time). All Lee wanted was the air time that the Discovery Channel Whoringly gave him as long as he threw dirt at Jr. (even if it wasn’t true)
    I also saw that Sr. couldn’t even roll a seat pan and claims he built all the bikes and made his kids millionaires.
    truth is ya’ll all made each other.
    sad that discovery channel loves to air the disfuntion of this family.
    And Mike..Grow the ^&*( up.
    Man up.
    Sr. looks like you’re heavy into drugs again. and you’re suing paul,jr. again is a disgrace.
    you aren’t worthy of being called a father.
    i hope, when this show ends, that the parting shot on screen will be Senior sitting on a street corner with a tin cup in his hand, and begging for money like this..”please give me what you can kids have destroyed me after all i’ve done for them…spare change…please help …my kids took all i have …”

  • PJDfollower

    Now it looks like we are finally going to see why Sr. is content to pile on his kids, he is a spineless coward who finally will hit rock bottom and lose it all. Sr. built a steel, glass and concrete hard-on as a shrine to his greatness right at the point that the economy crashed, a smart business man would have seen that a turn in the economy was coming. Sr. has made too many mistakes and business does not discriminate, it rewards the smart and confident and punishes the dumb and arrogant.

    A confident person doesn’t need to talk about others as they have confidence in there own abilities, a coward needs to diminish the accomplishments of others to try and make them look better. So far in this season I have only seen Sr. taking every opportunity he can to diminish his son’s accomplishments, what Father does that?

    I would not wish this family’s relationship on my worst enemy, therefore I can only hope that Sr. comes to the realization that family is 100 time more important than ego.