2010 Moto Morini Granferro 1200

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You wouldn’t know it by looking at Moto Morini’s website, or by the materials they handed out at EICMA, but the Italian company has officially launched its street-tard version of its Granpasso platform. While we spotted the 2010 Moto Morini Granferro 1200 out in the wild before EICMA, the show in Milan provided us a good opportunity to see the bike up-close. Photos and more after the jump.

Based around the same 87° v-twin, 118hp, 1187cc motor that powers the most of Moto Morini line (in various levels of tune), the Granferro 1200 takes the Granpasso’s form and replaces a bevy of body-parts to achieve the supermotard look.

Most notably is the bikes’ smaller windscreen, revised fendors and banana seat, as well as a missing belly-pan. The Granferro 1200 also incorporates a number of carbon bits that are lacking from the Granpasso.

The bike is true to the Moto Morini look, and had exemplary fit-and-finish in its construction. In-person, the bike’s headlights seem to fit in more with the Granferro’s lines, whereas in the photos the bugeye more…just one of those things that doesn’t translate to 2D.

With shoes from Pirelli, an exhaust by Zard, suspension by Öhlins, and brakes by Brembo, the Granferro 1200 has all the right go-fast parts. The bike’s looks leave something to be desired, but they’ve slowly begun to grow on us more and more.

Don’t expect to see a Granferro on US soil anytime soon, let’s just cross our fingers and hope the company emerges out of bankruptcy gracefully.

Photos: © 2009 Asphalt & Rubber