The big news for Monday is that Buell has updated its model line-up for 2010. While we could probably make this an at length post, detailing everything new and great about the true American Sportbike brand, in reality it boils down to just marginal increases in the products look, feel, and general performance.

However, there are a couple points of interest we would like to point out. The 1125CR now has the color white (which does look rather good), and an integrated battery tender plug.

We’re not quite sure if this is because the bikes sit at the dealership for so long waiting to be sold, or if they get relegated to the back of the garage while their owners ride something else. Either way, Buell clearly seems to expect their bikes to sit around and do nothing for a while.

Most of Buell’s other changes consist of either, adding new colors (we heard they recently discovered the color yellow), marginal performance increases, and parts, such as O2 sensors, updated calipers, and oil level windows. If you’re a 1125R owner, you can also purchase the 1125RR fairing for your bike, which will add to that Superbike look that you’ve been looking for. Just be sure to find some R6’s to race when you get it.

You can stop by your local Buell dealer later this year, and compare and contrast the changes between this year’s models, and next year’s. They should have plenty of both available.

Source: Buell

  • Dan

    A little sarcasm and negativity noted in this post. Have you ridden the 1125R or the 1125CR? I have, and they’re both great bikes. The 1125 engine is fantastic.

    BTW You don’t have to have a bike sit (for long) to benefit from having a battery tender. It’s an extremely common upgrade here in Canada where our bikes are garaged all winter. Plugging your battery in all the time it’s not in use protects it from sulfation if you have a proper tender.

    Typo in the sentence in your post too – “Either way, Buell clearly seems to expect their bikes to sit around and doing nothing for a while”

    – Doing should be ‘do.’ I disagree that adding a tender hookup suggests that they’ve acknowledged their bikes will sit on the showroom floor like your Twitter post says.

  • Should I feel strange for loving that bike? :D I have battery tender plugs stuffed into all my bikes so I like that feature. Actually I just like plugs on bikes in general :-O

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  • VintageWrencher

    *gag* I didnt think Buell could make the 1125 any uglier but I guess I underestimated them.

  • CPT Hoolie

    What snarkiness. Well done. (golf clap)

    The sitting on the floor problem is a Harley dealership issue IMO. Too many times the Buells are relegated to a corner of the store by moronic sales managers who don’t do anything at all to try to sell or support them. The dealership near me has actively stopped trying to sell Buells, preferring to market Big Dogs instead.

  • Jenny Gun

    CPT Hoolie, the research would suggest you might be right.

    This might interest you: http://www.asphaltandrubber.com/news/motorcycle-shops-sell-motorcycles/

  • Ron Fabretti

    If the instant mpg meter is accurate then excellent fuel mileage is icing on an already sweet cake. Unique in many technically competant ways, the upgrades to the 2010 Buell1125CR are a nice fine tune. Today’s test ride on an 1125R left me giddy and all smiles. I like the way Buell does it. And then it seems there is all the rest. And yea, somebody is cranked THEIR favorite manufacturer didn’t standardize battery tender connections. My last Suzuki sure needed one. I hope my wife lets me order a 1125CR. Us 60 years olds can have fun too. But here is a bike I could enjoy just by studying it. Then I’d need that tender!

  • ZigZag

    Why would anyone so uniformed write for A & R? I own a 2008 1125R and it came with a battery tender plug, so this is not news or newsworthy. I did enjoy the childish sarcasm. This bike is not for everyone, and you have let your feelings be known. I love mine and have never had to use the tender even after sitting for a week or two.

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  • Trackrider54

    As an 1125CR owner, I feel compelled to chime in.

    I’ve owned Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, BMW, and Ducati….and Buell is by far the best motorcycle I’ve ever owned from a fun factor standpoint (with Ducati being a close second). I’ve got a Ulysses too, so I’m familiar with both the air-cooled XB motor, and the 1125 Rotax mill.

    People who put down Buell for not being a 1000cc race replica just don’t get it. They are either trying to win bench races with their spec sheets, or they are professional racers who can actually use the potential of a liter race replica (or even a 600).

    Buells weren’t designed to race. They were designed to be wonderful, fun, entertaining street motorcycles. And that’s exactly what they are. Very easy to ride, power that’s easy to use and very linear. Handling that’s light and confidence inspiring. Very low center of gravity.

    If you’ve not ridden one, you owe it to yourself to do so. If you’ve been riding inline 4 race replica bikes, a Buell will feel different. It might not suit you, but to me, nothing is as wonderful as a big V-twin.

  • John

    I own an 1125R and ride the hell out of it. Buells might sell better if there wasn’t as much negative press about them.

  • thad

    Wow the guy who wrote this should be fired! being a reporter is about giving the facts we don’t want or need your opinions or you sarcasm’s

  • wheelingxb

    Yes, this guy is a real IDIOT !

  • Zany

    Although this article only expresses a few items about the 1125R & 1125CR, there is more that was not said than was posted here. Aftermaket folks swarm all over newer bikes and anyone who owns a bike for any period of time knows how imporant a Battery tender is. Sight glass on the engine is not new, look at Duck’s, Aprillia, and BMW’s, this is the class of bikes an American company was cracking open. WIDE open by the way, The Helicon / Rotex engine was just getting tweaked in and a hole new following of riders are proud to own one of these Buells. Europeans love them more than we do, wake up and get ahold of some real coffee, take a real look at a bike that will not make it to 2010. It’s Harley Davidson’s mistake right now, not yours, this bike will never get it’s chance to find out how great it could have been, but out of the box it did win the US Daytona Super Bike Championship. What could have come, no one can say now.

  • AMA Daytona Superbike? You mean the series where they raced against bikes with half the displacement?

    So what great advancement was 2010 going to bring? They’d race against 750cc machines next?

    …I’m really just fanning the fires at this point

  • Zany

    I’m intreged to write a comment or two when ideas clash, or thoughts are opposed. But, when all facts are not put forth it leaves readers wondering why or for what reason. Compare all you can, the 1125 serice bikes, make fun of there lack of what you think they should be but they are gone except for the leftovers hidden away in small dealerships. Owners took a long time before deciding that a American made Sport Bike was there choose, V-Twin over inline 4, water cooled over oil cooled, high horse power vs high torque, it’s the same old shell game. Each writer just has to deside where they are on this and put forth something good, detailed info and riding experiance on the bike. Good luck with your style of reporting, I feel you can do much better. I have read some of your other articles and though they where good, great coverage than this 1125CR got, I wonder Why? Happy Holidays!!!!

  • Rasmus Christensen

    Damn you sound childish (reportor)
    You don’t even know how well liked this bike is here in europe.
    The only thing wrong with the 1125cr is that it is sold by harley davidson
    got nothing against harley though, but their marketing SUCK!!! . Should have been better published , if so the buell motorcykle brand would still be in buisness …

    Just bought one a couple of weeks ago

  • Zany

    Again, I say to you all, I own a 1125CR and will keep it till it falls apart or I smash it up in a corner. I like this bike, and feel poorly when people make comments about a bike they never have fully understood or have ever ridden. I agree Harley did a poor job selling this bike, they really didn’t try there best. And after three years of working with Rotex and all the makers of parts for this bike, they let them go like it was nothing. Wowwwooo! As far as, not knowing what people in Europe think about this bike, I have family there, and I was stationed there for many years. When I brought my 1996 S1 to Germany, the local riders treated me well and showed me many locations for the best rides, guest house to stayt, restruants galour, winery’s, and beer halls. Many of the regulars asked about my bike and when I left would I sell it to them, and I did! The write-ups I have seen from your own magazines praise the 1125 model. So, it’s kinda a wild statement on your part unless you just want to get all pissy about it. I would rather ride and enjoy the day, let the world fall to the way side and cruise into the evening sun! Laters……..Zany out…….

  • wheelingCR now

    My 2010 1125 CR #00082 ? I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!