2010 Buell 1125 Adds Battery Tender Plug – Finally Acknowledges Bikes Will Sit on Showroom Floor

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The big news for Monday is that Buell has updated its model line-up for 2010. While we could probably make this an at length post, detailing everything new and great about the true American Sportbike brand, in reality it boils down to just marginal increases in the products look, feel, and general performance.

However, there are a couple points of interest we would like to point out. The 1125CR now has the color white (which does look rather good), and an integrated battery tender plug.

We’re not quite sure if this is because the bikes sit at the dealership for so long waiting to be sold, or if they get relegated to the back of the garage while their owners ride something else. Either way, Buell clearly seems to expect their bikes to sit around and do nothing for a while.

Most of Buell’s other changes consist of either, adding new colors (we heard they recently discovered the color yellow), marginal performance increases, and parts, such as O2 sensors, updated calipers, and oil level windows. If you’re a 1125R owner, you can also purchase the 1125RR fairing for your bike, which will add to that Superbike look that you’ve been looking for. Just be sure to find some R6’s to race when you get it.

You can stop by your local Buell dealer later this year, and compare and contrast the changes between this year’s models, and next year’s. They should have plenty of both available.

Source: Buell