Honda Breaks World Record for Fastest Lawn Mower

04/02/2014 @ 4:19 pm, by Bryan Delohery8 COMMENTS


For those of you who are fans of the Stig, you may remember his infamous “Mean Mower” episode from Top Gear’s Speed Week 2013, as he blasted around the track on a lawn mower that sounded more like an Aston Martin than a two-stroke.

As comical as it was, that mower was producing 109hp, and had a 0-60 time of four seconds, all while retaining the ability to cut the grass and corners.

That Mean Mower is back and this time, and at the IDIADA proving ground in Tarragona, Spain, it broke a Guinness World Record.

The Honda HF2620 mower, paired with a 1,000cc v-twin Honda SuperHawk engine propelled the Mean Mower to an average of 116.57mph, to take the title of World’s fastest lawnmower title.

This beast of a lawn mower, built by Honda’s British Touring Car Championship partner, Team Dynamics, was designed to showcase Honda’s spirit of innovation and motorsport heritage.

“The original brief for Mean Mower was to create the world’s fastest lawnmower – and now it officially is, by some distance!” said Kate Saxton, PR Communications Manager for Honda Motor Europe.  “We are all delighted to hold a Guinness World Records title and we’d like to thank everyone who was involved in what has been a challenging yet incredibly exciting project.”

The Mean Mower is claimed to be able to reach a top speed of 130mph, thanks to its 70.8ft-lb of torque and power-to-weight ratio of 532hp per ton.

Now that Honda has set the Guinness World Record for fastest lawnmower, it would be nice to see a top speed run, perhaps at the Bonneville Salt Flats?






Source: Honda

  • Patrick

    As cool as this is, and it’s pretty cool…maybe Honda should put some of this effort into putting that kind of excitement back into their motorcycle line up.

  • Paul McM

    Diggin’ it. That “Mean Mower” looks a lot better than most of Honda’s new motorcycles (e.g. the revulting Vultus), and I love the wacky spirit of the project. I have a buddy with a Superhawk who’ll be pleased Honda selected his VTR1000 motor. Finally, this kind of makes all the cafe racer wannabees look silly with their pursuit of “the ton”. I mean, heck, if a lawn mower was clocked at 116.6 mph, with claimed 130 mph top speed, 100 isn’t any big deal on a bike …

  • paulus

    Fun… but otherwise uninspiring.

  • JMS

    Paul McM- 100 on a bike hasn’t been a big deal for about 30 years. It’s all these shitty beard- wearing hipsters that have never thrown a leg over anything remotely modern that perpetuate the pursuit of the ton.

  • Phil

    No no no no.. This should have been set on grass and the height of the grass should have been measured otherwise it’s just another engine on wheels.

  • L2C

    @ PHil

    It would just be another category. One wouldn’t necessarily rule out setting records in the others.

  • jimmy smith JR

    Well its good to see that Honda is still relevant. Because their bikes over the past couple of years…..

  • ari

    Honda… the best technology. Honda even makes jet planes lol