It hasn’t even been two months since MV Agusta debuted it line-up of motorcycles for the 2013 model year, but the Italian company is already revising its European pricing ahead of the 2013 bikes’ debut in the coming spring. With most models getting a €200 to €300 boost in MSRP, the only MV’s unaffected by this strange price increase are the base model MV Agusta Brutale 1090 and base model MV Agusta F4.

The three-cylinder MV Agusta F3 and MV Agusta Brutale 675 machines get a €200 kick across the board, while the four-cylinder machines get the €300 price increase. No word as to why MV Agusta is increasing the price (though we can guess that the Varese brand is looking for some more euros on its bottom line).

The price change is an especially strange move after releasing its 2013 line so recently, and shows MV Agusta second-guessing itself on one of the company’s more important decisions. It is not clear at this time how this news will affect pricing in North America, if at all (we suggest contacting your dealer). A full breakdown of the price changes is after the jump.

Model New 2013 Price Old 2013 Price Diff.
MV Agusta F3 675 €12,190 €11,990 €200
MV Agusta F3 EAS 675 €12,590 €12,390 €200
MV Agusta Brutale 675 €9,190 €8,990 €200
MV Agusta Brutale EAS 675 €9,590 €9,390 €200
MV Agusta Brutale 800 €10,290 €9,990 €300
MV Agusta Brutale EAS 800 €10,690 €10,390 €300
MV Agusta EAS 800 Brutale Italia €11,290 €10,990 €300
MV Agusta F4 €16,990 €16,990 €0
MV Agusta F4 R €19,290 €18,990 €300
MV Agusta F4 RR €24,290 €23,990 €300
MV Agusta Brutale 1090 €12,990 €12,990 €0
MV Agusta Brutale 1090 R €14,290 €13,990 €300
MV Agusta Brutale 1090 RR €17,290 €16,990 €300


  • Tom

    Well, at least the used market is still reasonable especially for a Brutale.

  • smiler

    New MV Agusta goes bust in 2014, sighitng falling sales. When will they learn.

    I have a F1000 312. I paid £11,000 for it new. At RRP it was £14,250. It simply is not worth that much. The ride is aweful, the paint started to flake off the wheels, the revs would go from 2-3.5k which is just dangerous. The solution to that was to get a power commander. At £14.250 u should not need to. I just hope the new seasons bikes are up to the price they are selling them for.

  • Westward

    Make mine Ducati, was interested in an F3, but if they can’t make up their mind on pricing for what you get in a bike, then. I’d rather just go Ducati and not have the hassle.

  • Damo


    I am with you on that one.

    Each year Ducati has made their service intervals less oppressive and kept cost more “reasonable”. Not sure how MV thinks they are going to compete.

    MV is a non-option for me anyway due to the complete lack of dealer support in the Northeast US.

  • Richard Gozinya


    I don’t know, might want to take a look at the 2013 Triumph Daytona, same engine configuration as the F3, and it’s supposed to be a big improvement over the old Daytona. Just a little food for thought.