Multiple Kawasaki models are expected to be unveiled in New York tomorrow, and chiefly for the American market we are expecting the 2013 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R & the 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 to officially break cover in Times Square.

This of course hasn’t stopped the bikes from “unofficially” breaking cover well before that date, as an EPA document (now edited to omit the models) first outed their existence, as well as numerous other leaks breaking loose as the event unveiling event looms closer — almost as if the leaks were designed to help create buzz around the new machines, hmm…

Our latest viewing of the new Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R & Kawasaki Z800 motorcycles comes to us from a video, which employs one of the most frustrating audio tracks ever to grace a motorcycle industry YouTube clip.

Presumably employed to stop us from hearing the new ZX-6R and Z800 rev to life, the music sounds like one of those canned audio tracks for slideshows about kittens playing in cardboard boxes. Nevertheless, it does give us a pretty good glimpse at the bikes in question. Beggers can’t be choosers, right?

Who is this man in the video? Why is he seemingly in a large warehouse? How many Pokemon has he collected? Will the Kawasaki Z800 come to America? Damn it Kawasaki! We want answers! Until tomorrow…

Source: YouTube

  • Jake F.

    Nothing says Bad Ass MoFo Motorbikes like xylophone and harpsichord music!

  • turbolach

    Is he showing off the awesome rpm-activated self-effacing rear-view mirrors (0:35)?

  • MikeD

    Kawasaki, Aprilia called.

    They want back their first Gen RSV4 Xhaust Can A.S.A.P. (The one on the Z800) LOL.

    This video is a TOTAL PLANT. But beggers can’t be choosers.

    That front end on the ZX is an improvement (they stuck to projectors, haaa)…Not even the 10 looks better…and yet the same fat, “your ass sky high”, humped tail section (and that’s for BOTH).

    These things needs a solid paintjob. What’s with all the crazy lines (too many and hardly follow one another) and all the friggin valleys and hills ? Someone in another e-mag mentioned that this paintjob looked like it came from the 80’s…starting to see his point.

    Nitpicking aside…i wouldn’t mind being caugth riding any of these 2…(^_^)


    LMAO. Jensen, you nailed it.

    Now let’s see what “the others” have to say about these. (^.^)

  • MikeD



  • Westward

    Jack F. knows the pulse of the riding community…

  • Jimmy

    This has been circulating on the net for days now, what took you so long?

    Also, that tool is ruining any chance of those rings ever seating properly in those engines, shinning the bores and all, what a terrible POS.

    I feel sorry for whoever ends up buying them.

  • Rafal

    In this one you can hear the engine :!

  • RJ

    Seems the chassis is a carryover, as is the swingarm. Also, who ever is in charge of Kawasaki’s styling department needs to get a pink slip ASAP….

  • Dwayne

    @Jimmy how do you not know these weren’t test models with thousands of miles on them? Also some argue that riding hard and revving a engine hard early is the ONLY way to properly seat rings so that a engine can produce it’s full power over it’s lifetime.