Even More Teasers of the New Suzuki V-Strom

06/15/2011 @ 6:07 am, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

Suzuki continues to string us along with dates and teasers of its expected V-Strom replacement/update. Showing three more blurred, yet revealing, photos of the new middleweight adventure bike, Suzuki is now saying to come back to its website on June 22nd for more details on the machine.

From what we hear from our European colleagues, Suzuki has sent out invites for the new V-Strom’s unveiling, which is schedule for June 27th in Croatia — a great venue, but also a week and a half away. Whether or not we’ll get a glimpse of the machine before then remains to be seen (or more teasers for that matter), but there is at least now a definitive timeline on when this madness will conclude. More photos after the jump.

Source: Suzuki UK

  • Maas

    It better be drool worthy straight down sexy jump on me now and take me to adventurous places with all this teasing going on. Or the marketing world can just stop with this teaser-string-a-long stuff and show the bike the olds school way – press release with some pics.

  • Bruce Monighan

    Ok so I see an SV like frame, V Twin for sure, not very big conventional forks, a pretty skinny front wheel but it must be a 19″ , What looks kinda of like a V Strom front fender, crash bars, big breakable headlights, “sit-in” seat a-la GS and large BMW like touring bags. LIke Maas says, better be waay good for all this hype and drama. My bet is that it is a warmed over V Strom.. less plastic fairing, thinner, leaner and with “accessories”

  • xborne

    I’m a V-Strom 650 owner … first thing what I notice is less plastic on sides for the front part, another location for the air-cooled oil cooler and the frame seems to me the same .
    On one side I hope for 800cc on the other side I don’t want that ’cause for sure will increase the price :) … But is time to stop dreaming big! It’s the engine from Suzuki Gladius, which have liquid-to-liquid oil cooler and of course better torque and more HP!
    Let’s hope for better suspension, bigger ground clearance, and better electricity charging system.

  • Shaitan

    This new trend of teasing us with blurry “so called” spy shots is a terribly lame marketing ploy — it was with various Triumph’s, Honda’s, etc. C’mon Suzuki just release the specs are drink some more sake and do it another year.

  • xborne

    loool … Suzuki takes this teasing technique to the “next level” … Firs invitation for June 11, after this June 15, on June 15 they post pone for June 22 … and now June 27 … This is not teasing anymore is just stupid delay of launching date!
    Also Suzuki’s marketing team is living in the 90’s with everything …. commercials, horrible web site, social networking implementation etc.

  • MikeD

    And the B.S never stops rolling, just postponed…and all this drum roll and “teasing” for some bland P.O.S LAME Update on some fugly contraption… (-_- )’
    And since im on a roll here….SCREW U again Triumph and your stupid adverticing ways and department with your BLAND Tigers 800…a lot of anticipation for some “me too” BMW imitation.

    Mad props to Husky for cutting the crap and just showing the whole thing already even if it’s just some ugly TestMule and FAKE “spy” pics.