Rumors are still fuzzy on the upcoming release of a new middleweight Suzuki adventure bike, with there being some debate as to whether the V-Strom replacement will be a 650cc, 1000cc, or perhaps even an 800cc machine.┬áSuzuki is pushing the adventure statement hard, which to us means that this new bike will be more off-road capable than the current V-Strom, which to us has always seemed like a sport-tourer duped into doing something it wasn’t intended to do.

With Suzuki’s US website even sporting the teaser images now, this looks to be a worldwide release; and we won’t have to wait long to find out all the details, as this Saturday should bring us more information on how the Japanese brand is finally getting on this mid-life crisis bandwagon. So far the best guess we’ve heard are new look, new chassis, and new motor.┬áMore teaser photos after the jump.

Source: Suzuki

  • MikeD

    I think it will be somewhat derived or inspired by the Gladius platform bent to STROM shape and function ?…(0_O )’

    May i sugest it ain’t no 1000 ? Because of what looks like a Single pipe ? (But then again the Super10 have only one muffler…)
    More evolution than revolution…that’s for sure.
    Suzuki, keep the Teaser B.S coming…CURSE U TRIUMPH and your IDIOTIC Marketing Department.

  • MikeD

    P.S: I only saw 1(one) new picture, NOT 4(four).

  • Random

    Hey MikeD, the teasing curse has many roots – Yamaha teased the new V-Max and the new SuperTen for ages…

    About the number – does the landscape picture count towards the total or I’m missing something?

  • Richard Gozinya

    Pipe that high up for an adventure bike? Should be interesting getting decent luggage on.

  • MikeD


    True. Now that u mentioned it…Yamaha did it pretty bad too.


    Yup, never thought about it…u pointed a good one.

  • 76

    I confuso, 2 pics not 4,

    is this part of the marketing plan reduced expectations?

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  • Dave

    The current 650 and 1000 both have high pipes without a luggage problem at all…..

    I just hope they upgrade the suspension and brakes.

  • hanno

    I hope so too…

    As for suspension, you might just change the fork oil… for brakes: disengageable ABS, a little more powerful rear brake, a softer front…