Are You the 2012 Triumph Daytona 675?

07/21/2011 @ 8:09 am, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS

According to MCN, this is a “spy photo” of the 2012 Triumph Daytona 675, which was spotted outside of Triumph’s Hinckley factory. The British mag says that it has other, much more clearer photos, that clearly show the new Daytona in detail (of course, we’ll have to take their infallible word on this since they didn’t publish them online), revealing a new styling update, and complete mechanical design overhaul. Gone is the underseat exhaust, though the front looks fairly similar, with a center running light seemingly added. Expect to see the new Daytona 675 debut later this year.

Source: MCN

  • Keith

    Let us hope they keep the mirrors. Fashion be damned…real riders like to be able to see behind as well as ahead. I loath mirrors that only show my elbows.

  • nakdgrl

    still waiting on the 1050 daytona! this is so disappointing. really. i mean i do like my 675 Daytona… but i need a little bit more.

  • Kevin


    And you’ll keep waiting; Triumph has no plans for such a bike. The 1050 motor is old, big, and heavy…add to that the flat liter bike market and you can see why there hasn’t been a big Daytona.

    My hopes are that they’ll retune the 800cc stroker that went in the new Tiger and plop that in a Daytona frame.

  • MikeD

    @Kevin: At the very least i hope they slap the 800 in it…(^_^ )

    A shame if it loosed the undertail can…one of the traits that made it so easy on the eye…so slender and fluid…no nasty can sticking out like a tumor to the side.

    The 675 even tho it was/is a great piece of equipment it was already showing its age and outdate-ness compared to “the others” for a while now.

    @nakdgrl: Me daydreaming when it comes to Triumph has a always been a NEW Litre+ ‘Tona with the engine from the upcoming(if still in the pipeline) Trophy and Tiger wich was rumored to be a 1200cc Triple…now that would make me foam at the mouth…lol.


    If Triumph needs any additional testing done on this bike I would be more than willing to help out! I could make some space in the garage and park it right next to my ’07 Daytona :)

  • Hodgmo

    I think Triumph is smart to upgrade the 675 platform given the coming intro of the MV F3/Brutale (which should be an assume bike!)

  • Keith

    I agree with you Hodgmo…I also see no rational reaso for the motor to be any bigger. Frankly anything over 800 cc these days is the rider compensating for their short comings.

  • MikeD


    I’ll give u one………………….I don’t like to downshift…………there………call it my short coming.
    Is cool tho…i wouldn’t buy it even if it were to be 800…im still daydreaming of a full size frame(not some 600’ed sized) litre + Daytona SuperBike. One day…one day…maybe. LOL.