Leaked: 2012 Zero Motorcycles Model Range Is Set to Debut Brammo Empulse Killer

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Our first proper leak ahead of the upcoming EICMA show in Milan is now officially in the bag, as Asphalt & Rubber has gotten word on Zero Motorcycles’ 2012 electric motorcycles. Completely revamping its model range, our sources tell us that the 2012 Zero Motorcycles will have all-new motors, battery packs, and bodywork. Talking in numbers, the battery pack options will be 6kWh & 9kWh, with prices expected to be $11,000 and $13,000 respectively. Perhaps the most compelling news (and there’s plenty to be compelled about with this news) is that Zero Motorcycles plans to have the new models under production in December, and on dealer floors by January.

With battery packs expected to come in 6kWh & 9kWh power storage form factors, the new Zeros will nearly double the current range’s offering, and will have plenty of electrons to go the distance, especially with a 116 mile range expected from the 9kWh battery pack (we assume that’s using the MIC’s range methodology that Brammo, Quantya, & Zero backed). For the off-road models, a 45 minute range estimate has been given.

Getting power from those new batteries is all-new motor design that Zero has developed internally, which our sources say will not be a air-cooled brushed DC motor (thank god). Top speed for the street models is said to be 95+ mph. Our sources also say that the bodywork for all the models is completely brand new. Styling is said to be completely re-worked to feature a more traditional motorcycle aesthetic. Expect to see some familiar brand names for components, and more polished look and feel

Clearly wanting to avoid the vaporware nomenclature that’s begun to plague rival Brammo, Zero Motorcycles has production set to start next month, with its small dealer network expected to get the 2012 models in January. We’ll have to wait and see about the quoted range figure, but at $13,000 MSRP the 9kWh Zeros sound like a promising package, especially after federal and state incentives are dropped on that price tag. And perhaps more importantly, the bikes seem to be deliberately priced under the Brammo Empulse range.

Asphalt & Rubber will be up-close and personal with the 2012 Zero Motorcycle range on Tuesday, though if history and this posts tell us anything, the more detailed information and photos will likely leak (here) ahead of the EICMA launch.

Source: Bothan Spies